3 Marker Challenge with Daddy Boss Baby

boss baby This is behind the scenes before we do the video so… Here’s my Daddy going on his cell phone for some reason. Looking things up… Learning, Baby. Lifetime of learning. okay yeah sure… whatever But, this is right now before we are going to do the video. We’re gonna do it we’re gonna be doing today another three marker challenge. Can you fix his thing? Look at his thing… his pants… And we’re gonna also learn about how to put our pants on properly. You’re so rude! Hi guys it’s Pierce from Pierce’s World, and today we’re gonna be doing another 3 marker challenge. 3! Yeah, I said 3. I know… reiterating… if you guys haven’t seen the first one, please go check it out. It was pretty hard. Now, we’re gonna make it even harder. So we’re gonna be choosing 3 markers like last time. But, we’re gonna kind of change the game. How Pierce? We’re gonna switch the markers like if have these 3 colors and you have the other 3… What if I don’t want to give them, to you and swap? You can’t! That’s the game. I know, right? It’s so annoying. I am ruled by my wife and my 7 year old. So let’s call it the three marker switch up challenge. Swapped! Switched! Kind of like the lunchbox switch up, but instead we’re gonna be having the three markers instead lunch boxes. If you’re new to this channel, please hit that subscribe button right there. Yes, right there. So, you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos! So, are you ready for this? I’m ready for this, little boy! Wait, we have our pictures! We’ll do the pictures reveal after the marker swap. whatever… whatever until you loose. Wow! Keep on trash talking. Ready? rock, paper, scissors shoot boom And earth shook, and then here we go again, rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ate you up! So, i’m going to choose this color for you. So, you hold it. Alright, ready? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! oh I got smooshed. You choose a color for Daddy. This is for me? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Oh, I ate you up. So, i’m gonna choose this color for you. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! chop chop chop That’s for you, Sir. You already have three? Do I have one? Yeah, I only have one. You have to choose 2 for me. Here! Don’t look! Are you cheating? No, I’m guessing it is red. Can you give me this? Here you’re supposed to give it to me. Alright, give me another one please. one more marker, one more marker Alright, let’s see what we got here. Seriously? I got the dark colors again. You got the bright colors. I am such a sweet daddy. I give you all the bright colors. Alright, what do we have to color up? Boss Baby! Let’s do a Boss Baby imitation. Oh, do we show them the picture? Before picture. This is what it looks like. He’s eager to get a head start. I can do black hair, great! I can do yellow hair, great! This Baby Boss has black hair. Your baby boss might have yellow hair. You’re a different boss baby. There is the textured hair. Looks like an Asian baby. There are asian boss babies. There’s some asian boss babies that I… Wow, Daddy! Wow, Baby! Thank you, Daddy! Did you catch on? Thank you for choosing me. Oh, you’re going to have blue lips. You know why? You ate some candy. Red tie! Power tie! No, blue tie. This is conservative, right? But, I’m going to put little red polka dots. Except it’s not red polka dots. It became purple polka dots, but it’s still cool! Right? What is this? Stripe necktie? That’s very nice! Look at him. That is cool! So, here’s mine. He’s going to wear a red suit. He’s going to wear a green suit. You know who the real boss is, Pierce? Mommy Get this folks. In real life ladies rule the world. I’m sorry say… it’s sad. But, they will let us act like acting boss. Another boss and a true boss is behind the camera. That’s right, folks. Accept it. It’s life. Alright, I think Daddy is done. Flashy red suited Boss Baby Hey, you forgot to color the eyes. I don’t have color for the eyes. I can’t give him a red eye. I can’t have a blue eye. has black part you know a blue eye. He has blue lips. Yeah, he can have blue eyes. What am i talking about? Here is dark blue eyes. Nice! Show them yours. No, I’m not done. I got to finish. Color a background. How about I name him Patrick? For St. Patrick? Oh, that’s a good idea. I’m going to name him Patrick. These are clouds because my skyscrapers are so high. Mini version of Daddy. Daddy is not a boss. And I’m not a baby! Should I write Daddy? Young version of Daddy… Young Daddy! Let’s show them. Young Daddy! Patrick! We gotta close. Cookies are for closers. Did you close today? no? I close today. I close everyday. So, I can eat a cookie every single day. So, if you liked this video, please give me a big, big, big thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Pierce’s World Follow me on facebook and instagram, and check out my pinterest page. Ok, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! I think the adults will like what you just said because every day the st Patrick’s day, so go out there and celebrate. Be responsible folks, have a designated driver,… And wear green! So you don’t get pinched. Boss baby!

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