5 Teen Shows all YOUNG ADULT WRITERS Should Watch (But Probably Haven't)

if you write young adult fiction and you haven't seen these shows and I got to tell you about you need to get on it hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you're new here hi I'm Laura and I write young adult fiction so in today's video I kind of wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things that we should do as writers especially writers for young people and we all know that it's really important when we're writing to do a lot of research and that includes reading a lot of other young adult books so if you write contemporaries you should be reading contemporaries if you write paranormal you should be reading them but we also should be doing other things and that I think includes watching young adult film and young adult television to get a good understanding of the kinds of stories that teens like and the kinds of representation that we can get and so while there are a lot out there to choose from and I think especially here in the u.s. the teen shows are not always one played by teens or too really geared toward teens and three they don't really represent what it's like to be a teen in the u.s. I have five shows that I think all young adult writers should watch because I feel like they represent things that are important and things that we should be trying to do ourselves in our writing now out of these five shows only one of them is actually American and again because it's American characters are played by adults but it does have enough going for it that I felt like I could include it in this video but then the rest are all shows from other countries but I will tell you how you can access them if you haven't seen them and you want to watch them so let's get started talking about the five teen shows that all young adult writers should watch number one is the American show and that is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer now a lot of you I'm sure have probably watched this I was one of those people who totally missed the boat literally literally all my friends watch it in high school but I was like I don't like to do things that everyone else is doing so I'm not gonna watch it and that was a huge mistake Buffy the Vampire Slayer is such a good show I'm finally watching it now and it is really really amazing it's super interesting and I think that it is so fruitful for the is that right young adult because it does so many things well first of all it incorporates the paranormal and it has a little bit of a kam penis but there's still a lot of seriousness to it and it fully sort of intertwines it with the high school life they don't forget about their high school they don't forget about their expectations as a teen and I think that it balances it well and sometimes it doesn't put it on purpose and trying to be funny but I think it it really balances that well so for those of us who want to incorporate you know paranormal into our books or do some sort of contemporary fantasy or things like that this is a really good show to see how to do that balance I also think it has great dialogue is it always 100% believable no but it's super funny and the banter between the characters the one-liners and it really does represent a lot of what it was like in the 90s I mean how many times can they say wigged out you know but I just really think it does an awesome job of representing sort of a teen like in this unrealistic world it also shows that struggle of being a sort of chosen one but also being a person and and having a life and being a team and then the best thing about buffy is there so much angst and that's what I love about young adult fiction and young adult film and television shows us that angst and that's what we all should be including in our books because what teen isn't angsty and there's so so much angst and Buffy that it just fills my creative well when I watch it because I just think it's done it so well so I highly highly recommend that you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you can watch that on Hulu ok so the second show I'm going to recommend is British and it can also be found on Hulu and that is my mad fat diary this show you guys perfection okay it especially is really good at representing of realistic teen one who is struggling with a mental illness and B being overweight so the main care all the characters I feel like are representing really kind of true aspects of what it's like to be teen there's a sort of over sexualized friend that's a girl because she because she developed early and she's pretty and she doesn't feel like as much also offer she's not funny she's not smart she kind of falls into the territory of being a little promiscuous and I think that that is something that's really well represented but I really love the show because it truly and honestly encapsulates what it actually feels like to be a teen who's struggling with their weight and with their mental illness and it really shows a lot about your struggles with trying to get better and then having all of the other things that go along with being a teen all around you having a parent who doesn't understand and then of course having body issues and not feeling comfortable in your own bodies so if you want to write these kind of well-developed characters that are really struggling struggling with these realistic things that this show is amazing for that alright there's a third show I'm gonna recommend is also British but you can find it on Netflix and that show is skins so not the American version of skins that was terrible the British version of skins is one of the most emotional crazy shows you will ever ever see it depicts the kind of teen that I feel like we don't see enough of and young adult text a lot of times how can I say this nicely a lot of times the characters and young adult are sort of Mary Sue's or they're very traditional maybe quiet shy conventional upper-middle class homes that is not the characters and skins you have people from broken homes you have troubled upbringing you have people who are struggling with drug addiction and all kinds of issues teen pregnancy drinking all of these things and it's not the goody two-shoe kids it's the kids that are really struggling between their issues at home or their issues in their personal life and still being a teen and it's wild guys it's wild and it's a little crazy but I feel like we need more of these kind of characters because we all went to school with those kids and one of the things that was really hard for me when I was a teen is that I wasn't one of those typical girls I was poor I was into heavy metal and alternative music I had piercings and I'd loved to read and I know and I was also plus-sized and I was struggling with mental illness and I didn't feel like I was ever reading books that represented that the I just feel like we need more diversity in our main characters and we need to explore more of these topics and the reality of what it's like to be teen there are teens that drink there are teens that smoke and go to parties and get into trouble I just feel like skins really shows us and really sees these characters beyond being flat one-dimensional characters also skins is great for diversity it especially has a lot of characters that come from different socio-economic groups different races and different genders and sexualities so I think that this is a great show for that now my fourth show is also on Netflix but this one is from Australia and this one's called Dance Academy Dance Academy is so good you guys especially if you love anything about dancing ballet you know trying to be a professional when you're still a teen it's so good for that it's basically about these teens who all want to be professional dancers and so they go away to a sort of like boarding school in Sydney to become professional ballet dancers while also going to high school I know that a lot of us like to write these kinds of characters these characters that have something that they're trying to strive for whether it be a spore or dance or maybe they're really into this one thing and a lot of us really like to explore teens that are working towards their career goals at the same time as being in high school and I think this is a great fantastic show that demonstrates the struggles of that and the balancing between going for your dreams but also dealing with what it's like to be a teen in high school and all the drama that comes with that and it also brings up a lot of parental issues having parental expectations and pair that are not around because they're all at boarding school so a lot of these issues they have to deal with without parental guidance and I let's face a lot of us write books where the parents aren't that involved so I think this show is really good for for demonstrating how these teens work through and manage without some adults really helping them out and how hard it really can be to go for your dreams um but also try to stay normal and there's a lot about body issues and trying to live up to expectations and things like that as well and now the fifth show it's a little bit harder to watch you can find some episodes on Netflix the newer ones some on Amazon Prime some sometimes still get rerun on TV and some you just have to kind of find somewhere but my fifth one is a Canadian show and that is Degrassi Degrassi is the king of kings of teen shows it is the most accurate in terms of actual kids playing the characters I mean they started out with Emma and Manny and JT being 12 and they were played by 12 year olds it really all of the issues are so spot-on on what it actually is like to be a teen I mean they have episodes about feeling like your penis isn't bigger than the other guys or a more recent episode of a girl who felt like her butt wasn't as big as everybody else's but it also deals with really hard things teen pregnancy they have an adoption story they have a teen mother story they have an abortion story I mean anything because the show spanned over ten years and it even included an old show from the 80s but I'm talking about the reboot that happened in I think the late 90s early 2000s I mean and just ended because there are so many and you get so many new characters which skins also does you get new characters every two years because it's kind of showing this it's more about like the focus of that those years of teenage hood you just get so many storylines it is just full of things that you can use for inspiration or to think about and it's so full of diversity I mean Canadian television is so diverse it has people of different races socio-economic culture gender sexuality they have trans characters they have bi characters they have gay characters they have non-binary characters they have ace characters I mean anything that you can think of Degrassi has covered it I promise they also have crazy outlandish storylines they do school shootings they do gang violence but then they also have more subtle storylines you know getting into good colleges on how to have a boyfriend date rape how to feel pressured into being sexually active before you're ready I mean literally anything you can think of Degrassi has covered it it is the best teen show and it really has its finger on the pulse of what it's like to be a teen a lot of us can't remember the rent but it stays with the times it keeps up with the technology they had their own version of snapchat where girls were sending nudes for money I mean you name it they've done it guys so if you are looking for inspiration or new storylines or just kind of working to develop a character or need some other character ideas I'm telling you find some episodes of Degrassi to watch because it will fill your well way over okay guys well those are the five shows that I think all young adult writers should watch and most of you probably haven't but have some of you watched these shows if you've watched any of these comment down below let me know which ones you have seen and what you thought of them and if you think there are any shows to add to this list comment that down below too because I'm always looking for a good new teen show to watch alright guys well I hope this was helpful and I hope you enjoyed this if you did please be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you're not already subscribed please be sure to hit the subscribe button I post videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday at 4 p.m. eastern time and thanks so much for watching guys I'll see you in the next one bye

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  1. "Wolfblood" it's a British show about teenagers who turn into wolves/werewolves.

  2. Just added skins and degrassi to my Netflix list. Thanks! They sound fantastic.

  3. Despite its issues, I think Glee does a decent job of portraying teens. There was diversity in the characters and it had some good storylines.

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