5 Remarkable Pen Names you Must Know to crack UGC NET English

whatever name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell a sweet little even coat from Romeo and Juliet and this all has be taken from payment balconies in the balcony see if I go you and you will get conversing with each other and they talk about name and they talk how important slimming is and in play that you're not naming it already are two patients who could be shooting because the you know it doesn't matter by what name you quality what matters is the quality of that them and he was hiding on the other hand our names play a very influential role you know when we are known by our names so in this video I am going to talk about some pseudonyms or pen name of Tom Brady tales writers and remember through a lot of only name you need make happy are synthetic intelligence also at the same time you must remember what human actually means Lou : is false name to go what means false if you breaks our prime in 10th and 11th son when you watch I come across the term was pseudopodia no podía is basically false Pete that your any Unitarian an animal health and that peak help that animal with ample in taking food so tame pseudopodia is very similar to pseudonym boss you know tanpopo so pseudonym it's false name so in this video we are going to talk about some students often rayleigh-taylor spiders or if you are in order to read oh you must have read pray in charge of the great Indian writer and we will bring some how-to pen name and the pen name with no background if you're a Harry Potter fan then you must be knowing the pseudonym of JK Rowling if not then go and check don't even take it our link today the first writer that we are going to talk about in this video today is Robert virgin Robert Burton is an Oxford scholar and he wrote this beautiful work called anatomy of melancholy in which he talks about different kind of melancholy and when he was writing this work he used this pseudonym Dave over this jr. okay and he published this work under the pseudonym of democratise jr. this was a question as annette exam that under what pseudo name did robert burton publishes work and to be off melancholy we also find a very special story related to his death actually uh robert burton was a astrologer a man as he was practicing astrology he predicted his own death and the devil he predicted he was according to his prediction the day on which he was going to die he became so conscious of the sky that okay I am supposed to die after they are predicted because I need to tell the people how would I am as an astrologer so he committed suicide by Heine little chamber of Christian Church on the very day when he predicted that he would run try to connect with this man that this person was so obsessed about his own predictions and who wanted himself to be pro trade as a very very renowned astrologer tacky committed suicide just because he wanted to make sure that his predictions did not go wrong so we have such psychopath people in literature as well now let's look at another important writer and just building the next important writer is Charles look to its Dutson you must be wondering who's so I would like to tell you that Charles Ludwick Dutson is the real name of Lewis cannon u.s. capital has within this wonderful book called Alice in the Wonderland I'm a huge fan of this work because it is so so so interesting and it talks about so then it was filled with questions in such a easy manner okay and you I would like to tell you this thing about the mr. Lewis car that he used to love students alone actually what happened during his childhood days that used to stammer a lot and then he was the children he found out that he did not stand when he was with children just because he loved them so much and he felt so happy when he was within that he did not stand so he started writing stories about children at the same time he should also understand his saying that Lewis Carroll was a very more distant private one he did not want people who know that he was writing certain stories and surveying novels so that is why he decided to use a pseudonym so that nobody comes to know about his real identity the next writer that I'm going to talk about is George horrible John Harmons real name was Erica little bland he changed his name from Erica through fled to Jordan because he used to admire the patron saint of England whose name was George and he was also loving this river called Orville which used to run in our England so just because of these two things he started calling himself George or me some things I feel not how awkward it would sound it just because of my love for you Bertram Putra I would change my name from like it's actually insane but then find that's that that was all looked like and he could do whatever he wanted to do we must remember this thing about our well that he was born in big wall and he also worked as a police officer in Burma so if you have read his work shooting an elephant which is a wonderful essay so you must know that he has described his daily routine and the kind of experience he had as a police officer in Burma he has written several other important works which we covered in detail in our online course you can go to my website WWE can talk about Compu I need a list of all the writers that I cover in my audio online course which is specifically designed for UGC net English experience you can look for the details which is given in the description box below and if you like the car then do join the online course feed will be studying several works of George Orwell in the course we study and we found we study the major work the most prominent essay written by George Orwell which is inside the world politics and English language so all these works are being covered in my online course and until the next writer that we are taking of is Charlotte Bronte Charlotte Bronte or use the pseudonym of Tudor pain basically Bronte family had five daughters and one son out of these five daughters two daughters done the rest three became really great literary writers we have Emily Bronte we have an upon T and we have Charlotte Bronte all the three Bronte sisters used pseudonyms are in order to write or work so that they are taken seriously because they were writing in the romantics in Victorian period so during that time female writing appreciated by people so that is why they used to bounnam you should also remember that out of these five daughters two of them Elizabeth and mommy these two daughters died in the boarding school do you type this and we find this reference of typhus and the bodies within Jane Eyre which is a very important for by charlotte brontë and that shows the autobiographical connection between the work and charlotte brontë strength the next writer is Washington Irving what you till heaven have used the pseudonym of Jonathan oversee and Joffrey Craven he the author or this great American work with skål Legend of Sleepy Hollow and if you have seen Batman movie then I'm sure that he must know about the City of Berkeley so here the person Washington elevated the person who renamed or who nicknamed in York adversity of gotten and if you've seen the recent movie of DC comic title team side squad they also mentioned Gotham and they say that bottom is located near renewed or C so the Gotham nickname is given by Washington Irving also you must remember one thing about deposit arriving at he is called first American man of letters was Michael Wright who earned his living is only from his pen the next writer is George Eliot George Eliot screaming with Margaret on and she used the pseudonym of George ended so that could I think that they can seriously because when in the Victorian century female writer to writing nobody you like it or no you to read it it was quite a strictly literature like what we call it today quickly president basically literature specifically written to appeal women so she doesn't want herself to be categorized in that category two males women also you must remember one thing about Georgia here that she was a person who had to leave her education or because her mother died and she work in housekeeper and worked with her father as the meantime and very important thing that you must remember that he has written some really fabulous literary critical essays so you must go and meet those victory and again because there are times when they ask questions from the critical and a little written by George Williams the next important writer that we are going to talk about in this video is Mark Twain his real name was Samuel I bought demons now there's a very very interesting story on how come he will actually got the name mark to me maybe he was going on a trip so he was sailing on a boat and he was going to New Orleans and while he was going he was you know learning how to swim from the pilot of that steam Moon so the pilot asked him to go into the water and try to swim in not cloudy for me water so when he went there the steamboat pilot told him that it in case you are kind and you don't need any help you need to shout Mark Twain which means that water was safe and he used to tout Mark Twain and that is how he actually got his name to me it's a very very interesting story you should also remember one more thing about our Twain and that is that he is the one who pointed the term Gilded Age and into the question which would remember that it is monthly who coined the term gender days which refers to a period from 1870 to 1910 so this is what is important to be remembered before us this video drew subscribe to my youtube channel because I post videos every Saturday and every target to help you guys do you DC night preparation do like this video and give it a big thumbs up and also share it with other net experience also before you end this video and you need to work or prepare for UTC that do follow me on the social media platform I rather bonus with on all my social media platform which helps you to know what I know questions are being our genetics done the link of all the social media platform is given in the description box below also going check my website wwlp.com Amrani online cult in which I provide audio lectures for the entire UGC net English course you can go and check the list of writers which are important and we take our in my or line comes so don't assign unique next bye bye happy learning keep logging the treasure you

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