4 Book Marketing Strategies – Book Promotion for Self Published Books

12 thoughts on “4 Book Marketing Strategies – Book Promotion for Self Published Books

  1. I am about to invest a ton into Facebook over the next few months. Looking forward to what type of results I get from it!

  2. what are your thoughts on paid marketing services such Bookbub, Freebooksy/Bargainbooksy, Bookrunes and other such websites?

  3. Please stop giving us so much good content is just making me too intelligent. As always thanks for the good video

  4. Book trailer?! I've heard so many people say how useless book trailers are on Amazon. But you're talking about Facebook, and Facebook has had a growing preference for video…

  5. Just discovered your channel today. Your tips and insights are too good. Had to subscribe. Thanks

  6. Which is best site I should prefer for publishing my book?
    without paying for advertisement readers will able to find my book?

  7. I’m new to kindle publishing and trying to learn as I go. I’m not a writer but have outsourced my first book which is still being written. I haven’t got a website but understand that it is a good idea to have one, but I don’t know what it would consist of. My first book is in puppy training having done some research on Amazon but I imagine that I will have books written on all sorts of niches, not just puppy training, so I can’t see what purpose a website would be for me. Would going on instagram be better for me? Or am I just missing the point completely? Sorry for the rookie question 🙂

  8. Hi. Can I ask, when writing a non fiction ebook description, how should the author be referred, with first name or Surname? Thanks 🙏

  9. I have a book trailer, I didn't know how to use it yet. I will try YouTube advertising afte I get rid of my Facebook and Google ads

  10. Thank you Dale. I just, a few minutes ago, followed your instructions and launched my very first ad campaign for my non-fiction book. At first I was hesitant to do so, but after looking at your video and following your lead, I set up a campain for 3 months at $1.00 per day and 0.08 per click. I have a budget of $150.00 for this. I can lose that.

  11. AMS is the best paid marketing services. Hope it stays that way in the future too.

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