5 Major French Writers Missing in Guide Books (UGC NET English)

hi people welcome to my channel and I was just looking for the list of very important French writers and now here I am with five important French writer that you must study if you're preparing for UGC net English literature okay so let's dive into the topic the first very important French writer that you must study is Gustave Flaubert now Flaubert has written this wonderful in the populist were called Madame Bovary Shahrukh Khan has made a boobie on that leg he has acted in the movie and the movie's name is Maya memsaab so if you are in SRK pan then go ahead watch that movie if not then you can go and look at the summary of Madame Bovary because it has been asked in it several times there was this question in that exam where they are that on what pretends does M of the central character goes to meet her lover Leon and the answer was that he used to but she used to tell her husband that you know I'm going to for some piano lessons while she used to go and meet me okay so you need to remember these things also the same thing is written this very important historic novel called Salaam bow which is based on the you know born between Rome and Carthage so really if you are reading we stop now but remember these two things the next important writer that we are going to touch his honor double jab double jab is closely associated to realism now Belgium may have played maybe novels there with me to female characters and okay I said too picky on it they are in their thirties and forties and they are very passionate about love their very elegantly and gracefully dressed just give us a say you know literally history made down for you ah which is called women of the exact age so wherever you find any female character in their 40s oh and who are very passionate about Navin you know very elegantly and gracefully dress then you can say that they are similar to the women of those acts AIDS okay also if you are looking at Berga remember the two important works the first is father gory it now other laureate is closely associated to a William Shakespeare came here the plot is more or less same second important work is you win comedy now human comedy you can find the link and you can see how it is related to that is Divine Comedy okay it's as if he's our intern in the novel's okay so that is also important you might not read a human comedy in detail but at least you should know that you've incompletely is a work written by already builds up the third important writer is Albert Camus now in what Camus give me a sip HG sub-saharan in the market I eighty he is a person very well-known port theater of observed now he's written these CDs of place which is about absurdity which is about futility of flight meaninglessness he also gave this term myth of sisyphus you'll love this concept if you read more about it on Google it's about this man who is rolling a ball at the top of the mountain the ball falls down again he rolls the ball again and the ball falls down Danny Heep doing that and he finds himself happy so I last night and shared this field of code on my Facebook page that you know you must imagine Sisyphus happy and that is what el bote karma has to say okay three most important works by birth taboo is stranger plague and magic skin now these three important works are very much associated with 300 of observed in the play called magic skin is talked about this man was this magic skin which can put will always desire so it's a very mental game you must create it will you find it really amazing and interesting he's also written this work called exile and Kingdom it's a very lesser-known work but then there are chances that you know UGC net people can ask this question with their exam so you must remember that Albert Camus has written exile in Kingdom now let's move on to the fourth important writer now this fourth important writer is very close to my heart and he is mi rizona now my Zola is very closely associated to naturalism just like well Jack is associated to realism and taboo is associated to theater of observed similarly a my new Liza naturalism he was also well known for this diverse affair in which he acted as a defender of truth and justice basically this rightness affair was about a military officer who was falsely accused and am I so loving of social you know activists and of defender of truth and justice he wrote this J of Q's article in the newspaper which helped that man to get out of the jail okay so he was very well known for that that social work that either also at the same time in mine is Ola is known for his work Jonathan questions have been asked in that exam about this work German who has written it so you must remember it's mi Zola you don't need to get into the depth observe germinal but if he's remember the title that will help you v on the last French writer that we are going to touch it is you being in s Co okay so if you get in a spooky room battery he also is associated with theater hipster just like it would come with we've written these three important place one is imagine how to get rid of it is the subtitle of amended it was asked in the November 2017 exam also he has written the word rhinoceros which is also widely known so you must go and read the summary of rhinoceros at the same time is written just play Macbeth okay so you can see how it is related to make bet okay so Macbeth and Macbeth you must remember are closely linked and this was written by Eugene endoscope so I have just given you some important French writers and works that you should study for UGC net exam if you want to know the details somebody if you want to know what are important points you must study under these writers that you can go and join my online class the details of the same is available in the description box below so you can just have a look also if you have any questions any queries you want me to make any new videos on any important topics then we will pre to write that in the comment section below go to my website check the list of all important writers you must cover crawl UGC net exam like my face Paige we are running this Cornette quiz which is going to help you G seen it as students to know what kind of questions are being asked in that exam you can also drop a message on the whatsapp number so that we can argue in the broadcast list and we can keep you updated with a new video that we are making so till the time we meet next bye bye CR and keep loving literature happy learning

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  3. Thankyou so much ma'am. Also, could you please help us out with german literature!

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