5 Post Modern Plays you can't afford to miss in UGC NET English

hi people welcome to my channel in today's video I'm going to talk about some of the most important British postmodern playwrights and their place which are important from that point of view the first most important postmodern playwrights is new old cult new in cohort has written so many important place he is also important because he acted in GP shows applicants also at the same time we must remember that he participated in World War first so he has witnessed the devastation and the destruction by his own naked eyes his most important play is Vijay spirits the title bleach a spirit has been taken from Shelley's to the Scylla also you must remember that this play with a spirit is about a novelist Charles this novelist Charles is about to write a play about write a work on ghosts so he invites Madame our kotti who is a lead you can communicate with host he invites mother Parvati to his house and while they are having dinner Madame our Tati unknowingly invites two ghosts Ruth and Elvira the two wives of chance ok these two wives were dead and he in Russia invites the coast of both these whites into the house of Charles and thus creates a kind of a walk in Charles length other than that present laughter is another play written by your chords the play is important because the title has been taken from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night so at least if you're not reading the other works by the old cupboard do go and greet with a spirit let's move to the second most important British playwright second most important postmodern playwright is Christopher fry first / fry has written several works out of it lady not for burning is very important the story of lady not for burning is set in Middle Ages a period from 1100 to 1400 the story it basically talks about the destruction of what destruction caused by World War first and basically deals with the life of a soldier who wants to die and on the opposition we have a bitch in the same play and that which wants to live so on one hand we have a war weary soldier who wants to die on the other hand we have a bitch who wants to continue to live the important played by Christopher Frey is dark is light enough and the subtitle is very important it is called winter comedy the third important play by Christopher Frey is Venus observe you don't need to read those summaries of these plays but at least remember the title of the place because these titles have been frequently ours in that exam now let's look at one of the most important British postmodern playwright and his name is her all Pinter her own Pinter has written so many plays and all his phaser based on the concept of significance of silence Pinter pause interest Q these are some terms which are added in the literally glossary because these terms denote the technique used by her old printer we also should remember two important things about Pinter number one he has written the screenplay of John Fowles French lieutenant woman and number two he acted in Samuel Beckett's play craps lasting these two things were asked a net exam so you must keep an order of these two things if you were reading had all pinned up for a UGC net exam now let's look at the important place he has written so many plays first of all you must remember the chronological order in which is plays were written because this has been a sin net exam several times this is one of the most frequent questions in it now let's look at the three important place that you must study in detail if you are preparing for UGC net the first important players home come you and what is important about this play is that you must remember the occupation of all the heap of characters so we have Sam max a root so you must remember the occupation of all these people because this has been asked in debt several times the second and most important play by Harold Pinter is caretaker caretaker is also important because of several reasons because it shows the agony and the destruction caused by a world war ii and the after-effects of world war ii there's a character of caretaker in this play and there was a question in net exam very they ask that the character caretaker takes the name okay off what is his real name and ER answer is bernard jenkins so remember and keep a note of this thing the third important play by her old printer is birthday party but the party they focus on questions of viticulture care some of the most frequent questions is about the two guests who visits the birthday party and the name of those guests is McCann and Goldberg also there was a question about what is the gift that study gives to during the birthday party and the answer is that he gives a drum so such kind of questions have been asked from an old Pinto so whenever you're reading printers play from that point of view to make a note of all the mining details because they give questions from the most important acts and scenes but at the same time they also give questions strong themes symbols as well as characters so you need to make note of each and everything if you're not interested to get into the details of the play and make those lengthy notes then you can subscribe to my online classes because I teach each and every work in detail telling the entire summary all the important points all the important questions which are being asked on that work in the previous EO papers so I covered everything you can visit my website www.guitariq.com you'll find a list of all important writers that we cover in our online course even if you are not joining your online course do make a note of those writers and start preparing your notes accordingly let's not jump to a very very important British postmodern playwright named Samuel Beckett Samuel Beckett is important because of several reasons out of which one reason is that he had friendship with James Joyce and he helped James Joyce while James Joyce was writing Finnegan's Wake other than that he is known for his major work which is Waiting for Godot Waiting for Godot subtitle is a tragic comedy in two acts you must also remember that Waiting for Godot was originally written in French and it was later translated into English the characters symbols the importance of God or the importance of nothingness is very important other than that he has also written a try ology of novels namely Oh Molly Malone dies and unnameable you don't need to read the novels for you this unit exam point of view but it is remembered the sequence and the names of these three novels which comes under the try ology of novels written by Samuel Beckett now let's look at two important British postmodern playwrights who have strong connection with William Shakespeare on his work in this series the first important playwright is Tom stupid tom stupid has written the screenplay of a very very important Shakespearean movie called Shakespeare in Love this movie is a must watch for all the Shakespeare fans and if you too are a Shakespeare fan then go and watch this movie other than the writing the screenplay of Shakespeare enough he has also written several plays out of which rosin prince and Guildenstern are dead this is a very important place it takes the characters from Hamlet and the story revolves around these two characters the second important place travesties travis fries of the play which is set during the world war first time under a central character Henry Carr he interacts with James Joyce when James Joyce's writing hisses so there is a close link between James Joyce's Ulysses and Travis freeze the third important play is real inspector hound and there was a question in net exam bearing they are that which of the players by Tom stupid employees of play with the no plane and the name of the play was real inspector at home so you must remember this thing the fourth important work by a Tom stupid is Indian ink Indian ink is a work which talks about which is actually a reworking of e/m Foster's Passage to India and it talks about the same theme in the same storyline other than Tom's to put another important post modern British playwright who is very influenced by William Shakespeare is Edward bond Edward bond saw megabeth at the age 13 and he was highly influenced by this work and later in his life he wrote plays about Shakespeare's play he has written these two important play Leo which is a retelling of King Lear by William Shakespeare and second important play is bingo which employs Shakespearean characters on the modern stage the next important British postmodern writer is john osborne john osborne is remarkably known for his play look back in anger look back in anger is a play which falls under the angry young man theatre angry oven theatre was a literary movement wearing the playwrights were depicting the frustration and agony of the post-world War Britain and how the middle-class life has devastated the challenges and problems faced by a middle class people the same theme has been taken up in look back in anger the central character Jimmy Porter shows his agony frustration when he's dealing with his wife Ellison the game of beer and squirrel that the couple plays is very significant from their point of view other than that you must remember the the frustration of Jimmy Porter comes from the fact that the two world war had devastated the British economy and America has rising as a new superpower and this feeling of frustration and guilt was haunting Jimmy Porter and he was you know thinking about the past glory of British society the next important playwright in the same series is Arnold Wesker arnaud Wesker is known for a try ology of place that he wrote the name of the tri ology is Wesker try ology and it has three plays in it namely I'm talking about Jerusalem roots and chicken soup with Barney before anything the video let's talk about two minor British playwright of the postmodern period and the name of those playwrights are Alan Bennett and Caryl Churchill Alan Bennett has written this wonderful play called cough caustic which talks about the nature of Fame and the story revolves around a husband and wife who interact with the Franz Kafka another important playwright is called Churchill who has written this beautiful play called serious man you serious money is a play which deals with the problems of British economy and it talks about how money is the only driving factor in the stock market so this is it about the postmodern period if you want to study all the postmodern writers and all the important postmodern works in detail then you can join my online course we're in highly to be providing audio lectures in which I'll be discussing each and every writer and we'll be summarizing each and every important work I also take care that I give you all the important points which are your relevant from point of view so that you can prepare for next in a new and revolutionary way so we'll meet next week with another important video before you close the window do subscribe to my youtube channel and you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook I post a goal and quiz every day which will help you to keep yourself updated with what kind of questions as the new G CNET exam all the links of the social media platform is given in the description box below you can also give a call on the number displayed below and know more about the online course that we are giving you can go to my website www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com we give you details audios on each and every writer other than that you can also download the previous your salt papers from my website we have flouted paper one two and three so you can download those paper and start your preparation in a very very efficient manner so till the time we meet next bye bye happy learning and keep loving the traitor you

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