5 Creepy Japanese Death Poems

So I’ve been studying some Japanese Death
poems as I finish up my short film, Dreadful Misfortune. I’ll talk more about that in the coming
months. But with National Poetry Day coming up, I’m
doing this collab with Don’t Turn Around, where we’ll be reading you some horror poetry. I thought it would be fun to practice writing
some Japanese Death Poems and put a CZsWorld twist on it, so I’m gonna base each of these
poems on some of my favorite horror anime, and whoever can guess what they’re from
will win some kind of shoutout or something. And stick around to the end where I’ll narrate
the Japanese Death Poem from my upcoming film, Dreadful Misfortune. Ichi
I opposed the move. Gazing on empty caskets. He inquired aloud. Aren’t you afraid of dying? I’ve been dead for some time now. Ni Monsters roam this world. But justice will come swiftly,
as with all monsters. I know this monster because,
in truth, I am that monster. San The ninth grade, class three. Would be the last grade, for me. As with those before. A curse to grea t to ignore. Ignore her, to live one more. Shi Twelve contestants play. A twisted and fatal game. When even peers lock. Even friendship goes to shame. She only has her, to blame. Go The coffee’s a bit strong. And this date’s gone on too long. City lights so dim. Walk me home, they look so grim. Leaving half of me with him. Bonasu The ink of this scribe,
is only seen in the eyes, of shinigami,
who possess glowing white eyes. Dreadful misfortune, runs dry. The voice you heard in this video was Don’t
Turn Around. Click the link right here to listen to the
epic horror poem that I helped narrate on their channel. Remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for new
horrors every week, ring that deathbell for notifications and I’ll see you in the next
one. Assuming, we both survive.

36 thoughts on “5 Creepy Japanese Death Poems

  1. I'm not quite sure out of the animes but, I got vibes of Deathnote, Another, future diary, tokyo ghoul, and just a tad bit of Full metal brotherhood but I could be wrong but thats okay

  2. 1. Shiki 2.death note
    3. Another 4. Mirai nikki
    5. Tokyo ghoul
    Edit remived question mark from Shiki after thinking some more.
    If im right have great anime choice.

  3. Dreadful Misfortune is finally coming? The first film I 2nd 2nd AD, 2nd AD, and 1st AD'd on?

  4. Say thank you to don't turn around I saw his new video I subscribed keep up the good work

  5. Got this my boy
    2)Death Note(Netflix version obviously)
    3)idk, assasination classroom?
    4) Future Diaries(soooo good)

  6. CZ a war is coming. Your channel will come under my control and every other channel. BE PREPARED WEAKLING FOR THE GREAT TUBE WAR IS COMING.

  7. New subscriber here from the "Claire Meets Her Nightmare" video you did with Don't Turn Around! Love what I've seen on your channel and looking forward to new content!

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