21st Century Literature in the Philippines and the World | ABM12- SMITH 😅

hello everyone we are located from VidCon of IBM's me in this video [Applause] [Applause] a few moments later a Oh 24 years sample proving Shan you may I know who I am she got acquainted rebuking England people at Sonia with an element so mama pins and put my iron you pop a movie producer when guess is a kneecap now based yeah Rayford guna and all now but he named that circle like tacos for opal eye on you I know you Anna so London upon curb a video creepy the say sabi sabi ko Alma my mind focused among cables are outside of my own but Makkah or platinum music mom Reston Virginia Callum they say once now and a lot ie mclamb Columbia among Serena are servicing laughing laughing about when accident in Abuja America secretive even happened next periods new pooh-bah up oh oh oh I see Hanigan okay so that would not be so partnered satellite that was making a peak in you new tricycle azuma stocking up a little real well on Dominic in one row coming so Mary Poppins is not an unknown element Oman to Eunice Abednego Marilyn you see that is creepy the caliber you acid nama-hatta Papa mismo mean you are a couple bizarre Maha siddhis happenin Turkana Paris happened to cease to believe me partner Danny Nevada uh-oh I say must alum mean abandoning our attorney my partner in Degas a yarmulke pero Yo Ma [Applause] it's scary guys we went all the way from this so we asked her it's dirty sob story a popular story third party Rafi and she said there so illustrating part of it but your story is classified as puppies because it's just hearsay man if we're not that's believable also the interview piece and it's just me [Applause]

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