4 Ways to Take Brave Writer Classes on the Cheap!

Julie Bogart here from brave rider coming at you to talk to you about summer online classes one of the things that you don't know about brave rider is that we have many ways to take advantage of our class program without having to take classes all year so join me now and I look forward to talking to you about all of that come on in come on in it's great to have you here so glad you're here I hope you have your cup of tea I've got mine we are really excited about the coming year for brave writer there just seems to be so much firing you know ever since my bullet points you can see behind me came out in February we've just had this avalanche of interest and brave writer so we're well aware that many of you who may even be watching today came through the portal of my book the brave learner and don't really know anything about brief writer or why we're different or how we started so as we're talking about online classes today I want to give you some of that understanding you might even be an old-timer with us and you still don't really know what's the pedagogical view of our classes why did you lead design them this way and I'm going to give you four surefire ways to keep the price down to make this an economical investment not just a quality one because we know that our classes require a financial commitment and there's a reason for that and we're going to talk about all of it now so if you are just here to hear about classes I want to begin by just giving you a brat a background on how we've designed our class program and why I think it's so effective with home schoolers first of all just like you I homeschooled five kids I did that over a 17-year period full-time I had some years of part-time home schooling and public school thrown in there after and during those years I valued two things almost like they were sacred to me I wanted no one to impose their schedule on my routine you know I wanted to decide whether or not we were taking an art class on a Thursday or not I didn't want someone to decide where I was going to spend my time secondly I knew that I wasn't all that good at really long commitments because we might have a soccer tournament out of town we might want to fly to California and see relatives we might want to go away and ski we what might want to use our time in ways that a typical school year doesn't accommodate so when we design brief writer classes when I did way back in January of 2000 I knew that most parents could not commit to more than six weeks at a time so our classes run between three weeks and six weeks long that's it because if you're like me you're about to give birth you might have somebody who's getting ready to go away for camp you might want to go on a big vacation and you're thinking well if I commit to this you know 32-week year or 18 week semester I'm absolutely gonna miss some of it that feels like a waste of money there's a loss of momentum going into the vacation and a difficulty of regaining momentum after you get back so our classes are really short so that you can sandwich in your really busy lives around that three to six weeks in length we offer recurring sessions and they roll out every Monday of the whole year so instead of feeling like well I didn't sign up by August now I'm out of luck until December for the January classes that's not how we operate literally every Monday of the school year some new class is rolling out and on some mondays multiple classes and we have I think forty seven unique classes but they are offered in many sessions so the writers jungle online for instance is offered weekly starting every week all years sometimes multiple sessions on a day here's why we want you to have maximum flexibility isn't that why you signed up to be a homeschooler the second aspect then of these sort of rolling out classes is that you can log in it's convenient to you there's no headset there's no video there's no live moment in class they are real people in your class and the teachers are living breathing human beings who are available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week you know maybe when they're sleeping no but you can post messages to them any time and they will get back to you within a day or two and make sure that you have all the information you need to keep going in the class the reason for this is brave rider is now a global company literally has been from day one we have a huge devoted fan following in places like Australia and New Zealand we have missionary State Department and military families who use brave writer and they're stationed all over the globe places like Moscow and Thailand in Rome they don't want to be hemmed in by having to log in at 3:00 in the morning or 11:00 p.m. just because it's more convenient for Americans so our classes are asynchronous that means you log in when you're fully alert when you've got time when it's a good timezone period of time for you all of the writing that you need to do all of the reading to understand the assignments is posted inside the classroom there is no outside purchase that's necessary unless maybe you know you take a book club or a movie club but everything else all the material that you need to perform in the class is provided to you so you log in with your private username and password you're in the classroom space you can download the lessons and print them out if you like or you can just read them on your tablet or your laptop and then you will have time between reading and when the due date is for that assignment to work on it when you are the most alert when your child is the most willing so that you have a way to be flexible with your overall schedule with all these kids we have discovered our families adore this way of doing classes occasionally we get person who comes into our world who's not used to our style of teaching and they say what about video we've discovered that you grow better in writing through reading than a lecture lectures kind of go in one ear and out the other it's difficult to rewind and here are the stipulations the vocabulary is coming through to your spoken parts of your brain this part of your mind that takes words that come in and spits them out orally there is something about the handshake between reading and writing that creates better language for writing and sitting quietly and reading the assignment or having your mother read it with you those are the tools that make our classes powerful and in fact for some of you who are thinking oh my child can't read at that level or that's too intimidating what we've noticed even for kids with dysgraphia dyslexia autism audio and visual processing disorders having time to look at the concepts and take them in is far more important than listening to a talking voice you can print you can read a little at a time you can collaborate with your parents you can involve other siblings we're going to talk about that in a moment and that gives this child who struggles to learn the space to digest the concepts before they have to turn it around in writing we always give enough time so we post all of the week's worth of reading and assignments on a Sunday night and you'll usually have all week to figure out when you're going to do those activities with your kids it is a very powerful tool for teaching writing in fact we've been doing this now for almost 20 years and I have to tell you the growth I've seen in students in our online classes far eclipses the in-person teaching I've done in our homeschool co-op and as a university professor at Xavier those students miss out they don't get to other student writing and the teacher feedback on that student writing they only have a dialogue with me and it is short form I can't take apart a printed page and comment on every sentence they don't have the opportunity to do revisions the way we promote that in our classes our classes are like having a private tutor but in the company of a Writing Workshop so all the students get to share all the students can read each other's work and they can read the writer feedback from the instructors on everyone's work now some people say oh my child is shy they're nervous no worries here the way our instructors our coaches work is so different than anything you've ever experienced this is conversation about your child's writing this isn't just English teacher evaluation where they put squiggle lines and they write passive voice with a question mark and they say more detail and don't help you understand where that more detail comes from our instructors say things like wonderful opening I'm drawn in you've created an aura of suspense by using this word do you know that is a literary technique like that in other words they are dialoguing over the content your child writes so nobody is humiliated we don't litter your essay with all kinds of grammatical understandings or Corrections before we've engaged the content that's what makes brave writer unique so then people ask us all right that all sounds good but I'm looking at the price and I don't know if my family can afford it so today I have four ways that you can use our program for maximum financial value and the first thing I want to say to you is this the reason our classes cost what they do is that our writing instructors work harder than any writing instructors on the internet I I feel completely comfortable saying that I know that's a huge statement to make the Internet's a big place but here's why I feel like giving you that inflated or what I consider accurate view because we hire English teachers we hire professional writers we hire people who are published authors and they all tell us that they have never worked so hard as when they work in a brave writer class we train our staff they are supervised over the course of the year and we are picky about how they interact with you and how much feedback they give and how well that feedback jives with your child's personality their skill level and their special needs we are constant and when I say special needs I don't just mean learning challenges I mean a kid who's a soccer star or a child view has a really demanding play practice schedule we take each aspect of your child seriously and we work with them to help them have the best success they can have and our teachers are exhausted after they've taught a class because we expect them to participate at such a high level so that's the first reason that our classes cost what they do that's why they are worth so much it's because our instructors need to be paid for the devotion that they give to these students so what can we do then to maximize your dollar I've had parents write to me and say well Julie if I was going to give my child a full year of academic writing classes for high school it would cost me over a thousand dollars or thousands of dollars well please don't do that here's the other thing you need to know about brief writer classes every single one is a deep dive into a writing topic some aspect of the writing experience and it takes a lot of work from your kids now we pasted it so that it doesn't overwhelm the rest of their schedule but we know that when they give their focused attention to one of our classes for four weeks or six weeks they need a break please don't feel you need schedule them for another class immediately at the end it would be wonderful if they took a six-week class and then took a month or two off and then took a four-week class there is no reason so tip number one is spread them out take one class maybe one class in a semester maybe two here's why you are giving your kids an opportunity to apply what they've learned once they are out of the class so think of it this way your child is in middle school writing projects we give them a lesson per week and they are producing a beautiful kind of project by the end maybe it's a report maybe it is a brochure maybe it's a lap book maybe it's a video presentation they have all these choices at the start of that class and they work with an instructor to produce it and they get all this rich feedback and so do all the other students couldn't you as a parent print those lessons print the examples of feedback this instructor has been giving you not just to your child but to all the other students and couldn't you once that class was over revisit middle school writing projects with your child you literally now have a four week lesson all planned for you with examples of feedback and you now can be the expert writing coach which by the way my secret subversive agenda I don't want you just depending on us I want you to grow as a writing instructor and you grow every time one of your kids is in a class and you ride sidecar and pay attention and download all those lessons are meant to be used by you so we wouldn't have our children who are in middle school just do one project in a year but do you have to have it guided by an instructor every month of the year no you do not and by the end of the class you basically have been provided a four week lesson plan that you can download and print and use to guide another version of what your child just did maybe a different style of project maybe a different topic maybe another aspect of a topic they love but now you've for one purchase price and one month long training where you're watching how the coach does this you are now set free to do it again and do it with your child so that is the first way that you can really maximize the value of your investment in a class if you're taking an essay class print everything out and now have your child write another essay without being in the class this is good for both of you and here's why the class requires a certain level of attention and investment because it's got due dates it's got other students in it there's a lot to read and absorb on the first pass but couldn't you slow it down once the class is over so maybe the six week essay class which teaches two different versions of the essay you just pick one of those and decide to stretch it out of over four or five weeks instead of three you do more research than you've had time to do for art class in other words you reproduce the experience but you do it on your timetable and you do it with some understanding that your child is just taking a second whack at this thing they just learned how to do so that's the first way the second way that you can maximize the value of an investment in a brave writer class is to sign up for a class for one of your kids but have another child in your family do the same lessons they won't be able to turn them in for feedback but couldn't you have let's say you have a thirteen and a fifteen year old and the 15 year old is getting closer to college and that kid really needs to work on the essay but you don't feel ready to spend the amount of money it would take to teach to the 15 and 13 year old simultaneously in the class couldn't you have your 13 year old do the essay as well following all the guidelines and you can practice giving feedback that is akin to what you're watching the instructor do so you've paid one tuition you're able to download all that information you're able to read along and your thirteen-year-old could be working directly with you as a first pass getting comfortable learning how to do the same essay work these are ways that parents don't always think of and we welcome it in brief writer I had five kids I know how challenging it is I don't want to feel like I have to pick five tuitions every time I put my kid in a class and because we make our materials our lessons available for PDF file and print you get to keep that information it doesn't leave you just because the class is over does this make sense so the first way is take a class take a break and do the lessons again from the class the second way is sign up one student and have another kid similar age join that child in doing the exercises but only submitting one student's work to the class then using the instructor feedback to help you learn how to give feedback to the younger child or the other child whoever you pick the third way then is the one that I love brave writer has something I don't think other programs have we call this a family class a family class and a family class is designed like this one topic usually writing adjacent like nature journaling Shakespeare family workshop groovy grammar playing with poetry and these were developed back when I was really involved in Charlotte Mason as a life style I wanted to help parents integrate these into their writing lives and into their family lives so I thought well these aren't as demanding with writing they're not writing full researched SATs or big writing projects or short stories they are writing but it's short form and they it requires less work from the instructor so we design these family classes where you pay one tuition just one and I don't care how many kids you have you get to be in that class so if you have one kid that's the price but if you had six or eight kids that's still the price these classes are from whether you have one kid or 10 what they do is they allow the whole family to participate in a class together so let's say you've got kids like 13 11 9 7 and you've got a three year old and that three year old always feels left out right maybe that child's three or four or five and they never get to be in the classes well now you can say I'm signing the whole family up for playing with poetry or groovy grammar and we're gonna do this class together that means every kid can participate at the level they can participate so in groovy grammar one of the first activities is to collect words well a three-year-olds word collection could just come from their speech and you could just be jotting down the adorable things they say your five-year-old who can't read yet could just cut out words because they're pretty in a magazine and you could start reading those pretty words back to your five year old but your 15 year old they might come from song lyrics billboards academic papers the novel they're reading in other words everyone can play at the level they can play but only one tuition so your family ends up feeling like they're having a shared writing experience or exploration as opposed to it being sort of focused all this financial and emotional energy focused on one child you know that sort of laser focus on the one you're the most worried about and the others feel like they're not getting any attention do you know what I mean one of my favorite family classes is playing with poetry and what we've discovered is that's the class we're in a homeschool family where mom is the home educator a lot of times the dad or the other parent will suddenly hop in and participate so when we say family we literally mean you as well not just your kids the one we have happening this summer is groovy grammar we've never offered a family class in summer before I highly recommend this class you might be thinking to yourself grammar in the summer but let me tell you your kids have no idea what's gonna hit them the very first act is literally running around the house sticking words all over everything in your house there's a fiction Airy they make we play with the poem Jabberwocky it is a freewheeling delight driven exploration of grammar not as a system inductively discovering the power in understanding what is a noun and a verb and how all of these interact with each other in writing it's it's a fantastic class and even the assignments well I wrote them so maybe I'm biased but I wrote them with you in mind they're entertaining they're suppose they're meant to be a little humorous frankly so this is not one of those heavy-duty grammar programs this is a chance for you to get your feet wet with brave writer and to have a really unique experience with your family so family classes so so far what we've said is take a class for one child and have the second child doing it just not in the class the second way is to have your child take the class and have them use the class all the information to do more work to continue that work the third way is this family class experience where you pay one tuition everybody's in that class and for this summer groovy grammar is that class so the last one that I want to mention are our movie and book clubs our movie and book clubs and I'm going to open the movie club page so I can remember what movies to tell you about um the book club start in August so we have mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH for your third to sixth graders and then for your you know seventh to 11th graders we have the Hobbit and our book clubs are amazing first of all there are at least expensive offering they're $99 for a full month of teaching the first week of every month of those book clubs all we do is read the book and introduce ourselves so your kids can start reading these books in June or July or even the very first week of August and they will not be behind the 3rd 2nd 3rd and 4th weeks of the month the instructor rolls out discussion questions what we call big juicy questions and these are designed to get your kids to think to probe a little deeper into the book to start to see themes to notice foreshadowing or opening hooks or suspense or the climax the discussion is delight driven we don't correct spelling punctuation or grammar in these classes they are meant to give you an opportunity with your kids to simply play to start to access your thoughts and put it in your hands through the keyboard now there are a couple ways that parents do these book clubs one of the ways is they don't write at all I've had parents whose kids are so blocked with writing they sign up for a book club or a movie club we'll talk about those in a minute and the child never posts instead the parent takes the child out for Starbucks or you know root beer float once a week and they discuss the discussion between themselves so the parent literally uses the class discussion as a tool to have a big juicy conversation with their own child now some parents might have their kids do some writing but that's not required the goal here is to start stirring up the mind life learning how to engage material and put it into words and then they take some of those words and put them into the actual classroom space could a child talk dictating to you and you type it yes that is equally valid so we always consider the book clubs and the movie discussion club as a place to start with a reluctant writer kids don't feel like they're writing they feel like they are just sharing they're just talking through their fingers it's a bit like posting on reddit or Facebook or a discussion board the real difference is there's an instructor in there who's pulling out more insight and thought hand-over-hand from your children and you have the benefit of reading other child replies so in August we've got the arrow book club and the boomerang book club and you should know that if you sign not for these we also include a copy of the arrow program you will get the arrow or the boomerang for that month so that means you will have a full month's worth of copy work and dictation and grammar discussion that comes with your $99 purchase and these are $12 products so you can start to see how the book clubs are so helpful to your program and are a nice low entry price point for those who are trying to get their feet wet and want to know if our other classes are a worthwhile investment for their family the movie clubs well I just have to tell you they're my favorite thing to recommend and brave writer I often have a parent come to me at a convention or call on on our phone or send me an email saying I have a teenager who really hates writing and I don't know how to get them to write should I start with your essay class and I always say start with a movie club and this is what happens to the parent when I say that start with our movie discussion club what and then I say well your child loves film is my guest because film is the 20th century gift of a whole new kind of literature that we've never had in the history of humankind and we are now embracing it as literature it isn't just entertainment I am fully convinced within the next you know 20 to 50 years film will be a much more constitutive part of even elementary junior high in high school it's already a part of college I mean back when I was in college I had to take a film class and it lasted a whole semester and I saw all these films and it's one of my most memorable experiences of college so this is every bit as rich as taking a book club or reading a book so here's what we do we pick four films that gather around a theme your kids will watch one per week and each week during that week they will discuss the film and they discuss it every bit with every bit as much passion as they would talk about their favorite videogame but here's what's happening they're typing they don't even know they're writing so this blocked reluctant Dean who said he hates writing suddenly is thinking the deeper thoughts transmuting them down through the arms and typing them into the screen how awesome is that and those blocked writers often enjoy the class experience so much that then they're ready to take preparing that essay prep classes or essay classes so here's what we are offering in July July if all about animation the movies are up Persepolis the fantastic mr. Fox that's one of my kids favorite movies and the Land Before Time so if you want your kids to be involved in discussions about animals and animation and these various perspectives that is a fabulous one to sign up for we recommend ages between 9 and 18 so your kids will have a multi-generational experience of students in the class starting then on August 5th we are doing marvelous musicals and I mean some of you parents will want to do these with your kids The Sound of Music Layton is Rob West Side Story and Dreamgirls now here's what you can do with the book club and the movie club that also maximizes the value of your brave writer tuition watch the movies read the books with the whole family can't everyone benefit from whichever student was enrolled in this class couldn't you all be watching the movies and you have one child participating in the class maybe two if you have two kids who really want to you know get to know other kids but the rest of the kids you can actually read the discussion questions and read the discussion and just over popcorn while you're on the couch toss out some thoughts and get reactions from the rest of the family you could basically turn the book or movie discussion clubs into your own private family class by having everybody participate and I can't think of a better thing to do in the summer then planned watch movies with your family I mean that's what it's designed for we had one mom I can't remember which year it was but she hung up a white sheet in her backyard on a clothesline and her husband rented a projector and it projected their Amazon Prime movie onto this hanging sheet and they all sat in the backyard eating popcorn and they were participating one of our classes I mean isn't that fun couldn't that be just an amazing experience with your family so if you're looking for writing this summer and you want to do it a little on the cheap take one of my four suggestions you can either take a class and then you have all that information to use in the fall on your own you can sign up one student and have the second student doing it just with you parallel to that other student you can take groovy grammar our family class where everyone gets to participate or you can put your kids in a movie or book club and have the family read the book aloud together or watch the movies together and create your own family experience around one membership our classes then for the summer are as follows we've been on now for just over a half-hour I will go about 10 more minutes and this will stay posted so if you needed to go thank you for joining me but you can come back and watch the remainder or if you are staying well I'm thrilled to have you so these are the classes that we have happening this summer we have several essay prep classes you need to know that after everything I told you about all of our delightful classes the essay prep classes continue to be the most popular thing we've ever taught in great writer they are they are without a doubt capturing the imaginations of teens teens who you might think are resistant to writing in fact there is something about these classes reading the essay I mean why do we ask our teens to write essays when they or even rent one so they spend a month reading essays and typing about them and by the end these teens are like oh my gosh I had no idea what an essay could be dynamic thinking this is a way that your teens are able to engage their brains without worrying about the format learning what it takes to create the ideas that go in the essay right why are we teaching them the structure when they don't even know what they want to put in the essay and then third one is called essay prep research and citation that's the one that helps them know how to do that kind of research how to integrate their citations so that when they finally take our essay classes they go in with a ton of confidence they've read essays they know how to think about them and then they know what the structure is going to require of them now they can get exclusive attention to how to write the essay and we have those classes this summer as well so essay prep classes starting July 8th another one starting July 15th and another one starting July 19 those classes are a month long you don't have to take them in any particular order and you are welcome to take like one this summer and then take the others in the school year but there are three of them and you can work them around your family vacations we have the expository essay exploratory and persuasive starting July 8 so if your kids took the prep classes or if they are already ready for essay classes there is something about isolating the essay and learning it in the summer that can be very powerful for kids if you have a stem kid or someone who struggles with writing isolating that skill and not expecting them to work on essays while they're reading history and doing math and studying Latin and going to co-op and playing in soccer there's something about just six weeks only that subject that helps them really settle down and find joy in writing the essay so I highly recommend that sort of summer school experience if you have a teen who needs that extra TLC and time to sort of soak marinate in the sa we also have a couple of really fun classes happening this summer penning the past is a class for middle schoolers maybe even early high school for kids who are really enamored of historical fiction and might want to try their hand at it that class was designed by the incredible Melissa Wiley an author of novels herself it is being taught by one of our coaches a wonderful delightful class for kids who love writing stories and might want to do writing for fun in the summer the other fiction class we have that always sells out by the way is fan fiction so penning the past is like an original story borrowing on historical detail fan fiction is drawing on someone like Jane Austen and then writing a story based on a story she's already written so let me give you an example my daughter Johanna wrote the story of Emma set in the Civil War so she's using the same storyline and similar characters but she is writing it in a new setting and creating her own sort of tweaks and personality quirks it's sort of like you've got mail is a representation of Pride and Prejudice on some level right so that's what we're looking at so fan fiction you your child can look at do I want to write like junior or Tolkien or Rick Gordon or Jane Austen and then they're gonna be guided to develop their own story the instructor of that class is a fan fiction writer who has over 4 million readers so she knows what she's talking about and it is a fabulous class always fills up and it's only once a year so that's the class if you have a kid who wants to do that kind of writing get on it before it sells out let's see what else we also offer a couple of classes that are great if your kid is getting ready for that whole College you know requirement so we have SAT a CT prep it's the essay class they will be writing the essays to prepare them to the test and then we also have the college admissions essay which is the essay they write when they're doing the common common application those two classes are wonderful for summer as well and the reason is they allow your student to isolate while they are not inundated with the process of filling out the application and doing research and figuring out you know all the courses they've got to get in their senior year before they graduate so highly recommended college common app essay SAT a CTS a one more really fun class that we have for junior hyomin to throw in there with the fiction classes is writing a Greek myth similarly to penning the past and fanfiction this takes the source material from Greek myths and then your students get to create their own fantasy Greek myth I remember when both my kids Noah and Johannah did this johannah's was all about Hoke as a goddess and Noah did one that drew on the Epic of Gilgamesh and said it with some kind of grief god I I can't even remember all the details but they both really enjoyed that opportunity and it's one that I invite you to consider our own Kirsten Merriman who runs all of our online classes designed that one way back when and it has been a complete winter total popular class ever since the final thing that I will tell you is my own mother the author extraordinaire who is one of our writing coaches teaches a suite of classes we call write for fun they are each three weeks in length and these classes turn on young kids to writing like nothing else something between ages nine and about fifteen three weeks of just creative writing prompts we don't grade spelling punctuation or grammar it's all about the creative writing voice process and I tell you this because she tells me all the time it's the single greatest joy of her life besides her great grandchild she absolutely loves getting you know your kids I get these ran text messages from her with quotes of your children that have delighted her if she starts her day every day looking over the assignments and just being so delighted so if you're looking for a professional author somebody who can help your kids dive in and discover the joy of writing right for fun is great and then the Big Kahuna the final one I want to mention to you is the writer struggle online that class is drawn from my program the writers jungle it is the hand-holding you need to be ready to start the year on the best footing the writers jungle online is all about training you to be an effective writing coach to your kids so how does it work well you sign up one child and both of you are participating in the class you'll be interacting with the instructor and your child will be doing the writing and then you will type that writing into the classroom and you and the instructor together are going to look at that work and help it grow it is the single most powerful class we offer to help parents become effective writing coaches and allies to their children if you want to start this coming school year with a completely different perspective about writing if you want to go in and knowing that you can teach it if you want your children to experience writing as something they look forward to not something they dread the writers jungle online is the class to take and the summer is a fantastic time to do it we do with all our summer classes we do offer you flexibility we know that you go away for the weekend or you're having the entire extended family over for the fourth of July we know that and so the due dates are a little more fungible we make exceptions we want to work with you the only recommendation I make is this you do not be gone for a full week from one of our classes that does not work our classes are only three to six weeks in length if you're gone for an entire week you will miss something significant and find it hard to catch back up but we can definitely deal with the three four five day over a weekend kind of excursion and help you stay current with the class of course you're also free to do our classes from any location on the planet so for instance I have a friend his son took my classes every summer when they went to Greece because they were just hanging out with family and he was able to log on to the Internet we've had families in India do the same thing so you are free to take these classes no matter where you live and naturally excuse me if you live in Australia or New Zealand or south of the Equator schools in session for you so take advantage of these classes where the enrollments are easier to get in because we're not in the traditional Northern Hemisphere school year so that's what I have to offer you today we would love to have you join us on our summer program our fall classes are also open for enrollment and we are seeing quite a surge on fall so if you know what you want to take let's say you know you want to take the class that starts August 22nd for the fall please sign up early it will break my heart if you put it in your planner and then you come to me on August 15th and say wait what that class is full it happens every year and it breaks our hurts so if you know the class you want sign up so that it is secure and you can count on it it's why we opened registration early in June so that you aren't scrambling in August after things fill up okay we love having your kids and we thank you for trusting them to us and we hope that we can be your partner this year through our online class program have a great summer everyone and I hope we see you in one of our classes bye everybody

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