5 Habits That INSTANTLY Make You UGLIER – How to Not Be Ugly (Proven Tricks)

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. And today we’re going to show you how to
not be ugly. We know, you’ve heard it all before: dress
nice, exercise regularly, smile abundantly, develop healthy routines and healthy habits. And all the common sage-like guidance is really
good advice, but we’re Mantelligence. That means we’re going to dig a little deeper
in today’s video. Right K? Ya gosh darn right, Beardy. Now fellas, lemme ask you a quick question. Have you ever been with a girl and things
seem to be going okay, you think you’re doing everything right, when all of a sudden
something changes in her demeanor and you get the sense you did something terribly wrong? Maybe she gives you a lame excuse and leaves,
or maybe it’s more subtle, something in her body language that you can’t quite put
your finger on… Either way, you’re left alone and ghosted,
wondering what the heck just happened. Well, chances are you made one of these critical
mistakes and displayed one or more of the most common habits that instantly make you uglier. 5. Us And Them When we talk about learning how to not be ugly, we’re talking about so much more than
how to pose for the perfect selfie. See, if you want to know how to get your crush
to like you, you have to know what she’s looking for. And one of the first things she’ll notice
when deciding whether or not to date you… Is how you talk about other people. That’s because your communication style
– what you talk about and the words you use – is a reflection of how you view and interact
with your world, And if everything you say about other people
is negative or judgemental, At best she’ll think you’re a major buzz
kill, and at worst she’ll think you’re an arrogant jerk. Here’s the point: being a hater is one of
the biggest reasons girls think you are unattractive, and it’s the fastest way to turn off any girl. It’s a sure sign of a lack of confidence
and mental fortitude, and women want to be around guys who bring positive energy. Hashtag “good vibes only.” So before heading out on that date, make sure
to polish not just your shoes but your attitude and communication style, too. 4. Only Speak the Truth Fellas, wanna know how to be more confident? The first and most important steps are to
stop doubting yourself and to stop practicing self-defeating behavior. And the worst, most self-defeating behavior
that no woman will find attractive is lying. Besides the obvious trust issue that lying
creates, lying literally implies that you have something to hide, even if you don’t. And super confident guys who are comfortable
with themselves don’t feel the need to hide who they really are. I’m not just talking about big, bold evil
villain lies. I’m talking about all the little white lies
guys sometimes share when they’re trying to impress someone. Little white lies about how often you go to
the gym, when you know you haven’t been in months,
or that you used to be the Manager at Gamestop, when you know you were just the Assistant
Manager, or that time you saw a giant bear just ten
feet from your tent, when the bear was actually a cute little cub, and it was 100 yards away. Yes, these are harmless, little, white lies,
but committing yourself to speak the truth forces you into a self-confident mindset,
and the more you practice it, the more confident you become. Every time you speak the truth, it’s like
you’re making small, incremental deposits into your self-worth, and those deposits will
add up over the lifetime of a relationship and pay HUGE dividends. And to be clear, no one is saying be a goodie
two-shoes nice guy. In fact, don’t be the nice guy. Click the link to this vid to find out how. 3. It’s The Little Things Gents, there’s some obvious and common knowledge we need to discuss because too many guys are
continually coming up short in this all-too-important area. Grooming regularly is essential. And yes, you’ve heard it a hundred times
before. But ya wanna know the grooming trick to make
any girl fall in love? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.. Sure, you need to shower, shave or trim, wear
deodorant, take care of your skin, and brush your teeth. Duh, everybody knows that. But what you can’t forget to address is
the little details that are guaranteed to gross out any woman if left neglected. We’re talking about the nitty gritty like
acne, toenails, nose hair, ear hair, dry skin, random insanely long body hairs, and yep … you
guessed it … your manscaping routine. Because let’s be frank, you have a perfectly
valiant but formidable goal of taking your clothes off one day, hopefully, in the presence
of a woman. And when that moment comes, and the shoes
and socks and shirts start haplessly flying about in a fit of romance,
The absolute last thing a woman wants to see is a gnarly shovel of a toenail, or a fuzzy
moss patch where a shoulder should be. Make sense? So make sure to set yourself up for 100% success
by regularly grooming 100% of your body. Practicing thorough grooming habits is one
of the habits women love. But let’s say you’re not sure where to
start your grooming routine… Just start from the top … like literally. I’m talking about your scruffy, neglected
face. Why start here? Your face is by far the most noticeable part
of you. So, you get the most bang for your buck. So shave, brush your teeth, and get a skin
care system designed to make you look awesome. Which skin care system do we recommend? Today’s video sponsor, Tiege Hanley. Tiege Hanley offers 5 different scientifically
formulated systems to choose from, And each product in their systems are made
with high quality ingredients that will help you obtain and maintain ridiculously clear
skin. And better yet, their systems are super easy
to incorporate into your daily routine, since they come with an instruction card that tells
you when to use each product, how much to use, and in what order. So remember: It’s the little things you
take care of that have the power to truly attract women. And Tiege Hanley’s skin care system is exactly
the type of detail-oriented tool you can use to make yourself a little less ugly. If you don’t know which system to choose,
we recommend starting with Tiege Hanley’s Level 1 skin care system. It gives you all of the basics, a face wash,
an exfoliating scrub and AM and PM moisturizers. All of this for only $25, but since you are
part of the Mantelligence family, they are offering you an exclusive discount to try
their already super affordable system at an amazing price! Click the link in the description to get the
awesome discount! Hey guys, real quick, if you could stop trimming
your nose hair for just a second. Just need to remind you that at the end of
this video, I’m going to share one of the most disgusting habits that instantly make
you uglier. So hang in ‘til the end to master the art
of how to not be ugly and let’s get back to the last 2 items on our list. 2. Down In The Valley Back to the topic of grooming, we have to pay some special attention to – and briefly
tiptoe through – some sensitive subject matter. And yes, I’m talking about your manscaping
habits. Don’t have a manscaping routine to speak
of? Well, that’s a problem you need to address
immediately. Even if you’re the long-hair-don’t-care
Jason Momoa type, the let-the-drapes-match-the-curtains attitude is one of the fastest ways to turn
off any woman. While there may be those women out there with
enormous hearts who are willing and able to love even the mangiest of beasts,
Most women would much rather have a well-groomed and well-behaved stallion
Over a shaggy and unruly ass … if ya catch my drift. Ya know what I mean? Ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? So if you don’t already, start including
this unmentionable weed patch in your grooming maintenance routine PRONTO. Because in this case, out of sight should
not mean out of mind. 1. Always Have a Minty Fresh Plan Ever heard someone say that something left a bad taste in their mouth? Well, it’s a figure of speech, of course. But I’m being a little more literal with
this one. So… Ever wonder what is the most unattractive
things guys do? I think you know where I’m heading with
this… Yep, it’s to literally leave a bad taste
in her mouth. Imagine this scenario:
You put in all the hard work. You dress nice, you smell nice, you dazzle
her with your tantalizing conversation and make her giggle with your clever quips. And then at the end of the night, you lean
in for a little smoocheroo and … Ah! You repulse her and send a shock to her gag
reflexes with your dragon breath. And that’s the last impression you leave
her with at the end of the night. All that hard work you did up until that point
quickly fades away. The last impression is the lasting impression,
as the saying goes. So what’s the solution? It’s really simple. Make sure you end the night on a high note
and always be prepared. It’s the 21st century, and there are literally
hundreds of on-the-go mouthcare solutions – mints, gums, pocket-sized mouthwash. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just
as long as you have a plan. The Absolute Worst Habit that Instantly Makes
You Uglier Hey K, what’s your worst dating nightmare? Is it being with a guy that looks a little
sloppy or lacks total self confidence? Beardy, it’s so thoughtful of you to ask. Wanna know the truth? Ummmm … yeah, K. That’s sorta why I asked you. Okay, stop being sassy and listen. My worst dating nightmare was being stuck
on a date with a guy who was totally boring. Well… Was he at least super hot? I mean, he was cute, but it was like having
a hot guy poster on my wall. He was nice to look at but, at the end of
the day, I was just talking to a wall. So fellas… The #1 habit that instantly makes you uglier,
is being completely and utterly boooooooor-ing. And unfortunately, these days, it’s getting
harder and harder for us girls to find a fun, lively guy who actually has something interesting
to say other than, “You have the most beautiful eyes, babe.” But I get it… There’s so much pressure on you guys to
be super career driven and financially successful that you allow yourselves to get buried in
the daily grind and you forget to take time to live your life. I do it. | And so do I. And here at Mantelligence, we totally get
it. Even we have to occasionally stop and remind
ourselves to unplug and go live a little. This is actually the 5th time we’ve used
this Mantelligence guideline and told you to “turn off your computer, and go make
some memories”. So I guess that’s our cue to get out of
here and do something fun… At the very least, it might give us an interesting
story to tell. Those are the 5 habits that instantly make
you uglier and the single most important piece of advice to remember if you’re at all interested
in how to not be ugly. And don’t forget to check out Tiege Hanley’s
skin care systems using our exclusive discount link in the description. Thanks for watching!

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