3 Tips To DESTROY Writers Block!

how to demolish writer's block that's we're gonna talk about today I'm gonna give you three quick tips on how to get this done make sure you click the subscribe button the like button if you have a comment on these love to hear from you I always like answering any questions anybody has especially about these topics cuz look I don't care how long you've been a writer you run into this from time to time writer's block is a real thing and and I just want to give some tips that are gonna really really help get over that hump of writer's block so the first thing I want to talk about when it comes to dealing with writer's block is keep writing okay when you look at a golfer that's got the shanks or a baseball player that gets into a hitting slump what do they do they keep swinging that's what they do so all you have to really do is keep writing make sure you're writing every day you know if you're in a writer's block it's a good time to write even more and it doesn't mean that you're looking to write jokes constantly you can just write about what happened that day how you're feeling whatever but just write okay the more you write the better you're gonna be at it that's the outcome so it's a great outcome right so just keep writing just don't be hard on yourself okay the second bit of advice that I got for you is I know for myself with having to deal with having to write for a lot of different people is I have a certain breathing exercise that I do now I use the wim HOF method there's other ones you can do out there it's whatever works for you okay that's what works for me and it's about it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to get through the breathing exercise but it clears is some some room in my mind it allows me to be a lot more creative and I can get back to writing because it puts me back in that creative space okay and that's the thing is you got to look for those creative spaces and whether it's between your ears or going outside going your favorite coffee shop those things make a big difference okay and the last thing I'm going to talk about the thing that I think is the most important is the space between your ears is always the battle okay I there's so many teaching coaches and stuff out there and what they never really talk about they they give you like this this structure of how to write but we are negative thinkers by trade I think it's I think the human brains thinks negatively negatively 60% of the time so it's up to us to correct those things all right so how do we do that well it starts with morning and night time with really making sure we're putting something good into our brains okay so many people grab their phone watch TV right before they go to bed you might be watching something violent something in the news which is always atrocious and garbage and it's really about getting rid of those things in the two most important times of the day which is when you wake up and when you go to bed all right so I shove a lot of positivity into my head in the morning and usually I won't touch electronics for a half an hour it's a tough thing to do but it's a well worthwhile thing and then I use you know there's apps there's also YouTube or you can listen to videos that are inspiring and tell you till I build yourself up stop thinking negatively because you know really you know there's different vibrational levels okay and not to get too hippie-dippy here but think of it like this when you're depressed how creative are you when you're sad or frustrated how great at thinking are you when we're frustrated or angry or any of those things that's when we can tend to say things that are off putting in things that aren't really us right it's just these little outbursts well if that's where her heads at when we're writing and that can happen really quickly instead of writer's block or like I'm no good at this what the hell am i doing and all that other stuff well you're not going to be creative in that space so having those things like you know a little video or something that can get you thinking great again a quick walk you know just get outside get in the Sun soak up some vitamin D super important it's a hormone not a vitamin so you really want to get as much of that in your system and get the right chemicals going in your brain okay those that it's it's to me it's the most important part is where your head's at all right because there's just there's gonna be times in the day that hey I don't feel the best right or there's times where you feel really good those are the times – right so really focusing in and dialing in on how you're thinking about things is so so important because you know a thought creates an emotion right so what emotion will helps you the best inside of comedy writing think about that when you're really on top of the world and you're writing great write what's that emotion we're gonna have to get into a thought process and start changing your thoughts to get you to that process now it's not easy I see a lot of memes and everything running around on Facebook you know or it's just like come on you know like yeah their platitudes I've heard him a million times but I'm like it's not a phrase that makes things better it's discipline that makes things better and it's like writing with your with your left hand if your right hand it's it takes some time to learn how to write with your left hand so you just can't be that hard on yourself okay get this space between your ears right and things will work better for you so that's that's really the tips that I have for writer's block and you know watch this again make some notes trust me it's worth it and a lot of times if we do get stuck in writer's block a lot of times it's going to take a different process then to get out of that slump okay so I hope this helped once again like subscribe comment below would love to hear from you and we'll talk to you soon

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