5 AWESOME Things that SHOCKED ME in Germany

I never thought that I would be excited about
traffic lights, but it turns out that in Germany I am. Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad Here are a few really awesome things that
when I first moved to Germany shocked me and caught me off guard. But it a good way! In Germany you get to drive around feeling
like you’re in a race car. No, not because there are sections of the
Autobahn with no speed limit. I mean, there are, but that’s not what I’m
talking about here. This is actually about the traffic lights. I never expected that traffic lights would
work differently in different countries, but they do! For stopping the traffic, they are the same
in Germany and the U.S. The light goes from green to yellow to red. But when signaling that you can then go in
the U.S., the traffic lights just go right from red straight to green. Whereas in Germany it’s like a race track
light. It goes red, yellow, green, go! While we’re talking about the road, I could
not even believe it when I saw that in Germany the taxis look super fancy. Most of the taxis that I’ve seen are these
beautiful cream colored Mercedes. And I would think that having a cream colored
car would be kind of bad because they’d get so dirty so easily, but somehow from what
I’ve seen the taxis here are often spotless and shiny! Actually, now that I think about it, from
what I’ve seen, most of the cars on the road here in Germany are spotless and shiny. That’s kind of like, just sort of a thing
that I’ve noticed here. People must clean their cars a lot. Before moving to Germany soft pretzels were
definitely something that I had had before, but not something that I ate all that often. Usually at a sporting event or the mall. But here in Germany they’re really common. At least in Munich I don’t think that I’ve
ever been to a bakery that didn’t sell pretzels, and some of the bakeries are just devoted
just to pretzels. Pretzels with butter, plain pretzels, pretzels
with sesame, pretzels with cheese. Ah, there’s so many options and they’re all
so delicious. The first time that Mr. German Man and I went
to the movies in Germany, he said to me something like: yeah, we’d better make sure to get
there early to get a good seat. Which, of course, made total sense to me. Until we got there and actually bought our
tickets and then Mr. German Man didn’t want to actually go into the movie theater right
away. We had gotten there early to get good seats! Which to me meant buying our tickets and then
going right away into the theater and picking out our seats and sitting down. Because in the U.S. that’s how I had always
experienced it. Movie theaters often had some kind of interesting
behind-the-scenes show running before the movie, so it was fun. It was a nice time. I always looked forward to it. But not as much fun as not actually having
to go inside early and sit down in your seat because, as I’ve always experienced it here
in Germany, when you buy your ticket, your seat is then printed on the ticket, just like
at a concert or a baseball game. So then, there has never been this pressure
or rush to get into the theater super early. I lived in several different apartments in
the U.S., and you know what they all came with? A kitchen. In fact, this point was not even a question. When apartment hunting, sure, I had to think
about: well, this apartment comes with a garbage disposal in the kitchen, and this one does
not come with a garbage disposal in the kitchen. This one has a bigger kitchen, this one has
smaller kitchen. But they all came with a kitchen! So when Mr. German Man and I started apartment
hunting together, and I found out that a lot of apartments in Germany don’t come with
a kitchen I was flabbergasted. I could barely even comprehend such a thing. I’m pretty sure that I joked with him, like:
well fine! If I have to put in a kitchen, then I’m
taking it with me when I leave. And he was like: yeah, that’s what people
do. They move their kitchen around from apartment
to apartment. Kind of just like a couch or a bed. But so, you might be wondering: well, why
would that be awesome? Because from what I’ve seen, people
in Germany don’t seem to move around as often as people in the U.S. do. Or at least as often as I did. So when you look at it from that perspective,
it’s really kind of cool. I mean, we’ve been living in our current
apartment here in Germany for several years now, and while at first I was definitely really
annoyed and stressed out about having to put a whole kitchen into the apartment – as though,
you know, I needed to add that cost and expense to the moving bill – but, now, I have to say,
I’m really grateful and appreciative to be able to live in an apartment with a kitchen
that I truly love. That being said, if we had only been planning
to stay in the apartment temporarily, then, yeah, having to invest in and put in a whole
kitchen wouldn’t be so awesome. So my question for you is: What kinds of experiences
do you have with these things and what do you prefer? Please let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching! I really hope that you enjoyed this video. And also, a really big thank you so much to
our patrons on Patreon who help make these videos possible. Thank you so much for your support. If you would like to check out our Patreon
page, you can find a link to that down in the description box below. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat. You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat! Did I say that? – Yes! Amazing. I left it, I left it, I let you talk. – I had no idea. You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat. Mmmmh, yummy, yummy, yummy! For stopping…the traffic…they are the
same. Here are a few really awesome things that
totally… Hey everyone! I’m Dana and…you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. Yay!

100 thoughts on “5 AWESOME Things that SHOCKED ME in Germany

  1. Good morning!!☀️🌸😃 Thanks for watching! What awesome things have shocked & surprised you in a new country or city?😳😄👍 P.S. I've seen some comments asking about apartments without kitchens. More details on that in this video: Moving in Germany SO STRESSFUL!!! https://youtu.be/KvCmJyt4dB4 I start talking about the subject right around 6:15 😊

  2. 3:45 In Switzerland it is common if you rent an appartment or house, the kitchen is included AND the washing machine and the tumbler. I only see these appliances as devices you usually buy by yourself in DE.

  3. Schöner Kanal. Du gibst Dir grosse Mühe. Ich würde mir wünschen, es würden sich viele Amerikaner anschauen, da wirklich noch sehr viele Klischees gegenüber uns Deutschen bestehen. Viele Menschen, in den USA, wissen nicht mal wo Deutschland liegt. Auch wenn für mich die amerikanische Politik der absolute Horror ist und Euere Waffengesetze, in meinen Augen, eine Einladung zum Mord sind, liebe ich das amerikanische Volk, die amerikanische Lebensart und das wunderschöne Land sehr gerne. Ich war schon 2x in den USA und wurde, ausser bei der Einreise, immer sehr gastfreundlich und zuvorkommend behandelt. Ob von den Menschen oder auch von Behörden und der Polizei. Selbst in den pulsierenden Großstädten, haben die amerikanischen Menschen immer viel Zeit, Geduld und Freundlichkeit aufgebracht wenn man Hilfe brauchte.

  4. No kitchhen well that is something new cause every appartment I lived had a kitchen

  5. For me it is the other way around as I love the American especially the New Yorker cabs! They look so beautiful und fancy😍😍🚖

  6. In the US you have to wait 5-10 seconds AFTER the light turns green for the cross traffic to stop running the red lights…yellow to warn of green would be useless.

  7. I am a native german and I am always open to move to different apartments citys or even countrys to get new experiences and explore the world but a lot of the people that i know are very uncomfortable with even moving to another city, so theres a lot germans wo lived the most of their life in the same place and its really hard to even moving to the next big city with a friend even if we both study their and it would be a lot less stressfull, more practical and even more fun.

  8. I usually book my seat online on the homepage of the cinema and I can choose by myself where I would like to sit. Idk if it's like that in every German cinema.

  9. Munich, Bayern. Is NOT Germany. Technichally yes ,but not really. It's like saying Alabama is America. Bavaria is a distinct part of modern Germany that only joined about 160 years ago. The same as the Confederate states in the U.S.. The big difference being that each part (not state) but each region of Germany had it's own culture ,own language often,and unlike the U.S. those exsisted for centuries before being united. Bavaria being the last and also the least "german" of the states. Don't say Germany when you don't know Germany. that's like me going to Texas and saying, " This is what all of America is like!"

  10. Pretzels are just regional food, in north germany we don't eat that so much, like in bavaria…don't generalize that for the whole country

  11. in America they have large kitchens I ask for what you are eating at McDonald's…………..they just made boasting to their neighbors.

  12. Taxis in Germany – Always take the first car in the line. The first taxi is waiting longer than the others.

  13. Brezeln or Pretzels are kind og regional though 😉 in the north, we don't have them in such quantities in the bakery

  14. In general, kitchens and bathrooms in Asia are the worst — just slots, about a person wide, wedged in between other parts of the house. Very must like the ones you often find in cheap, small ranch houses in America.

    That said, I wasn’t particularly impressed with German kitchens. They seem to be afterthoughts and it’s so hugely annoying the Germany just closes vis-a-vis shopping shortly after work.

    Work all day at the Hannover Exhibition Center take a train back to my flat and there isn’t shite to eat because I didn’t have time to shop. Yes, you can shop in a department store’s basement supermarkt (gawd’s deli), but lord the prices!


    Love the show, cheers!

  15. Is that all you can say about Germany?? Traffic lights, yellow Taxis; Bretzels and so on. American tourists are often very superficial and also short minded. Sorry to say this. Uselss to travel that way: better stay at home in your American kitchen.

  16. That's just me, but I'm not sure why the lady talks so exaggeratedly loud and in the highest tones.

  17. The traffic lights and Cinema tickets in the uk are the same as Germany!

  18. hat die ersthaft "Prezel" geschrieben, ich hoffe mal das ist die englischr Übersetzung

  19. she would last about five minutes before I‘d stuff her mouth with a sock 😳

  20. “Omg the taxis are so shiny and spotless!!!”
    Yeah well there is something and it’s called car wash 🤔🤔🤔

  21. Taxis are demanded to be shiny/clean and in perfect technical condition by public authority. As cabs are the first thing tourists see at the airport (or larger train stations), they are seen as some kind of lighthouse representing Germany in this very moment. So they are checked rather often by public authority. I have seen taxis in the queue at Frankfurt Airport being sent away by an officer, because they weren’t clean enough. If that happens multiple times, the taxi company loses its business license.

  22. I'm german and I like the word „flabbergasted" really much. I don't know, its funny.😂😂😂😂

  23. Daß die Ampeln Rot + Gelb anzeigen hat durchaus seinen Sinn.
    Ortsfremde wissen nicht, wann es grün wird.
    Rot + Gelb heißt: Achtung – schon mal den Gang einlegen – gleich geht’s los.
    So werden unnötige Verzögerungen vermieden.

  24. Traffic lights red and yellow are helpful.
    Foreigners don’t know when it’s going on.
    Red and yellow says: Use the right gear – in the next moment it’s going on.
    So an unnecessary delay can be avoided.

  25. I think the Germans have a personal connection to their washing machine and to their car or to their fridge or to their kitchen furniture. We do not say-this is the kitchen. We say – this is my kitchen. That is the difference;-)

  26. The reason why the traffic lights in Germany work this way is simply explained. It used to be from green to yellow to red and then back from red to yellow and then to green. If you saw a yellow light you did not know what was next. In around 1970 It was therefore changed to red plus yellow before green.

  27. Hi, nice to hear your comments about Germany, but Munich is Bavaria not typical Germany

  28. Pretzels, wow they're everywhere in Germany… Duh, guess where they come from. Go on try it, guess… No, not the USA… Jesus!

  29. please those who write traditional Chinese help me confirm the subtitles i have just typed in Thank you very much!!:)
    請懂繁體中文的人幫我核准字幕 謝謝:)

  30. ich war noch nie in nem kino wo man freie Platzwahl hatte wenn man rein kommt?

  31. Ampeln bei uns sind so schlimm manche sind ewig grün und manche ewig rot
    Unsere wunderschönen Taxis ja ja
    Wir kümmern uns um unsere Autos
    Brezeln gehören einfach dazu genau wie Laugenstangen
    Plätze werden verteilt ist überall so
    Küchen nimmt man immer selbst mit meistens beim umziehen

  32. The cinema thing is not surprising because there are many shows a day of the same movie in the same cinema. You only buy the seats for your show early. Cannot believe American cinemas are that unefficient.

  33. Also wir haben hier teilweise schon auch Wohnungen mit einer Küche drin;)

  34. Idiotic americans are slowly discovering that america is not by far the greatest country as they are brainwashed.

  35. Isn't it strange that in many states of the United States many people take all their cables with them as they move out?

  36. Born in germany in stuttgart back in 1982 (german mum, english dad), live in New Zealand on waiheke island since 2011 (west auckland from 1992 to 2011), love german tilt/turn windows and rolladen (i know the roullade as well – yum!), would love plans to build my own windows and hardware, can you get photos? have rough mental images from memories but nothing clear though

  37. Es is irgendwie lustig! Alles was in dem Video aufgezählt wurde ist für mich Alltag! Zum Beispiel das mit den Brezeln , für uns Deutsche ist es ganz normal das es z.B. Käsebrezeln oder Brezeln mit Sesam … in den Bäckereien gibt.

  38. I find that cinema ticket thing where you can't choose where you sit quite awfull xD

  39. Wenn Taxis zu dreckig etc sind können die teils ihre Standplätze verlieren. Manche zentralen sind da richtig streng

  40. There are so many bakerys selling Pretzels in Munich because it's special for bavaria

  41. Wtf…now there are some truths in this video, but seriously, please don't take this as face value! Or worse: some of the comments!

    Ludicrous over all

  42. The traffic lights are like that, because in Europe most cars have manual transmissiosn. The yellow light indicates when you have to put your car into 1st gear.

  43. Watch carefully cus the lights go green-yellow-red and than red-red+yellow-green. So you have at least 4 states green, yellow, red and red+yellow

  44. So fridg, microwave, stove & kitchen table i get. What else did you have to buy for the kitchen?

  45. Also Brezeln gibt es bei uns nur zur Oktoberzeit den Rest des Jahres hat der Westen nur normales Gebäck

  46. haha, yeah. here in southern germany, cleaning you car is a popular pastime….really…

  47. What exactly do you mean when you say an apartment doesn't come with a kitchen? Are you saying you have to buy a fridge, stove, and dish washer if you want one, or it's just a giant empty room and you have to have sink and counters and shit all put in? Either way sounds terrible, and it would make moving way more expensive and a hassle. If you plan on staying somewhere for a long time anyway, and you have to put in a kitchen, it would make more sense to buy rather than rent. Anyway, just wondering to what extent you're saying it doesn't come with a kitchen.

  48. Die amis sind geschockt von unserer Ampeln oder Taxis und wir sind geschockt über ihre Fettleibigkeit und das jeder Depp ne Waffe haben darf aber ja wir sind echt komisch

  49. Did you ever see a traffic light in Austria? They are much more special than the German ones, because when they shows green and are going to turn to red, they first flashes the green light several times, and then – after the green light flashed a few times – they show the orange light and then they show the red light.

  50. You're often wrong. That's because you think you live in Germany: You are only in Bavaria 🙂

  51. Germany is much more ahead of the U.S. I remember skinny jeans in 89 and I said that would never be popular in the U.S.

  52. Bielefeld? That doesnt exist, your clock must be wrong! (We germans have this running gag where we say that Bielefeld doesnt exist, even our chancelor made jokes about it on live TV)

  53. Pretzels?Brezen,liebe Frau Neumann😎Don't make the effort to correct me,i know it.

  54. If you're shocked by such tame things in life perhaps stay home? There is nothing shocking in Germany just 80 million hard working very sociable humans that enjoy massive beer events.

  55. Australia is the only country in the world that has more vintage cars on the road than in museums. It's quite normal to see a 30 year old bomb screaming around the streets with Police trying to catch the motorists.

  56. The traffic lights go from red to yellow to green in the UK too

  57. for me as a German it is still indescribably annoying that most apartments have no kitchen. I have lived a lot abroad, now in Thailand, and all the villas and apartments are equipped with kitchens. Whenever I was looking for a flat in Germany, I had to buy a kitchen – terrible

  58. Using some other people's kitchen furniture in a rented appartment is somewhat disgusting. This os why we bring our own kitchen.

  59. Germany all transportation are on time
    Another word punctual . Since I left from Germany
    I did regret. Main reason I left from Germany language issues.

  60. The reason why Germans move with their kitchen is, they are expensive and that their property. I moved in a house, this is years ago, with a installed kitchen. It was ugly. This thing was rubish and dirty, just disgusting. If I moving in future, I will take my loved kitchen with me :o) Greeting from North Rhine Westpfalia

  61. As an East-German born…I have come to respect Germany…and that from far away…from the distance! I am delighted to see and learn how people see Germans. Inside as well as outside Germany! Thing is…what we see in others, is very often in ourselves! Once we feel connected to ourselves…it would hardly bother us whether someone appears rude or not…silent or not…it simply would not matter! Berliners are known for coming across as brisk that I was often taken aback myself…die bekannte sogenannte Berliner Schnauze! Once we know ourselves, we also know we can have our 'rude' moments…best to have some Empathy…some Compassion for those who need it the most…Knowing that we all can behave shitty at times when we got up with the wrong foot in the mornings. 🙂

  62. In Germany, we keep everything spotless lol. I was born in Deutschland and have a long heritage of German ancestors.

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