2017 GOE Major General (ret) Paul "PJ" Johnson (USAF) Intro

born in 1958 in Gadsden Alabama Major General Paul PJ Johnson spent his childhood in Tennessee prior to entering the airforce he worked on a hog farm and earned a degree in agriculture from Murray State University Kentucky after receiving a commission from Officer Training School Lackland Air Force Base Texas he successfully completed undergraduate pilot training at Laughlin Air Force Base Texas and was assigned to fly the a-10 warthog while serving in his first operational unit Johnson demonstrated exceptional aviation skills and was selected to attend fighter weapons school at Nellis Air Force Base Nevada when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 his squadron deployed to King Fahd royal airport Saudi Arabia but Johnson's leadership directed him to continue his scheduled training he rejoined his deployed unit after completing school as a distinguished graduate five days after the beginning of the Iraq war then captain Johnson and his wingman launched on a mission to locate the crew of a downed Grumman f-14 tomcat despite poor radio signals difficult terrain and operating deeper inside enemy airspace than any eight 10 before johnson successfully led the search and rescue effort that located the downed pilot during this mission he identified an enemy truck rapidly moving in the direction of the downed pilot just moments before the truck reached the pilot Johnson successfully engaged the target destroying the vehicle and securing the rescue a few weeks later he demonstrated his exceptional aviation skills when his aircraft was hit by enemy fire overcoming multiple system failures Johnson managed to recover the badly damaged war back to base after the war he applied his Desert Storm experience as an instructor at the fighter weapons school Johnson also flew missions in support of operation northern watch influence professional leaders as an air war college professor in the Department of strategy and international security and flew combat missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom he commanded at the squadron group and wing levels and has more than $3,000 in the a-10 Johnson last served as the director of operational capability requirements with the deputy chief of staff for strategic plans and requirements at headquarters United States Air Force in the Pentagon he retired in 2016 as a Major General after more than 31 years of distinguished service

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  1. Worked on a hog-farm, and then went to fly the "Hog".
    Life surely has a touch of irony… πŸ™‚

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