4 Authors and the Mystery of: How We Came To Be

you hi hi everyone hey everyone hey everyone welcome to the pilot episode of four authors in the mystery thank you so much for joining us we're here because we want to introduce you to the people who are behind the books that you read each episode that we do in this series is going to bring something new to the mystery and suspense genre and this one is just going to introduce you a little bit to who we are and why we do what we do hi I'm Emma east of Toronto Ontario and I have been published for just over five years now I have 12 books published I write mystery and suspense and I write unpredictable stories packed with suspense hi everyone my name is Lauren Lee I was born and raised in Buffalo New York and I now live in Melbourne Florida on the Space Coast I have been published for about two years and I have about twelve or thirteen books out right now I write mostly mystery and thriller and I'm excited to start this video series hey everyone I'm Kirsten module in I have been published since 2016 so going on three years this fall and I have twelve books out I write all sub genres of suspense I have romantic suspense I have psychological suspense domestic suspense everything in between I live in a very very small town in southern Illinois that you've probably never heard of but I I love everything about the mystery genre and I have a little girl that's – and she keeps me pretty busy on top of writing hey everyone I'm Rachel Renee and I've been publishing for a couple years now I have six published books and also a novella I mainly write crime fiction so also you know you have the mystery and suspense in with that I live on the outskirts of Cincinnati Ohio with my husband of almost 16 years and my two kids 11 and 9 and they keep me pretty busy but I try to make time for writing as much as I can so I'd love to share with our viewers and readers how we all met uh initially we were all in a group for indie author support and I reached out just asking if there were any other mystery authors in the group because I think that there are unique elements to writing mystery and of mystery lovers and authors I thought that we could all relate to each other and I just wanted to start a group to get support from the specific authors in our genre so I reached out to these lovely ladies and they joined the group and now we have formed a subgroup of our own so thank you for tuning in we're going to try and put out a new video monthly each episode will be about something a little different and we're gonna talk about everything mystery related whether it's our favorite book what we're binge watching true crime documentaries we're gonna talk answer questions from our readers about what it's like to write in the genres that we write pretty much everything that can be talked about mystery we're going to just guess here on the show we are gonna ask that you guys give us ideas for topics so if you have anything that you'd love to hear us talk about and just keep them in mind and we're going to talk about how you can submit those ideas to us at the end of this video so one of the first things we're going to talk about is what drew each of us into the genre why we love mysteries and thrillers and why we decided to write about it so ever since I was a kid I loved reading mystery novels Nancy Drew the boxcar kids or children and so I've always just had this curiosity about mysteries puzzles trying to trying to solve mysteries figure things out yeah you know one step ahead of the main character and I love an unpredictable mystery so that started at an early age and now it's you know across all different types of media and also obviously writing my own for me as far back as I can remember I've always been attracted to maybe kind of darker things crime mystery suspense even as a little kid writing short stories about stolen necklace on a cruise ship you know I've always been interested in stuff like that so as I grew older and was able to start reading more adult content I found myself reading you know more intense mysteries and things like that so it only made sense that when I started to write my own books that I would follow along the same path and write the mysteries that for so long I had enjoyed myself as a reader so for me like the other girls I started out at a very young age loving everything about mystery and TV shows books I love Dancy drew I loved one order Scooby Doo like anything I could get into trying to solve the mystery and get one step out of the characters and the writers those were you know I love them I love being able to try and figure out that mystery and I started writing at a very young age – I had my first novel that I wrote was in like fourth grade so I I've always loved writing but mystery to me that's that's what I've enjoyed my whole life and I occasionally you know read other things but to me that that's always been the most exciting so it just made sense for that to be what I write as well I remember when I was a kid that I would watch unsolved mysteries with my parents and just sitting there thinking like who did it like why did they do it and so I kind of with my books I kind of wanted to epitomize like those questions and and just see you know if my readers could solve those mysteries along with my characters and and figure out like who did it why they did it and I just wanted you know to be able to create that sense of mystery that I had enjoyed you know trying to figure out myself we'd love to share with you how we first got our start and what our first look was so my first mystery was a book called darkness solos and I wrote that about six years ago it took me nine months to write and it was a story about two sisters who had to be placed into a witness protection program because one of them was associated with a man who was a suspect in a murder so the whole premise was what if the hiding spot you ran to became more dangerous than the place he ran from and so that became a duet originally it was a standalone so it became a duology and that was my first book so the very first book I published was actually a paranormal romance called Charlotte's pact but my first mystery thriller I published is a book called my houses burnt and that was partially inspired by the television show Hannibal and that is kind of a prequel of sorts about will Graham and Hannibal Lector and after watching that show I really loved how the characters had such a complex and dark relationship they hated each other but they loved each other in a sense so I really wanted to recreate a relationship like that so one house is burn is about a very charming psychopath and he attempts to charm his therapist and sometimes it gets a little dark a little twisted a little hot but it was a book that I was really proud to be my first published thriller um so for me my first novel was a standalone it was published originally as if it walks like a killer but this year I received the rights back to it for my publisher and it's now becoming mrs. Abbott it is a psychological thriller about a husband and wife that have a seemingly perfect life and they're suddenly thrown into the middle of a murder investigation and they you know have to question everything they know about themselves and their marriage and there's lots of twists and secrets that come out and it took me about two years to write and was published in 2016 for me I kind of started out in a different genre I my first book was a contemporary romance but after getting back into what I originally loved mysteries and and reading some of those books I started writing instincts which ends up being my first published crime fiction book it follows a detective and her counterparts as they from the you know beginning where they arrive on a crime scene and all the way through until they solved the case and so it kind of goes back to you know my love for like the the unsolved mysteries and you know the I kind of let the readers solve the mystery along with my detectives so instincts and then it ended up being I thought it might be a standalone but it ended up being the start of a series so it's my Savannah PD series and there's three of those so far writing in the mystery suspense genre comes with its own set of challenges we we certainly have to do things differently than a lot of other authors and that's one thing that really connected all of us so we're going to talk about the things that we find the most challenging about writing the books that we do so I kinda find I have two separate challenges one is that whoever is point of view I'm coming from whoever my protagonists are my main characters I want to make sure that you know I really have their voice down I have their history down whatever they've been been through their knowledge of things so that kind of research that we need to go into oftentimes for how someone's going to react to certain trauma deep conflict those high stakes of life or death and then also just the fact that as the author I usually know what's gonna happen in the story and sometimes at the end of twists love will get me like I know it does for you guys sometimes so it can be predictable for unpredictable for even us but as we're going through it we kind of know what's going on and so to have our characters only know what they're supposed to know and to give enough clues and for the reader red herrings for the reader to kind of throw them off the trail so just keeping in mind what everyone's supposed to know and those you know complex layers of plotting and you know weaving that web that we do one of my biggest challenges is that in my writing sometimes my story lines or my themes can get a little dark and often times I will show the villain or the culprit of some crime but I also try to add a human element to all these people because life has never black and white you know there's horrible people out there but often times they had a horrible past and while that's no excuse for things that people have done it can give people or a reader a kind of sense of why they did it so whenever I'm writing something about that I always try to make sure that I build the character up I give them a believable backstory so that when you find out you know who did it you have a sense of why they did it and hopefully they'll give the reader some kind of closure after the crazy twist that I like to write so for me I think obviously those challenges are huge one of my bigger challenges is also I'm just trying to be unpredictable because I mean that's that's what we sell you know it's that unpredictability of never knowing and never being able to guess and there's no formula to what we do and you know you don't want it to be the same villain in every book with different characters it's always you know the mom or the dad or the brother you know and so trying to to stay one step ahead of it but also you know leave that comfort zone of I know this worked for the last book and just trying to keep those twists as unpredictable as possible I'm right there with all three of these ladies and you know with everything that they're saying for me my biggest challenge is probably their research aspect of everything I like the illusion of the story being that you know it's it's based on like reality that it's you know it's more real than it is fiction and so I'm you know there are a lot of things especially with crime fiction and you know following a detective or a police officer that I don't know about so those are things that I have to spend a lot of extra time researching to make sure that you know when the readers are in the space you know with my detective that they kind of feel like this could be real like this is this is could be a real thing and then also because I am a pastor writer a lot of times I don't always know where my story's gonna go I kind of have an idea so then keeping things consistent throughout the series and making sure that you know the characters stay the same and the evidence stays where it's supposed to stay and it's not always easy you know when you don't always know where your story is exactly gonna end up so mystery me just like it is for you so we've kind of told you a little bit about you know our writing and just kind of where we are in the mystery suspense genre now I want to tell you a little bit about our one of our favorite reads that we've done recently so mine are tied and two of the authors are staring back at me right now so I ha it is a tie and I have to mention both because I love them one was by Lauren and it is a novella a prequel to her when houses burn novel and it's called the man behind the flames so I had the pleasure of reading that as an early reader and I loved it when houses burn was amazing so I knew I just had to read that story and I'm so glad that I got the perk of having that early coffee and then one was by Kirsten and it's called the good neighbors again an early copy so many twists and turns and I really didn't know what to expect with it I loved it thank you one of my favorite recent reads is not wholly in the mystery genre but it definitely has some mystery elements so I read where the crawdad sing by Delia Owens and it is about a young girl who grew up near a bayou swamp area she grew up all alone she had no family and basically about her growing up and her struggles to try to fit in with Society even though she doesn't fit in at all and all the while throughout the story there is a murder investigation going on and every chapter this happens you get a little more information but you still don't know who did it you know what's the main girl involved somehow and it was really intriguing I listened to it on audible it was hard for me to put it down the writing was really good and I highly recommend it so for me last books that I actually read was about a week ago it's called the turn of the key by Ruth warfare and it's one that hasn't really said it was an early copy but it's really hard for me to find time I mean for all of us to find time to read just because writing consumes so much of our day and so for me to get into book sometimes it takes me a month to get through one and this is a book that I started reading at about nine o'clock at night I usually read a little bit before bed and say that until 3:00 that morning trying to finish it because I loved it so much and it is definitely a thriller it's about a girl that goes to stay with the family and be a nanny and lots of crazy things happen in this house and with the children and it was very addictive I like I said didn't put it down until I finished it and definitely recommend it so I'm kind of with emerald in her last two books that she read in the mystery suspense onra and but she already talked about those so I'm gonna talk about a different book and so when I'm writing I typically don't read in our genre too much except for you know I make exceptions for you know the ladies in this group and a few others that you know can that send you know advance copies that you know we get to sorry migraine is my privilege to read ahead of time so anyway one of the genres that I have found recently that I enjoy during my you know my writing sessions is historical fiction and the last book that I read was what the wind knows by Amie Harmon and I just absolutely fell in love with her writing and the beauty of you know the worlds that she creates it's kind of nice to like step away from the darkness that I'm writing and researching and to go you know to kind of take myself out of that in and step into the beauty of this you know history and also this book contains some time to time travel which I really kind of enjoyed because it's not something that I typically read so definitely recommend that book all right so you've watched the whole video that we had three guys today this is how we're gonna do it we're going we're posting the video today if you go to any of our author pages which the links are down below you can submit an idea for the next video something you'd love to hear us talk about anything goes anything that relates to this genre go to our author pages submit your ideas you have until Saturday June 22nd to submit those ideas and then we're gonna pick our favorites and make up HUL also on our author pages and you'll have until from June 24th until June 29 to vote for your favorites and then we'll see which idea wins and what we make our next video about like Kirsten said visit our social media pages which are listed down below and that's where you'll find everything about us our books and about the polls for you know upcoming episodes and if you like this video please make sure to like it down below also subscribe if you would like to see more of our videos and make sure to click the little notification bellow so that you're notified when we've got a new video thank you everyone for tuning in and we are so excited to bring you the series for authors and a mystery

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  1. This was so so enjoyable. Learning about the Authors "Behind the cover/pages"…!! It has given me a deeper appreciation of writing and all the work/energy/perserverence that goes into starting & finishing a book. I am very very impressed with all 4 of these young woman……KUDOS…!!!

  2. I enjoyed this a lot! Very well done! Quality was excellent. Very informative. It's good to learn more about you and how you create such great reads! Thank you. I will certainly watch for future installments ❤

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