5 Tips to Become a Better Headline Writer

struggling to write thumb stopping headlines and copy for your advertising well if so stay tuned for this broadcast where I will share with you five tips that will absolutely make you a better headline writer hi my name is Camille message and I am your favorite business consultant and digital marketing strategist and today I'm sharing five tips for writing better headline copy and this is actually my request so someone asked me if I would unpack this topic a little bit and share some of my top tips so I'm gonna dive into the five tips but I'm also going to give you a way to get a checklist to make your headline writing better because this is a very complex topic it's a little bit art it's a little bit science and so I want to give you a checklist that you can kind of use every time that you're writing headlines to make them better but let's just dive into the five tips so the first one is to keep it short now I talked about this in a previous broadcast but the data over the last four years says that headlines should be five words sometimes it's really difficult to keep them that short but trust me when I tell you keeping it short will better serve you and it will mean better performance right so keep it short the second tip is to hit one of what I call the big four and you've seen them and you probably react to these types of headlines but you probably never really analyzed it so the first of the big four is are you asking a question are you telling them it's a how-to are you using numbers and are you using the word you and the reason why all of those big four are important is because you want to very quickly let your audience identify whether this message is for them or not for them right if it's not for them they need to keep scrolling if it is for them they really need to stop right so that's where that whole thumb stopping headline thing comes in you really need to use what the big four at least one of the big four but sometimes you can work in more than one to make them stop scrolling and actually pay attention and the third one is to tap into emotion this one is really critical because it's the difference between again them continuing to scroll and then stopping and that's everything from you know are you tapping into is it an aspiration is it a struggle obviously you're trying to help them solve problems so usually there's a little bit of negativity although you don't necessarily always want to use negative sometimes negative can be good sometimes positive and aspirational is good but definitely make sure that you're tapping into emotion that's tip number three tip number four is to make it action-packed so obviously you want to make sure that you're really using really good action words and verbs obviously herbs so that you're you're really getting the idea that hey you know we're moving you to action and we're involving action some sort of transformational action that's going to take place if you consume this content right and number five is to peak curiosity so again everybody's a little bit curious if it if it feels like it's something that they've heard or seen before they're not going to stop but if you pique their curiosity and you use some of those other tips you're definitely going to get their attention and then you obviously need to make sure that the rest of your content backs up you know the promise of the headline but that's really what you want to do so just a really quick recap what are the five tips that will make you a better headline writer the first is to keep it short ideally five words but definitely you know pretty short less than eight words for sure the second is to use one of the big four and that is questions how to's using numbers and also using the word use so that people can quickly identify themselves in your headline and then later your copy the third is to tap into emotions the fourth is to make it action-packed so make sure that you're using really good action verbs and then the fifth is to pique curiosity now as I mentioned in the beginning this is kind of a complex topic and you could you know study headline writing and copywriting for years but what I want to do is to not have you be paralyzed I just want to make you better and I make when I can make you a better headline writer so I have a checklist where you can go through and kind of think about some of these top concepts they'll actually be more than the five that I just talked about in there and if you think about these top concepts and you kind of tick them off as you're writing a headline you'll be able to clearly see whether you're hitting enough of the best practices to make your headline perform well so that will be just my little gift to you if you wants the cheat sheet please let me know but again it's just a cheat sheet on you know basically headline writing mastery and it's a checklist that you can say okay I've hit this point I've at that point if at that point if you hit enough of them then you know that you have a good quality headline so that is my message for you today I hope it served you and I hope you have a joyful and profitable week ahead bye for now

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