6 Ways to Build Your Audience as a Poet

what about my MVPs before we begin I was looking for my analytics and I wanted to give special shoutouts today to all the people that are watching from everywhere in the world so dudududu hello just kidding shout-out to the United States to India I see you that you've had to Kingdom I see you Canada I see you Philippines Australia South Africa Pakistan Germany and Malaysia I see you Sweden Indonesia thank you for tuning in France New Zealand Norway and the United Arab Emirates I see all of you and I see everyone else that is in there thank you so much for tuning in and getting all that poetry goodness please keep on commenting where are you from and if you're from the United States which is my biggest viewership where are you from in the United States I'd really like to know where everyone is from in the comments below also how is the poetry scene out there I always want to know where the poetry deserts are I'd love to know where poetry is thriving I'd love to know even in your neighborhood what you are doing with poetry so today I wanted to share six ways that you can share your poetry with an audience all of these were proven and tested by myself all of these I have done before and I'm going to be popping in little pictures or little videos of everything I have done to share my work so let's get into it one as always I always tell people to go perform there's one thing about being a social media poet there's something about being over Clues and writing and there's something else about being in front of an audience so there's a couple of different ways you can do this the easiest way is to start with the open mic circuit first so that is an event that holds that holds a performance maybe like once a month or twice a month or weekly and you show up and you sign up for the open mic list and then when it's your turn you go on stage you have your one or two poems or your three minutes and then you go off these are the most essential parts of trying to perform because when you go up there and you knock it out in those three minutes those promoters will have feet on at some other point in time so if you do really good an open-mic either the promoter or someone in the audience that runs some other kind of organization or community organization they're going to come up to you and say hey your stuff is really good would you like to feature this is when you enter stage two of the process so you start featuring and that means that you get your little picture and like a little what's that call like a little flyer right you get your picture in a flyer and then everyone's coming just so they can listen to you read and you feature in one place and then you start featuring in a couple of other places very soon those featured opportunities might lead to paid opportunities to feature and then you just keep building on those if you're really lucky the most interesting kind of feature you can do is a collaboration this is when a bunch of artists of different mediums or the same mediums like a bunch of poets they get together and they have a mix or a mash-up or a medley of a performance so these performances and collaborations can be with visual artists with musicians with any other kind of writers and it's just a really interesting space and it's a really awesome experience to get those unique experiences of having a bunch of artists coming together for an event so to podcasts and radios the most one of the most interesting things I've actually been able to do this year was actually go on radio there's one thing about being in front of an audience but there's another thing about being in front of an audience that you can't see now don't get me wrong I can't see all of you but I know you're receiving me I know who you are because a lot of you comment but these radio viewers I don't get to hear comment and they're just in some other spot but doing these podcasts are doing these radio shows are really cool so as a poet what you would be doing it would be going on the radio personality would be asking you about your poetry what does your poetry serve what does it do in your communities and they'll ask you to read write whereas two performances you're in of an audience right and you have to have this stage presence and your reading and your voice is very boisterous when you're doing those podcasts or you're doing those radio shows you just have to be really clear with what you are reading because people are using these sensory mechanics instead of these sensory mechanics and it's just a really cool experience okay number three video interviews and documentaries you've seen me do video interviews with different poets I'm going to put up something by Melissa West and link it down below which is a very professional yogi and a very professional poet she interviewed me on her YouTube channel shoutouts to Melissa West all the way up on the west coast in Canada and I've also done different documentaries so there's this one really cool documentary project that I did quite recently so that documentation project was actually called poem quest poem quest calm and what we had to do as poets this magazine called newest Americans contracted poets from the City of Newark they had to peruse and walk down into the riverfront park in the Ironbound section that is being revitalized and talked to people and see how they were using the park afterwards when we did those interviews we had to go home and we had to pen down our poems with the inspiration of those folks with those voices and in those settings this was an awesome documentary project and this actually is a part of a whole series and a whole style of poetry called docu politics the act of writing poetry through documentation for I know all of you might have seen the split this rock video it doesn't have that many of you so if you haven't watched the split this Rock panel I would suggest you use that as a podcast and do that while you're watching the dishes are you taking the train or you're walking your dog or something it's a really cool moment to actually just listen to a bunch of poets talking about a certain theme and that's what the panels and discussions are all about so as a poet you might get put on a panel about clean water right and there might be a clean water activist there might be an environmentalist and then they bring a poet so they can offer an angle that would talk about water poets are excellent individuals because they actually observe the surroundings around them in a way that other people might not so these panels and discussions might be poetry based but they might also be not poetry based and you might just be adding to a larger conversation and panels could be a bunch of different themes right so they could focus on mental health they could focus on food they could focus on the black and brown experience they can focus on poetry themselves so the themes are endless and there are these huge festivals where these panels are just on and popping some of them are AWP they're split this rock in Washington DC there's also the Dodge Poetry Festival and the cool thing about those gigantic festivals is that you can pay a price and for the whole weekend you can go to different panels and different readings and it's like going to school for poets but you're not gonna have this really big loan that you have to take out at the end it's just a one weekend gig and it's an excellent excellent experience for anyone that is into poetry and by the way I'm gonna be a split this rock in 2020 although I didn't even submit my applications yet but I'm manifesting that I'm gonna be on at least two panels one of with Brick City collective and the other one about veganism number five workshops and classes if you aren't following me on Instagram you should be following me on Instagram and if you're not following me on Facebook you should be following me on Facebook because when I have workshops and when I teach classes I quickly film maybe like one to five or even 10 minutes of those workshops and those classes check your areas for different workshops and classes that are being taught by master teachers people that you have had books or emerging poets or community poets such as myself and you can go and talk community and talk poetry with a bunch of like-minded individuals if you don't know what else you can use a workshop for you can actually click on this card up here and that'll show you a video about why you should be taking a workshop right now and finally six social media I am the poet's poet I have a workers poet so that means I'm in the communities and I am in my city talking about poetry and educating people on poetry but I also take a step back and I go onto this youtube channel I go onto Instagram I go onto Facebook I have my patreon page I have my own website all of these different mediums and outlets are to get you an audience and to get you exposure the only way I'm able to talk to people in Singapore and Malaysia and Germany and all of these other places are through this online network and through this online network I have formed awesome connections and I've been able to help people all over the world so don't sell social media short right make sure that you are on there you're using your appropriate hashtags you're trying to pull in other people because guaranteed the work that you are producing can be for someone else in another area that isn't around yours so those were my six ways to share poetry with an audience like I said if you aren't following me on Instagram if you want to follow me on Facebook do that if you have not checked out my patreon page I edit two poems per poet every single month so I can get you on a writing routine and I can get you professional and poetic edits for that poetic goodness check out my blog because I'm going to have an expanded version of this video there as well as infographics and other cool information you can see my other services you can see things I've been publishing it you can see where my friends have been publishing in and you can just share in all of that awesomeness and as always I will see you all wait wait I got to show you the picture that I took as a teacher so I teach middle school as I've told you guys and this is the picture that came out in the yearbook so I'm gonna hold up the picture in the yearbook alright ready I will see you all in the next class

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  2. First 30 seconds sounds like the start of a poem for sure..use it or i will lol

  3. Florida USA. Even though I’m mostly self taught, I actually started teaching a creative writing class on how to write short stories and poetry. I’m an art teacher at an art program for all special needs adults. I even pushed the idea with my boss to sell some of my and their poetry in the church store.

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