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it is just feet off the demo song coming at you with another book review three exceptional books three exceptional authors based on the drug game so I'm gonna wear this cord and dissect these excellent books like and subscribe narc anomic s– written by Thomas Wainwright published April of 2017 Narconon mcc's to me is the best book out of all three this book is more business-related he transformed the narco business into economics and he breaks it down he was talking about economic stuff that would be foreign to me and he made perfect sense now this man is very intelligent tells you how it works and compares it to big businesses like Walmart McDonald's comparison sites aside how it's exactly the same he also offers his opinion on how he thinks that they could be combated who companies go under how you can make these alleged criminal organization go under they're exactly the same so he doesn't compare and contrast offers a solution very bright guy I love the way he described but he breaks things down I wish I could sit down necessarily talk to him just listen to him soak up game I really respect his intelligence and I respect the message he was conveying with this book he looks a little odd funny-looking dude let me show you a picture very funny looking dude looks like he has hamsters and it's not bad to have hamsters but he looks like he has 60 of them loose in his house just chilling and just lets a free rein the pressure is given to me sharp talk sharp thinker and I definitely recommend this book gangster warlords by he and Grille credit where credit's due I agree Oh looks like a Russian mobster he is not from Russia but he looks kind of fly where's is Oh call his shirt brings his buttons down looks like a sharp dude he's also an investigative journalist special type of investigative journalist he lives in Mexico City covers a lot of the alleged cartel activity that happens in Mexico he's based out of Mexico City works for different news papers as well as news channels as he carries around a police radio here's it and he would drive down to different states to Michoacan to Sinaloa to Sonora he will go down report on the situation he's British he's been covering a Mexican organized crime since 2001 I think that's amazing in this book narco Wars he zooms in on ms-13 Mara Salvatrucha La Familia Michoacana caballeros templarios that Jamaican shower Posse if you want to know more information about that then you could read his book of the information that he acquired from these alleged criminal organization the best part about this book is at the end he offers a solution many journalists are really quick to bash the United States because of the fact that the drugs are headed here and where the main consumers of narcotics it's really easy to bash the United States although he did attribute a lot of it to the United States he offered a solution although it's easier said than done and I could also battle a lot of things that he said it sounds great but what if this and what if that offers a solution he doesn't just bash people and in turn around and walk away he said his opinion what he thought was wrong but then he offered a solution and I respect that meThe land by Nick reading and it was published in 2009 interesting and informative book Dom Lee based in the Midwest specifically a town called Alwine Iowa the author he travels to all wine and starts looking at the economical decline of the Midwest and how a methamphetamine moved in by Mexican nationals and started getting trafficked in by California doesn't focus on a specific and alleged organized drug trafficking organization does not assume in on one specific group doesn't villainize one group over another looks at it and then to get a perspective not trying to convict any what's really great about this book is he's owns in on the meth addict going to recovery doesn't glamorize the drug dealers lot of books do to try to lure the reader in he tells it how it is zones in on the addiction how sad it was affecting America as a country as a nation everyone is affected by this drug drug dealers is not such a glamorous life people perceive it to be your persecuted people call it easy money it's not easy money how could it be easy money when everything that you make could be taken away from you tomorrow a lot of people looking at taking your life in a violent manner and at any point you could be incarcerated for s4 and your life expectancy is a little bit shorter than your average human you manner that you're gonna exit this world might be a little bit more violent than the next person humanizes the meth addict a lot of us we see a meth addict and it's like get away from me you're going through a trash he's talking to himself but those are humans that's someone's son that someone's brother those people could be great they're just under the marionette of the methamphetamine once you move the methamphetamine away these people could leaders it's good to look at them like that and not just it's not my problem it's everybody's issue if it's affecting them it's affecting us our children are gonna be going to school with his children with him they're gonna be seeing this and the influences think that's happening him directly affecting us Nick ready looks like he might have partaken and a little bit of methamphetamine use himself just trying to look up to see if he's an ex-addict but I couldn't find any information but he just looks like one you know what his face looks like meth Lance sucked up and that he's been poof in himself because his attention to detail in his book leads me to believe twisted that little glass of globey Nick Redding was born in st. Louis Missouri he is an American investigative journalist he graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in creative writing he then transferred to New York University and got his master's in literature with an emphasis in creative writing I graduated in NYU he also served as a fellow he currently lives with his wife and son in st. Louis Missouri I most definitely recommend this book takes you to a part of the United States that a lot of people overlook methamphetamine has flooded the various needs to be brought to light to the rest of the u.s. to the east coast of the west coast and how much addiction acting the youth and people of the Midwestern states of middle of America I recommend all three books go tráfico you guys are into economics beginning of Lent criminal organizations history of alleged criminal organization drug trafficking routes where it starts word ends and the incarceration negative side positive side and people look at it some parts it's positive these books are definitely for you thank you for joining me today it is your word friend I'm so addicted to literature

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