2019 Mouthful Monologue Festival: Meet the Writers

what inspired you to write your monologue in terms of inspiration was ours me yes I love the way people just look that I've seen and so when I'm writing I see somebody saying and I can kind of feel out what how would they say this and where is the power and their voice people are like scared to talk about it so I wanted to kind of touch on that I guess I mostly just want to spread more awareness for it because it's not a well-known there's a lot of that's what I really enjoy is just being able to have that connection with an audience and telling my story I hope audiences take away from my monologue what am I not doing what can I'm doing before I'm doing it's very possible and in fact very healthy to have a negative bunch of experiences and then be able to take a step back or collect on them and from them in a positive way really it's all about just getting respect love everybody love diversity learn how to treat other people with kindness and how to love other people based on all of the ways that you have been mistreated you know and and just kind of like understanding you know different cultures is important all right

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