24 Hours Overnight in My Sisters Room!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina. It’s Ronald, we’re from Sis vs Bro! And last week we did the room swap Challenge! And I was in Ronald’s room, and Ronald was in my room but he just like “I need to play Fortnite,” so, he kinda just quit on the challenge. So he is going to do it again and I am going to be staying in the guest room next door this is my room. (Ronald laughing) The door to my room. And that’s the guest room. I’m going to be staying in that room. And Ron, what you gonna take with you? I’m gonna take my phone and a Rubik’s cube. That’s it? Just in case it’s a bit boring. Yeah, it’s probably not boring cause my room is awesome. Okay, so, I’m going to go in; you’re going to go in the guest room and yeah. Alright, bye, Ronald. Bye!
Don’t do anything. Actually, guys. I don’t have to go to the guest room I’m just gonna sleep there, cause Ronald’s going to be in my room. Ronald? Alright, be a good boy. Okay guys, so going in! (cheers) Bye, bye! Bye-bye world! Okay. Let’s explore. Ok, so. First up, I’m going to put my phone and my Rubik’s cube on this table that has so many things on it. So, I don’t know where to start. Let’s, oh, hair dryer? Okay. Let’s just put it here, okay. Chibi on Karina’s iMac. Paints, paint things, paint colors We have tape, scissors, Okay, this is really messy. I don’t even know what this is. What’s this? More tape, glitter, weirdos. This is a box? What does this contain? Okay, let’s see what’s inside this box. Okay, so, what’s in here? (box pops open) Oh, it’s like a pencil case. 3D puzzle, it’s like the tower in Paris. And then some markers, and some sticks. Some paints, to-do lists. Oh (laughs) and she has nothing on her to-do lists. A bendy ruler! What’s this? (Laughing) What is this? It’s really bendy! More paints, more paints, painting thing, and here are Karina’s, all of Karina’s paintings. Well, (laughs) see, by the end of the year, this whole room will be painting heaven. (laughs) Okay, what else do we have? We have a bag over here. We have a pink bag. Okay, what’s in here? We have a brush, candy wrappers, so does that mean there’s candy in here? (dumping bag) Oh, money. Ewww, Vic’s. (ruffles bag) There’s nothing at the back here. Okay, so I’m going to put that away. Balloon, for Karina’s birthday. This has nothing. This has paintings, oh my God, paints. This has glitter. Trash can with stuff. And a squishy, oo so squishy! It’s nice. Umm, what else? (background music) Karina’s table thing. Super glue! What does Karina do? What does she do? Here, that’s her camera. And then we have squishy thingies on this bag. Anything hiding behind it? It’s a rock. It’s like soap. That’s cool. (drawer slides) Okay. What?! (stuttering) Okay, we’ll get into those later. (laughing) seriously?! Some kinda chip. Okay, we’re gonna get to these snacks later. (whispering) Money. Oh, I think that’s all her money. More money? This is Canadian money, okay. Wow, candy? Come one, come on! It’s ten right now. So, yeah. She has her pots, her magical pots. Rubik’s cube? You stealer! Nice hot dog you got there. Smells good, smells like mayonnaise. (gasps) Stop it! We have to snack on these during the night. What else? What is she hiding? What are these? I think this is gum. (ruffling items) Yup. Oh, it’s all the squishies, nice! Okay, even more candy, come on. Okay, so if we enter this area about oh, the room’s kinda dark in here so okay, we’re gonna put on the light. The slave hat. Oh, some drone control. Her old pencil case, which she made, it’s a homemade one. Headphones, what? Okay, an empty box from Desigual. Something from, this is from business class airlines. What is this? Oh, this was a super glue box. What’s over here? Books? Oh. And that’s the drone. Okay, umm. Okay, stuffed animals up there. There’s a pink box up there. Was that really all of Karina’s room? Is it really that boring? Wait! I almost forgot. (tapping on mouse) Come on, turn on. (taps harder) Okay, what can we start with? What do we have here? Let me find something and I’ll show you guys the screen. Okay, paints, get out of the way. So, that’s boring. And I don’t know what to do. Wait, the bathroom. What’s in here? Okay, we have a balloon bath. Nice way to clean yourself. A rock, soap, I think. I think this is from the hearts. The soap heart. We’re not going to talk about that one. What’s that? Nothing. And some elastic bands, some shells, I don’t know what that is. Slime (bangs container) Well, what’s this? (singing)
♪ It’s raining tacos ♪ Oh! We have a something box. I’m interested in boxes. Okay, oh! And we have a mirror there. That’s some stuff. Something in there? Nope, nothing. We might just go straight into the candy. (laughs) Or I can do something on my phone. It’s hard to pick! It’s hard. What can we start with? We have this, which looks like caramel something. And this, that looks really good. This is, I think it’s old candy. That was candy, too. What? Story cubes in here, I didn’t know this. We have a lollipop. And here’s some, I don’t know. Okay, let’s go in for this one. Time to eat. Oh, it looks good, looks good! We can bite into it. (biting) Mmm! Oh I can’t believe I found this. We have the taste, now let’s munch it all up. Okay, that’s too much. We’re going on to the next one. (drawer slides) Princessa (drawer closing) Mmm! Mmm! This is better than this one. Next Princessa. I feel like this one is kinda special edition. Ah! Oh wow! Well, Karina’s not going to be happy (laughs) We’re gonna clean it tomorrow. 24 hours, so tomorrow is tomorrow is one too. We are gonna be here tomorrow. We’re gonna sleep here. Uh oh, I’m tempted to go play Fortnite, but, it’s just, I can’t. I don’t want to mess it up. Oh, wow! They just get better and better! Ha! I bet you don’t want to see me eat candy whole video so I’m gonna do, is watch YouTube and eat candy. Okay, first we need Oh! There’s, like, no internet in this room. (video plays) But I can still watch a bit. (video playing) So, guys, see you in one hour. Okay guys, I finished doing stuff on my fabulous phone and I don’t know what to do. This room is so boring. What’s this? You cannot see it but it says, “Homemade slime.” So, light. Let’s see what this brings us. I just noticed it right now, so might as well do it. Okay, so (container pops open) let’s see. Wait a second, I need to go to the bathroom. (background music) Two very boring minutes later That’s better. Okay, so, back to this. So, it’s really hard slime, I thinks it’s just really old. We have our time of 3 o’clock. So, yeah, what are we gonna do? Hmm. I’m so bored. Maybe, umm, I guess we can take a look at Karina’s goodies? (drawer opening) Karina has so many goodies! It’s insane. And we’re eating them all. Let’s eat them real fast. This is Polish candy, I think. It’s okay. Chips. These chips are opened. (crunching) It’s old, yep, it’s old. Doesn’t taste good, eww. Guys, I’m actually really bored. So, I guess I’m just gonna lay around, do stuff with my phone-y, and yeah! Many unbearable hours later. Alright now, it is 3:15, I cannot wait to leave this room. Oh, I almost dropped the camera, wow. But we didn’t check out the whole other closet. So, might as well. Weird stuff. Boring stuff. I don’t get it. Okay, what else do we have? We have clothing, never seen before. Probably make so much money if I sell this (laughs) Never seen before, dun dun dun. This part here is really messy. So maybe there’s something hiding. (ruffling) Sticks. Anything around here? Nope. Where did we not check? Hmm, I don’t know honestly. You know what we’re going to do. We’re gonna watch some YouTube. I have my back-up plan: My phone. Who should I watch? I should watch PopularMMOs (cheers) Two hours later. Okay guys, it’s 5:23 p.m. And I don’t know what to do. Like, I seriously don’t know what to do. I did all my stuff here, I’m thinking about this now. So, here, I’m just gonna solve this Rubik’s cube. Even though it’s already solved, by me. I’m just gonna mix it up, okay, all mixed, yeah. (background music) This takes forever. (laughing) Okay, as you can see, I have just solved it. And actually, it takes me about two minutes to do that. I’m just gonna chill for a bit. Play with this, homemade slime. See you guys later. Many hours later. Okay guys, it’s night, I’m getting tired. What time is it? It’s 11:29. So I’m gonna go to bed, but I forgot to bring my PJs, so I’m just gonna sleep in this area, which I’m not excited about, but, I might as well sleep on the floor. Cause, like, it’s the floor. Has two Os, you gotta give it respect. So yeah, I’m just gonna do some fiddling and go to sleep. I’m just gonna, ah! Just sleep like this, literally. Need to turn off the lights. (background music) Okay, guys I’m literally gonna do it like this. Good night. The next morning. Okay guys, I just woke up. It’s 11:05, and I’m gonna grab my glasses. And I don’t know what to do, honestly. We still have a bit more time in here. So maybe we can, what to do, what to do, what to do I’m really bored, this room is, like, really boring Maybe we should steal some extra candy. Some bad chips, what else do we have? No, doesn’t look like it. No, nope, oo! Diary. Let’s not touch it (laughing) let’s not touch it. Anything in here? Nope. There’s this? Her drawers are always messy. And what’s in here? Money. More money (laughs) Two more minutes, I’m so excited! What can we do in two more minutes? Red girl, faceless girl. Some, oh no, this has to be my favorite. (laughing) This is cool. Oh my goodness, still two more minutes! (singing) What else can we do, what else can we do? We haven’t messed up the whole bed. Where I was sleeping, I guess. One more minute, one more minute! One. More. Minute. Karina has a whole bunch of pairs of shoes. Guys, guess what time it is?! It is 11:10, I am so excited to leave! Finally, it’s been 24 hours. And finally gonna leave this room! So yeah, let’s just exit and see what’s to await us. Ronald, congratulations. I kind of survived, but not really. Are you sure? Yeah. Are you sure you’re not a ghost? Yes, I’m not a ghost. Okay, okay, good to know.
(Ronald laughing) Ronald, what did you do then? Nothing, nothing at all. Nothing, nothing to worry about, no (laughs) Okay
NOthing So guys, we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that Like button, and we’ll see you all next time good bye! (upbeat music)

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