5 Things Girls WISH Guys Knew | Secrets to Understanding Women

Why the heck are women so difficult, or
are they? In today I wish to decode the female perspective a bit and hopefully
make it easier for us guys to understand it. So I did a little bit of research, and
today I’m bringing you the top five things most girls wish us guys just
would think we just understand. Number one, girls love being told how you feel
about them but just don’t overdo it don’t overpower them. When you get too
mushy and too needy just from the get-go, like writing a
heartfelt three paragraph poem about how she’s the stars to your moon. You could
be 100 percent sure she’s gonna be running the other way. That’s why they
always say nice guys end up last. Women love the thrill of the chase, which is
why it’s important for us as guys to flirt enough to show interest in that we
are actually interested in them, but be able to walk away and hold back a bit to
make her chase us. Trust me, they love that stuff. The second thing almost every girl wants guys to understand is that they want us
to make the first move. This is funny because most guys are scared of talking
to girls and making that first approach. But believe it or not, girls want you too. Almost 99.9 percent of women want you to make the first move
and when you actually do that shows courage confident and interest on your
part, and something that she’s not gonna be able to resist. On the other hand
while waiting and making her make the first move might work it is ten times
harder and it’s not as efficient. The third thing most women want guys to
understand is that they want you to be well groomed. Now most girls won’t
probably ever say this to your face, that you’re a slob and you need to fix yourself, That’s kind of the equivalent of a guy
telling a girl, “you’re eating too much.” But deep down all girls want is a clean,
guy not a slob, they want to be dating a George Clooney not a Jack Black. So
here’s my personal checklist that I run down to make sure my grooming is A1.
One, my hair is well groomed and combed Two, my beard is tidy and well-kept. Number three, my unibrow is in check and trimmed up. Four, my nails aren’t dirty and they’re kept short. And finally number five, my clothes are wrinkle free and lint free. I recommend all guys to have a proper grooming kit, for emergencies, to make sure your grooming is on point like this one that I carry.
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why not hop on it. If you guys want to check it out there’s gonna be a link
below to The Roam Kit and use that code to get 50% off. The fourth thing girls want guys to understand is that they overthink the smallest things, and you
need to understand that. When you’re texting a girl, when you’re talking to
her, anything you say could be triggering her or taking her off-guard thinking
that you you meant something else. You could be chilly and just say “okay” and all of a sudden she thinks you’re mad at her because you sent her a short text. Keep in mind that women are wired differently than guys, so things that we think are
okay might not be okay in their eyes and they might perceive it differently. So
all they want us guys to understand is that perspective, be a little bit more
considerate. Another one is you could be you know roaming on Instagram you see a picture of a girl you hit “like” it was aesthetic, you thought it was nice, in her
head she’s like “what is it?! Is he cheating on me?” Yeah, I know
sucks, but you got an understand it. And finally number five, kind of talking along
to that, one girls just want to be understood. Here’s my little trick when it comes to women, just listen. I know, I know that
seems simple, but actually pay attention to them to what they’re saying for a
little bit. I know sometimes they talk a lot, but if you actually listen and don’t
make sure make sure your heads not roaming somewhere, you’re thinking of
other things, you’re paying attention, you’re gonna make your happy, that’s all
women want. As long as you’re listening to women, you won’t be confusing her
because like I said things that bother her might not bother us guys, we’re
wired differently. But if you listen, you’ll be ahead of the curve. That’s how
I save myself from fighting all the time with my girl, it works. And that’s basically it guys, those are five things girls wish us guys would understand. If you guys liked
this video and found that informative don’t forget to drop us a like down
below. Also, don’t forget to check out our sponsor, Roam. If you want to get that
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100 thoughts on “5 Things Girls WISH Guys Knew | Secrets to Understanding Women

  1. yes jose!! you get it!! LISTENING TO WOMEN IS ALL YOU GOTTA DO!! i see so many of these "what guys like about girls" videos and stuff and it's so problematic. but you do such a good job of just putting the message out there about how we are people and we want to be understood and listened to just like guys!! also, sorry you guys have to deal with jealous girls!! must be a pain

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    1 shop 18 hours a day
    2.never stay with another girl that is hot or sometin
    3.Us mens will be the one to pay the bills.
    4.Take a photo of sometin delicous
    5.Always say "OK" even if shes wrong
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    7. Women has a very loud mouth
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    11. Always go offline because she thinks your chatting other women
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  28. I was born female. I'm the exact opposite of what this video says. I'm ok if a guy, or girl, is messy, just not so messy I have to clean. I don't like people who think I'm gonna do everything for them and cook and clean. I don't like chasing guys, or girls. I like getting to know them. If they share my interests, I might consider dating them or having them be my friend. I'm currently dating a female. This is the opposite of how I act. Some girls do this, SOME. Not all. SOME. I don't act like this. I'm Nonbinary, but I was born female. This is the exact opposite of how I act.

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