30 Years [Spoken Word]

I’m turning 30 in two days,
Times flown by like in movies. The montage from kid to teenager,
A few chapter skips, And I’m exiting my third decade. But what I’ve learnt most,
Is that you’re never really ready. 30 seemed a lifetime away,
A moment in life, Where everything was sorted,
Home, Job, Partner, I still feel like I’m getting started. But to speak open hearted,
I’ve learned there’s no specific time where you have to have everything together.
Enjoy your life, For you,
not for others. Choose what you want to do,
And let no rock be left undiscovered. Don’t follow empty quotes on social media,
False leaders of YouTube, Take your time,
Take in your own inner voice. Remember,
it’s you who has the choice. Don’t waste your life in front of electronic
screens, From the latest technology.
Go out, Explore,
Lift your head up, Find the things that you adore. And finally. Don’t listen to me. Choose for yourself. Move away from the monotonous conveyor belt
that can be life, And enjoy that which makes you happy.

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