2018 Writers Guild Awards – Anna Chlumsky presents Long Form Adapted

she plays Amy brookheimer the hilariously tightly-wound and oddly endearing political operative on veep and she's currently starring in the off-broadway production of the Cardinal at Second Stage Theatre please welcome Anna Chlumsky the outstanding scripts in this next category had previous lives as a novel a film two books and a TV series the stories evolved into very different but still totally compelling works we still get to have evolution right that hasn't been banned yet four nominees for long for net for long-form adapted are big little lies teleplay by David E Kelly based on the novel by Leon Moriarty Fargo written by Monica beletsky Bob De Laurentis Noah Hawley Ben nnedi V Matt walpert based on the film Fargo The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks teleplay by Peter Landis Minh and Alexander woo and George Seawolf based on the book written by Rebecca Skloot The Wizard of Lies teleplay by Sam Levenson and John Burnham Schwartz and Samuel bomb based on the book written by Diana B and Rica's and truth and consequences by laurie sandal and the award goes to David E Kelly big little lies [Applause] congratulations to David E Kelly accepting in Los Angeles

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