3 Minutes of the Game of Thrones Cast Being Disappointed by Season 8

have you shot your final scenes yet and are you happy with how that was totally what season 7 was all about yeah but I really need to shut up your brain oh my god can let you go without asking you a little question about game of fashion if you could describe the season finale of Game of Thrones in one word how would you describe disappointing disappointing no I don't have one of those who is it that's terrifying down there we're in a crib nobody thought of that he's bringing all the dead people back to life and they put the women and children in a crib with all the dead people so during the smart big it's not that smart but I hate to tell you that unfortunately Barristan is God well you got it about that I was got it because I mean a number of you I'm sure have read the books and I've read the books and I have reason to expect oh I've got a journey here in fact if I'm honest I thought oh I'm really looking forward to this season I'm gonna have more to do I'm gonna get my teeth into something I'm really looking forward to did you have words did you say anything – I did I did ask and give an argument why comparisons should stay but at the end of the day I mean you know Dan and David you know they've worked out what they wanted to do and you know if you've planned your book that the butler did it and then you read an Internet someone has figured out that the butler did it and you suddenly change in midstream and it was the chambermaid who did then you screw up the whole book we should get these just foreshadowing early on and you've got these little clues you planted now they're dead ends and you have to introduce other clues and you're retconning it's a man hope to kind of avoid the expected and Jon Snow has always been the hero the one who's in the Savior but it just didn't seem right to us for this for this moment how do you feel about the way that it ends there are no better writers in television than Dan Weiss and David Benioff they ended it brilliantly better than I could have imagined and you people are in for it you people are in for

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  1. It was never going to be as good as we built it up to be in our heads. Then there's the reality of production costs, logistics, scheduling…GoT is possibly the most ambitious show to date. It was unlikely to hit every mark it set out to hit.

    I thought it was fine. I felt the same way about season 7. It was fine. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have things I'd rather do with my life than spend it raging at a silent screen about how disappointed I was.

    If it pisses you off that I would say anything even tepidly positive about GoT at this point, remember that this is my opinion. If you were really, truly, deeply hurt by how disappointed you were that this season didn't deliver the transcendental experience you were expecting, then make your own TV show, and make it the way you want it to.

  2. Great actors shit writers .I feel so bad for the actors yea they got tons of money and popularity but money is not everything in life.

  3. What was the point of battle of winterfell… since dany was so hell bent on destroying king's landing.. she could have joined the night king's army…end result is the same.. king's landing is fucked.. 😊

  4. After three seasons Game of Thrones finally made comeback and replaced american soap opera. But many people prefer soap opera.

  5. They tried to warn us, btw I love Peter Dinklage, it's hard to find him saying something positive about this season.

  6. I love it… Don't care about the majority that doesn't . It's a well known fact that the majority of the Masses are idiots…hence….

  7. Actors: 10/10
    Directors / Regisseurs: 10/10
    Cgi and orher effects: 10/10

    Writers: 1/10

  8. Idk why everyone is hating, personally I like the new season even though its not as good as i expected. Its still not BAD tho.

  9. As long as D&D pisses off all the SJW’s I’m happy with the ending.

  10. This is so bad it's just hilarious at this point… Sign the petition, they will not remake the season, but D&D deserve the humiliation 😂

  11. I can get that a dragon can be cought off guard but how the inpalled dragon died was abit to simple,how do you as a dragon not see something coming when it hits you semi from the front.

  12. If you think they are disappointed with the ending because its bad youre an idiot. Of course the actors wont be happy with the end because 1 theyve been doing this for years and its over of course they'd be sad but of course the ending wont be happy, If anybody was expecting a happy ending they havent been paying attention. They Of course will be unhappy because people are all dying. If you dont understand how amazing this season is its because youre not smart enough to understand game of thrones, it was intended for intelligent audiences who could see all the forshadowing thats shown this would be the end since the beginning. Go watch walking dead if you want simple story thats easy to follow and has no surprises and always does exactly what the audience wants. If you want something unpredictible with great twists and amazing writing that makes you actually have to use your brain because they dont just come out and explain every little thing than watch game of thrones

  13. Cut out the subvert expectations thing and leave that for the indies.

  14. its important to make the difference between the story and the way it's made. Video,FX, music all is great. The story we like it or not that is one thing but it's the way it have been made the true problem. You could actually end up with the same result respecting all characters with a simple stone throw at Dany and just the intention for Jaime to kill Cersei and his sword falling when he find she is crying. Its fine to change the story just respect the characters when you do it…

  15. In the end, it turned out to just be an epic love story about a brother and a sister who couldn't stop touching each other inappropriately.

  16. i mean they couldnt say much about season 8 because of spoilers. and i mean if u edit hard enough u can find disappointing faces and prahses like this. doenst mean the cast is disappointed? sounds like a to quik of a conclusion. And everyone likes to jump on a hate train now adays. I mean its Televison/art i mean u cant really judge someones art like that

  17. worst part is how hard they are trying to hold back cus they dont wanna get fucked up the ass

  18. Samwell Tarly killed more people than the whole Golden Company combined

  19. This final season is making me coming back to the book five (which i gave up from the moment they stopped following the books) to finish and hope for the last two ones.

  20. Guys, there is something amazing about this season. This season have the BEST MEMES of all time

    (I'm actually not hating on the season, yeah, maybe it could have been better, but I enjoy it anyway hahah)

  21. They did disappointing just for people to but the books 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. I was sort of wanting to start watching game of thrones… but now I’m afraid of getting my heart broken in the end haha

  23. That Dinklage answer was straight up "It was much better than Cats…I want to see it again…and again"

  24. it feels like they signed something to stop them saying how they really feel.

  25. Reporter: You like the new season don't you?
    Emilia: DRACARYS!

  26. When you build your expectations up so high, the only result is, disappointment. When things don't go the way YOU want, disappointment. Sure there was some issues this season, but most characters reacted to their experiences. ie Dany's actions. It was always going to happen. Certainly not enough issues to warrant the huge amount of backlash by a bunch of juvenile, holier than thou, as though they could write better, whiners. Be grateful for what we had. It's unlikely to be this good again. Now, go back to your tracksuit pants, Coke Zero's and XBox's bitches.

  27. Dinklage's face screams "I am loyal to my beloved Joffrey" level of courtesy armor, lol.

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