5 Poems by Rane Arroyo

we met in proud Utah and wore opaque vodka on those vague Sundays for the unfaithful on your dangling back porch while dreaming of the very New York where we entangled for the last time take a euro you said there my ears as pads you then vanished with a macho because I had a lover because we'd never ride across Russia together in that frozen train because listening to a Chorus Line all those weekends didn't teach us the foreign language of our bodies because of your career as a model after years as a military mannequin because we never expected adios to be our actual parting last word because because and because you turned around to stare at me and I waved back I love you to one in education poetry always demands all my ghosts strolling through genteel gardens contested by dogs abandoned old women and peace activists in leather it's not America I miss but Puerto Rico a passing truck blasts Ricky Martin's livin la vida loca I'm returned to Bloomsbury where they sell virginia woolf burgers I'm dizzy de men faint but pressed toward the British Museum a faceless stone mummy blocks my path superstitions Trump advanced degrees I retreat stumble into Virgin Records superstore and here is Ricky again amico we're sad ambassadors from a country that doesn't exist will it ever no one taught me that Kitsch has something real in its center something that's not always sweet for example James Taylor sang in my mind going to Carolina guy sang this to me on his futon and now he's gone but the song remains now I need to know which Carolina north or south is there another one in the void amigos take me to a karaoke bar and a punker in chains and charm sings of his Carolina and I'm crying because it's so kitsch a healing far from my bed of invisible nails truckers and bring your own demons bars talk about their loads as if sperm counts and careers are intertwined they're extras for the latest movie version of Dante's Inferno Texas style but I'm here and feeling at home hermanito spoof of war by me enough tequila until I'm speaking in tongues no one says don't make my mistake which was he blushes and returns to his woman who can't house break the jukebox he leaves and turns his head to stare at my stare it's Friday night and I'm younger than any of the prophets have ever been in public Daniel thrown out by your parents and they're puffed Santos you who thrived secretly in a storage locker palace after salsa club's handsome heartbreak have I missed your obituary Arturo blind author the one who says imagine only a small part of this continent has been graced by parrots you're an Old Testament without spin-doctors aware of lightning and thunder without looking the elder dismissed by some as an AIDS Tijuana junkyard dog you laugh without permission Libya amigo my New York has always been about death first the CETA shows now one by one writers are vanishing for example Charles Henry Ford this boring cameo had tea with him and Indira in the Dakota of John Lennon's assassination Charles was a prophet still gossiping about Peggy Guggenheim he's gone another urban ghost even the buildings on thread yield to historical forces that will steal your youth before you can miss spend it illegal impression riding in the back of chocos truck America is beautiful as it recedes winks back I wish for the company of any of my dead dogs but the moon will do look the skyscrapers look like fingers aching for a palm you

6 thoughts on “5 Poems by Rane Arroyo

  1. @mistacramer Yes, it was sad, he was far too young. Thanks very much for commenting.

  2. @andrewnorris1 Yeah, I like your insight about the reclamation of kitsch. Thanks Andrew.

  3. I like these honest, deeply-felt, spirited and intelligent poems.

  4. futON, gONe, sONg = clever and subtle use of sounds. I liked this poem for its reclamation of kitsch. Poetry should always take back and claim for itself those words, expressions, observations who's meanings have been ruined by their over usage elsewhere. Nice one, James, and great to see you back.
    The London poem was a joy, too. I could follow Rane through the streets and visualise all the places mentioned.

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