2019 Sydney Writers' Festival Film

Sydney writers festival is one of the greatest literary festivals in the world a celebration of the world's most important and exciting writers and storytellers across all forms it's also the fourth largest writer sister ball in the world with more than 80,000 attendances every year it's wonderful to see these big audiences so happy actually to celebrate the vitality of the Living Word thank Christmas if you're an avid reader but it goes on for a week such a beautiful thing to find myself in the company of all these smart readers and all these incredible writer each may hundreds of authors journalists podcasters critics scientists and writers for film and television converge on our busy festival precinct where established authors and the newest literary stars are connected with passionate and engaged or dancers I've never been to a single festival in my entire life that has this kind of energy the issues are very difficult and challenging issues but there seem to be a good engaged atmosphere in the room and people willing to listen and will it say what you have to say people are obviously deluded in this country they still believe in books it's wonderful and it's exceptional every writer I know said this is the one festival you have to go to it is so much fun it's fantastic to travel to the other side of the world and find a community of people who are so devoted to books there's a genuine sense of affection I think that you get here this vest one week in May the festival hub functions as a Town Square for lovers of literature on a Sunday morning 500 people show up I was amazed to see so many people who are so enthusiastic about knowing the truth as a writer and a lover of books is sort of the perfect place the Sydney writers festival has the best readers and the best audiences and they care very much about the books that they read and the conversations that they have with writers so it's always a pleasure to be here and look where in the world do we get a chance to talk about books with each other anymore how spectacular festival harm has more than 10 venues all within walking distance of each other to me this venue is just remarkable I just love this place those long lines of people waiting to have their book signed is absolutely wonderful it's a wonderful feeling for Norfolk I really think that connecting with audiences is the thing that keeps creatives going feel like when you write a novel you feel like you've sent a message in the bottle and when you come here you realize that it has washed out on so many people sure silly writers festival invites writers and audiences to contribute to a powerful public forum and each year the program provides the inspiration and framework for broad diverse rousing and timely conversations I really feel like an over stimulated six-year-old but you know what just too much it's great I'll have to get back to work and write in a book so I can come back a peak that's of experience the Sydney writers festival for me has been a complete delight of really much needed a reminder that even in dark times human beings can come together through those holy acts of reading and writing I'm a book nerd for life and so there's no place I'd rather be easily the best book festival I've ever been to

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