3rd Poetry Club #39

Here we are today and spring has filled our
hearts with love and minds with creative thoughts. Too bad some people’s hearts are so full of
love that it prevents them showing up. Indeed. Well, it just seems like a destined number
of poetry club meetings is now three, so can’t be helped. I for one can’t wait for what we have in store
today but first I would like to tell you that all the poems that we are reading here today
or that we have read in the previous poetry clubs you can find now in a google drive document
that is linked down below. Somebody suggested that to me in the last
video and honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think that before. But it was a great idea, thank you. We are evolving. Yes, but now let’s begin! Ok. Rock, paper, scissors? Rock. Paper. Scissors. Rock. Paper. Scissors. So, wait, we beat you first, so you go first. Ok, let’s do that. Ok, this is my poem. I didn’t name it but here we go. All we know of the future is just a wild guess. What you don’t see is that we are together
in this mess. I can make you a space to call a home you
can take me a place where I’m no longer alone. We wouldn’t be here if there was no reason. The only thing one needs is other person. In time I will find someone else to hold and
you will find someone who won’t leave you as cold. Oh, wow. That was pretty. Stop it you. Continue you, it’s your turn. Ok. Oh snap. Should we do our paper and scissors? Ok, well, let’s do it. Great. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Boom, you first. You always lose with scissors. No you don’t! OK, this is something very different that
I tried. It doesn’t have any rhymes and it’s quite
abstract. I feel like this is more of a to be read out
poem than a read one. A read one, heh. A read poem. Ok, I’m just gonna. It doesn’t have a title yet but I’m just gonna
read it. Ok. “Love, love, love, love, love, love,
why?! What?! Where?! How?! It’s just… how do I know if this is spring
or romance that makes me feel… weak.” Wow. Well, there you say, everything is based on
truth. Eh, shut up. But it was very… it was gripping in my opinion. Thank you. It was very real and up close. Thanks. OK. So I guess it’s me now. And, erm, this is an unnamed one as well I’m
afraid. But yeah, I was feeling this one day. “I can see the stars when I close my eyes
They’re bright and they sting when I look
at them I feel like they can be anything, while I’m down here watching out for them
To catch them if they were to fall Sometimes I wonder what being up there with
them would be like I can’t catch myself if I fall though
So it’s okay I’ll stay” I really like that. Thank you. It was harrowing. No, it was cool, it made me feel like… homey,
like you know, there are so many wonderful things that you could do and try and it’s
wonderful that there are so many wonderful things but sometimes it’s okay just to want
to stay at home as well. Yeah, I think that was kind of what I was
going for but it was really kind of spur of the moment thing. I really liked it, Jane. Thank you. Okay. On to the submissions. Can I go first? I’ve always gone last. Yeah, do it, follow you dreams, Anne! Personally I simply adore this poem. It’s by Beth Wangler called “Adventure” and
I’m sure you see why I love it once I’ve read it. Here we go this is such a great moment. “Come on an adventure with me! We’ll catch the last note of taps
and ride it out of town, down to where the lapping waves
play out their own lullaby. We’ll dance upon the moonlight on the lake
and climb the glowing steps of clouds up to the sky,
where over midnight, murky waves we’ll leap from star to star
and run our fingers through the sticky Milky Way until a feather-tailed shooting star shoots us down. We’ll bounce upon the trampoline of treetops
bathed in early morning light to wash us clean. We’ll drink the dew
and munch the sugary confections of mist rising from the lake;
then, full and fresh, We’ll wake the morning birds
to sing us off upon a dandelion glider. We’ll ride it on the current of the breeze,
with aquiline reveilles ringing in our ears, through a jungle of wild ants and crazy grass. The fluff will carry us until we jump off
and skydive into a bed of daisies to warm us from the last chill of night. We’ll jump aboard the train of thought
to take us back to my front porch, and just as the sensible folk rise for the
day, We’ll brew a cup of tea
and reminisce about the night we went on an adventure.” I think your long-lost twin must have written
that one. We need to go on an adventure. Anne, this is Avonlea, you can’t go even on
a “oh-we-had-milk-shake-at-MacDonalds-in-the-middle-of-the-night” kind of adventure here. We can go to the woods and have a picnic or
dance in the meadows like wood nymphs. I just want to live. Not going to live long if you get so riled
up and, well, spontaneous so easily. You sound just like my mother. Well, I’m sure she’s a lovely and sensible
lady. Should I too do the line first as well? No you don’t have to. Okay. “I Do Try” “I am a good person who naively assumes
that if I don’t think harsh thoughts about strangers
maybe they too will go easy on me and the world becomes a gentler place I am a good person who
gathers up all the plates and mugs before leaving the café
so that they’re easier to pick up and smiles softly at cashiers and
buys something I don’t really need so I can give even change to the bus driver – he’s probably busy anyway. I am a good person who
consistently uses the same vanilla-scented body lotion
whenever I’m around you hoping that when I’m gone
you’ll catch a whiff of it on a crowded train station
and it chokes you up. I am a good person whose
mouth turns sour at the thought of you never even mentioning me to your therapist.” How bleak. Well, you have an unrealistic view about what
it is like to be in love, Anne. Oh, cause you are such an expert. Well, the real expert, sadly, isn’t with us
today. *Laughs* That’s right. This is pretty neat. I like it when our poems line up, you know. Well, not OUR poems, the submissions. It feels like we are making actual progression. Anyways the one I would like to read has been
submitted by anonymous and it’s called “Weaponized Femininity And All That”. Okay. “I never wore my extensions around you;
wanted you to grab the back of my head without
feeling the bulky clips. And I stopped painting my lips,
carefully sculpting out the cupid’s bow with a thin brush
and winging my eyeliner into sharp shapes that would only
get smudged after a few minutes in bed with you. Now that you’re gone
I’m untouchable again, and more beautiful than I ever felt
when you looked at my face up close.” Wow. That makes me feel conflicted. But mostly sad. Well, in my interpretation it’s about feeling
of security and attachment and putting on a mask so I think that reaction is appropriate. Jane, you are so smart. True, but you are smarter than you give yourself
credit for as well, Diana. Yeah, maybe but not in the “book analysis”
kind of way. Well, that’s what we are here for, right. Right. So here ends another poetry club session. Thank you for watching and a huge thank you
to the submitters, I mean, it’s a huge privilege getting to read you poetry. I might do a Q&A soon, maybe next week so
do leave me some questions, might have special guests and everything. Bye! Bye!

6 thoughts on “3rd Poetry Club #39

  1. Hi Anne! I love your videos and I love the poetry club. I was wondering, do you have a favorite famous poem? Also do you have a favorite famous quote?

  2. Hi, Kindred Spirit 🙂 I've got three questions for you:
    1. What is your Hogwarts House and what's your wand made of? (that's technically 2, I know)
    2. What would you name your hypothetical future children and why do you choose those names?
    3. What is the worst thing a friend has to do to become your enemy and what is the best thing an enemy has to do to become your friend?

  3. milkshakes in the middle of the night is my favorite kind of adventure

  4. Hmmmm….. I wonder if Anne may be having second thoughts about a certain someone.

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