5 Noteworthy Indian Poets you haven't studied yet (UGC NET English)

where the mind is without fear and the head is held high hi friends I was just reading a line by Robin attagirl no matter how much British poetry American poetry read but still when it comes to Indian literature we feel a bit different because we are now going to talk about our country so in this video lecture I shall be talking about few really famous Indian poets and few important Indian poetry is which you should not skip if you are preparing for UDC net English there are a lot of Indian writers which I would not be able to complete in this video so you can go to my website RP de carava calm and under the section of online course content you will get a list of Indian writers which is the module 5 of my online audio course you can get the list of writers and start preparing all those writers if you will be sitting for the next UGC net exam the first writer that we are going to talk about is Toru duct Toru that lived in England for a long period of time though she was born in India she was an Indian but then she went to England and she lived there for a considerable amount of time she died at a very young age but still she was able to create a mark in the pages of history we find that she was quite attached to her country so much so that she started learning Sanskrit when she was in England and there she translated ramayana mahabharata and other indian epics together all these translations were published in a volume called ballads and legends of Hindustan and Edmund Goose wrote an introduction of this particular collection this is a very important information related to the life of Theru that apart from it you will be shocked to know that thorugh that father was also very low nerd man and he was a great admirer of words work and that is the reason why you will find were taught in a lot of toru bad poetry one of the most famous poem written by thorugh that is kazarina tree and this was asked in November 2017 that kazarina tree is a poem by and the correct answer is Toru that so we find that casually not tree under a lot of references of Wordsworth can be seen can be traced and not only Wordsworth reference but you will see that it is quite similar to the way Wordsworth used to write so allusions from the poems of Wordsworth are taken in account when kazarina tree was written by thorugh that the next writer that I'm going to talk about is a Kay Ramanujan a kdrama Newton is a man who not only knew Hindi English but he also knew thummell and Colonel so like he was well versed in all these four languages and he was quite influenced by Shelley and WB Yeats so WB Yeats and Shelley's poetry had a lot of influence in the works of ek Rama Newton apart from this what is interesting to know when it comes to a K Ramanujan is that he was quite influenced by the Tamil Sangam tradition there's a beautiful tradition followed by Tamilians which is called algum and peru agar means inner and pura means outer so inner world and outer world don't know Cassie amalgamate what they hear and how they influence each other is what is denoted in the Sangam tradition Sangha means when two things come together in dissolves into one another so he was quite influenced by some tradition apart from that one interesting thing that I would like you to note is that he has written a fabulous essay called is there an Indian way of thinking it's a beautiful essay in which he has talked about how Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy Indian ideas and the ideas from the West both of them has influenced his childhood and he has talked about his childhood experiences when he saw that his father was well versed in English he was such a literate man he was a scholar but still he used to wear turban and so he's saying that you know though we educate we receive formal education and we grow up in an western environment still if we are Indian by heart will become a very very influential personality so he's saying that his discipline on education has given his outer form his outer appearance is influenced by his foreign education whereas he is influenced by the Indian way of thinking and that is what recites inside his heart so outwardly if you look at his personality you might see him as a westernized person but inside he's still an Indian when it comes to eighty Ramanujan you should also remember that he has translated you are annulled muti samskara samskaara is a very very important text and you must read it if you are preparing for UGC net it's a fabulous work talking about the caste system of India and this work was translated by Akira Mahajan apart from that if you look at the poems written by a kr managin you'll see that family is a very very important theme in all his volumes love poem for wife 1 and small-scale reflection in all these poems he is talking about large extended Indian family okay so the depiction of families in the movies of Sooraj Barjatya russia production the same kind of family structure is talked about by a K Ramanujan also in this works apart from that one important thing that I would like to mention here is that if you look at his most celebrated poem small scales reflection you'll see that he's also talking about the post-colonial theme basically in this poem he is talking about how the Western people take things from the East and he is also talking about how Indian handloom industry is being destroyed by British shores so all these small tips and bits if you combine them together you will see that the poem is also fantastic piece of post-colonial literature the next poet is Nazim is a kid he has written this fabulous essay called poet lover and bird watcher and in this particular essay is trying to define poetry and comparing poetry with the experience of lover and birdwatchers we look at this complex theory but before that I would like to mention that William Shakespeare has also mentioned and compared poet lover and lunatic together in his play called Midsummer's Night's Dream so in the play written by William Shakespeare he compares all the three together he says that the state the emotional condition of a lunatic a lover and a poet is same similarly in the essay Nazim Ezekiel says that just like a lover cannot force his beloved to love neither can a birdwatcher force his face because then the bird will fly similarly a poet cannot force himself to write he cannot compel himself to write and that is where he says a beautiful statement that best poet wait for words best poets are the ones who wait for words so this is a beautiful statement by Nazim Ezekiel and you can see what kind of image he has about a poet when he's talking and comparing a poet with a bird watcher and a lover so he believes in the idea that poetry should flow just like words would say that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of emotion similarly Nazim Ezekiel says that the poetry should flow from your heart you cannot compel yourself to write wait for the word then words will come to you if you look at the works of Nazim basically you will see that all these poems are talking about ordinary common experiences that we all go through and the most important thing about his poems are that they talk about human relationship but just like Robert Frost they are also talking about some complex philosophical truths in Robert Frost poem will see that the poems talk about nature but inside the deeper layers you'll see some philosophical idea residing similarly in the works of nazim Ezekiel you will see that he is not only talking about the commonplace scenario about human relationships but he is also talking about philosophical ideas you can see that in his most celebrated work night of the scorpion in which superstition is pitted against scientific temperament so this was a short overview of Nazim Ezekiel before I end this lecture I would like to mention one important thing which was also a question in UGC net exam June 2012 the question was that who has written the essay nightfalls India and mine and the correct answer is museum is king so you should remember that is the keel has written up fabulous essay called Naples India and mine if you are wondering who is Nepal I am pretty sure that you must have heard of the great writer we as Naipaul so he's talking about night polls views and he's mixing his own views and presenting a holistic picture of India in there say night falls and they are on mine so with that note I end my video lecture I hope I was able to create your interest in Indian literature in the literature is filled with great writers I have already made a video on Indian literature you can go and watch that video which talks about few important works of Indian literature which you should not miss if you are preparing for UGC net apart from that I've also started a new paper one series in which I am talking about different topics of paper one and I'm guiding students about how they can channelize their preparation for paper one so this is a video lecture series which is run on my youtube channel so if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel yet then do it now because you will be notified every time when I post a video on YouTube also don't forget to press the bell icon so that you receive the notification on the phone itself apart from that you can also follow me on all the social media platform because I am running a Gonet quiz specifically for English literature students there are a lot of fat files and a lot of puzzles and quizzes without going in in my social media pages if you like those pages then you will be notified whenever I post a quiz or an important update so with that note I end my video we'll meet in the next video lecture till the time we meet next happy learning keep loving literature and stay tuned to our Fattah Caravaggio

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