5 Mesmerizing Metaphysical Poetry asked in every UGC NET English Exam

– tomorrow welcome to my channel in today's video lecture I am going to talk about some great lesser-known metaphysical poets and some really lesson of metaphysical poetry but before we look at such poems let me first tell you a bit about metaphysical poetry and what it is all about metaphysical poet's really is the term which was coined by Samuel Johnson in his most remarkable work which is called lives of eminent English poets yes guys when Jonathan and other metaphysical poets would writing they were not aware of the concept of metaphysical poetry they they were just writing a body you what came from within but after 100 years when Samuel Johnson looked at the works of such writers he was able to club death together seeing the common characteristics that they possessed and that is when he turns the coin for Tom metaphysical poets and composed a list of metaphysical poets who were writing according to the set characteristics that he had in his mind now you look at this word metaphysical you will know that metaphysical world has self explanation if you divide this word into two chunks you see may not meet beyond or above whereas physical as the physical world now anything which is beyond physical world is the thematic concern of metaphysical poets for example all these metaphysical poets talk about the concept of God talked about the abstract concept of love so they were trying to address and answer questions which cannot be explained by science so anything which cannot be explained by science which cannot be point before it which cannot be measured is the thematic concern of metaphysical poetry one very important thing that you must is that the reason why we only love reading the works of Jordan and other metaphysical poets is that they use several excellent literary devices for example they use paradox funds they use conceives a lot in the entity work now conceived are some amazing comparisons that you draw between two actually different set of things for example there's oi'm by John Donne which says that lovers are compared to two legs or compass so two lovers who are separated due to several reasons are compared to two lengths of compass who are separated but still they are joined on the top this was how they used to compare totally you know different set of things together and that is what the cell to be the core reason why we will love metaphysical poet's the main themes are metaphysical poet's used our religion that they also talked about love they talked about the theme of carpe diem carpe diem means live each and every movement to the fullest if you have ever read newspaper articles on this controversial issue of you know in Giotto right today in 21st century there is this prominent question which is popping up in the head of all youngsters like whether we should live our life according to the yoga principle or yoga principle now you know principle says you only live once whereas you know since you only die once to simplify it I would like to tell you that you know your new principal is life you need to make the best of each and every movement don't think about saying don't think about right and wrong just let the movement take place you'll just get into the wheel of pleasure seeking word whereas on the other hand we have Yodo principle which walks along the logic of Buddhism I would say it that this entire world is a mile jaunt this entire world is an illusion and you need to make your way towards salvation by renouncing in by leaving all the materialistic pleasures and not devoting your energy in time into that so these are two contradictory philosophy that you will find in 21st century during that type and Jonathan has other metaphysical poet's for writing they used to write about yolo principle to which they give the talking carpe diem carpe diem means that you need to live this life to the fullest each and every movement you need to rejoice and you need to make the best use of it so that was the core principle of metaphysical poetry now let's look at some really really important whether physical poets and poetry which you must remember if you are prepared UTC let English so the first work that we are going to talk about is devotions upon emergent occasions now almost all of us are aware of jour non-scalar spoil tree likely sun rising valediction fall within morning back to my heart but how he asked actually no that is within the stainless pros world which is called devotions upon emergent occasions and if you're wondering why haven't you read this work anywhere then i must tell you that though you have not read this work but i am pretty sure that you must have read this table i mean by jordan which say is that no man is an island every man is part of continent and this rhyme is being taken from devotions upon emergent occasions as far as I know you must remember the saying that though we are looking at poetry of great writers it is also important that we give our attention to the prose works also on this Hemingway's famous normal for who the men toils take the title from this devotion upon emergent occasions and this work is a collection of 23 rose pieces which were called meditations and they were dedicated to Charles the first who is the son of James the first so you know that there are several things which make this work important and that is why it's important for you at remember that devotions upon emergent occasions is a world written by Jordan now let's talk about the next writer and he is a brother of a brown county when he was young he read Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene twice before he even went to school so you can imagine how well read this person might have be without it is a techniques with he was able to read and understand Edmund Spenser's Faerie we they can be people up even after completing our graduation and post-graduation struggle with such great literary works and this child was able to understand Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene even without going to school what is important about the Brown College is that he you wrote the energy on the death of Richard crash off and also he contributed to the tradition of indirect codes he's the person who wrote fanatic words in English for the first time later we find several other writers who started writing vintari codes we have merged with an other great writers who wrote in that tradition but for the first time it was a brother Khalid who initiated this thing and who started writing Pindari codes in English if you are wondering what the Potala codes let me tell you that they're simply holes which was written according to the literary tradition of the classical poet Pindar okay so pins are is a great classical poet who wrote words which are called Punjabi codes and people central writers who came after it is dead used to imitate the same literary fashion that he used to write in and that is called indirect words the next phrase is like we are going to talk about in this video lecture in Andrew Marvell I am pretty sure that you all must know him because you must have come across as really famous poem which is called to his coy mistress what is important to remember about this poem is that there are writers I and Finch an ad home who has written oils from the point to feel the beloved like Angela will towards the coil from the point of view of the speakers the male speaker whereas three years 300 years later we have writers that I am Finn Johnny yo who have written for you from the point of view beloved so they are addressing the poem to the speaker the original speaker of this poem and we find that you know they were quite influenced by the work of a novel and it is quite reflected in their other works as well if you have not check the list of Great Australian writers which you must study in order to prepare for UGC net English then it's high time that you should go to where their child advocate are calm under the section online course content you will find the list of all important writers that you must cover if you are preparing the UGC net English so coming back to my discussion on Angie mommy what you must remember about this fellow is that hear it in a world which is what I call a printed house upon African house is the world which is talking about the estate which belong to Lord Fairfax now just let me administers these days during that time we had dogs so this chart and you Murphy he was working and be tutored for the Lord Fairfax daughters so by he was teaching hood he was observing the great house where she lived and that some men inspired him to write a poem on that house in order to talk about the great architecture the soberness that it had in north or moon or the mental nature so that is what this coil is all about and it was written by a dreamer who what other important thing that you must keep in mind whenever you're starting a dreamer will is that he wrote a commentary poem which was published with the second edition of Milton's Paradise Lost the name of the poem was all mr. Milton's Paradise Lost so it's a comedy voyage with I asked who the second edition of Paradise Lost so that poem was written by I to Marvel and that is quite a fete we must remember this thing with this Paradise Lost is one of the most celebrated with rework and any important reference which is attached to such a great work must be remembered the next writer that we are going to talk about is George Herbert George Herbert champion the use of concrete poetry or patent poetry now if you're wondering what battle voice your concrete poetry is all about let me tell you that concrete poetry or Apple poetry use topographic space topographic space means that when you place the sentences or words in a poem in such a way that they form a visual image on the paper that is when we call that piece or topographic space piece or we call it a concrete poetry now if you look at the works of George Robert specially for use like altered and mr. Bean's you will see that the lines in the poetry are a set builder arranged in such a manner that the fourth image on the paper in case of altered and these stories we find that the image of older and things are presented on the paper and that is how the visual appeal is added to the political sense so this kind of poetry was earlier used by Jewish people when he used to write early pattern poems which they call sympathy little it was adopted by George Herbert and thus knowing this it is very important because he was the first person to use pattern poetry in English literature so that's it for this video lecture we'll be meeting soon in the next video lecture but before you go I would like to make a very nice announcement we are starting a very very important video lecture series from tomorrow as I know that you know my students are preparing for the same Burnette exam but since there are students who are giving July's that is not as well so on their request I'm starting over unit two series which I will be running for the next one month on every Sunday and I will be providing you some important tips and tricks which you must remember if you're preparing for July's that examine how to approach the exam how to solvency use how to maintain your composure during exam time so all these issues will be addressed from tomorrow or the every Sunday so if you have not subscribed to my channel then do it now so that you'll notify every time I post a video if you have not followed me on the social media platform you can find the links in the description box and you can go to my facebook Instagram page in life in those pages so that every time I put up a question of gonna quiz you are notified if you have not visited my website then it's eyebrow and you should go ahead and do so because I'm pretty sure that once you go through the list of writers that have displayed on my website you will definitely get a reality check and you'll be able to access your own preparation you can very well understand that how much you have prepared and what all topics you need to work on so with that note I end my video lecture thank you so much Kela people to enjoy and stay tuned

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