3 NEW VISUAL NOVELS by sekai project? aren't there hands full already???

so it seems sicker project is acid again announcing three new games today if your we're second approach project is a publisher and they release a lot of visual novels but they have released some very well very notorious visual novels such as another tourist famous very famous visual novels such as cleanout love love root double you know that they certainly don't have a unimpressive library but they've got a lot like but let's just have a look at what they've released this year the riches love diary now net worth I can't even pronounce that ninja girl are the mysterious army of urban legend monsters like there for at least twelve games already already released twelve guys that's what three months format some of that I can't leave us right now National Park girls like and some of it looks like absolute trash H my girlfriend is a mermaid trash whatever this is key codon X heart to love plus but how much depth drag him to miss story they can have but in saying that you know they've got some very interesting titles like Tokyo cross looks cool whatever these things EXO Genesis perils of rebirth like edgy that you know there might actually be there might actually be a good visual novel amongst those twelve possibly there's so many I would have to actually filter through them in and see what's going on and that's just like this year it's like a look at all the releases it's impressive to say the least let's see what they've announced today Seco project well this is according to games news network Serco project announced and it's Panama lat announced at its panel at anime central on Friday that it's been licensed was winter Polaris sinara are and how to raise of wolf key or games license I said that quickly probably not the company will release the games for PC via Steam so co-project will release stage Nana's winter Polaris game developers 41st project this summer the company describes the game modern want in one story a man is living in Tokyo as mysterious disease rapidly spreads across the world people with a disease seem to suddenly die and then disappear into thin air leaving current only in their clothing as days and months go by the man seemed to be to left seems to left behind to the main sensitive be left behind in a world empty of all humans until one when today he meets a strange girl with him wearing goth lolly clothing named Tsubaki who claims to be an immortal that that was which was that though Earth's winter Polaris I think the other story is set on the summary bitches of a small island a young courier named eleven Elena rescue is a young woman drifting in the ocean after a storm the woman Mary is clutching a glass bottle made of Technology never recognized the mysterious sets is too often a sea journey to the ends of the earth in search of people who appear at the bottom sekai project plans to release salmon ara are in the third quarter of 2013 the county begins streaming and opening video for the game this is San Inara our I started watching it before but or what man focus I should probably just keep it on manual focus that's good okay let's have a look here how do [Applause] looks very hand-drawn trying to school [Applause] the chicks from Attica well don't think I will pick this one lowly daddy can simulate a 5,000 5,000 that's that's yeah that one a lot of um lollies I'll say that the game is the renewal version of the son of our sin our seminar ah sent Sena Sena Rara sorry God it was just too many hours kill me now game debuted in 2005 so they actually came up in 2005 and this is just a remake of it and includes a new heroine and additional scenarios soccer project describes the game it was something that could have happened to anyone a somewhat mysterious story one day I was approached by a girl I didn't recognize she told me that she couldn't that she could grant any wish I desired but the unreliable girl can do that while I stood in disbelief she began to explain how it worked after the explanation well I did didn't believe it at all I'll admit that she was different from the others son our son our our our seminar ah ah a compilation of seven interconnected stories where the characters explore how their lives would change if they're allowed to chat allowed a chance to have their one deepest wish granted Sega Project will release how to raise a wolf girl in the fourth quarter of 2019 the company began streaming and opening video for this game as well so this is how to raise a wolf girl I admit I don't have the highest expectations but you never know it could be a more and better looking than the last one hopefully she said to me y'all me a lot the ECB what choice in life job looks not left that's how patience all that was had a resolute go heart of the woods I'll check that out probably don't even have to read this you can guess it's about raising a wolf girl but I already know the game is sweet and Keys second title and the first from the developer the Seco project will release the game features Mara Mia mitsuki's coat the designs and may Masato Aki's opening song which was always likely IPAs I think that was epic good songs Sakai project describes the game Kousaka Shuji is a student who lives in the countryside one day he finds mysterious girl on the mountains but what made her truly mysterious was that she had animal ears and a tail as well more than ten years ago the girl was spirited away in the mountains and was a shell of her former selves so this mysterious girl Iroha Eve oh ha Iroha didn't know how she lived with how she lives there prior her life prior to that having forgotten how to converse sorry my cameras in the way converse and lacking in common sense she's a handful for Shuji but she fine ah but he finds himself towered by her innocence okay that's I'm just gonna do this however the world is not always a friendly place and her lost time will never be restored alongside the present situation Iroha is put in an uncertain future ways awaits Roja sorry L faced with this situation one thought immediately said surfaces shuji's mind why is it I wonder the feeling of wanting to protect you like the thawing of a wind of the winter cold time that was once for residents began to move cool I don't care like the game looks like trash sorry I'm sure there were people out there it might have been watching this video their thinking looks good so with this one you bloody degenerate speck I'm actually quite excited about that first one Wendy Polaris and I think not sudden era are but all the games are produced where deployer at center are and how about yes but where the pleura sounds pretty cool some disease that makes people disappear and someone freeze an immortal yeah that's more my cup of tea but would you know it second project release more games incredible anyway i'm i'm i've cut ever change my name i'm some internet clip or i am hold up the daily plebeian i think that's been an alright if you want more visual novel kind of news or j of virginia's it's not even used the streets discussions up talking talking Shmack but you can hit the subscribe button oh you know watch me on video so you can check out me my channels some internet played first content that is an absolute garbage anyway thanks for watching bye

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