6ix9ine Jumped In Jail Cell? Missy Elliott Song Writer Hall Of Fame #NoClout

what a squad alright guys so I guess it's safe to say that your boys been uploading pretty much every day I know they've been late videos man but I'm working on it you know I mean I'm doing the best I can I'm trying to offer you guys some difference I hope you guys appreciate that and if you guys do make sure you guys subscribe and turn on your post notifications and if you haven't already give this video a big thumbs up it helps your boy out more than you know it's been a while since I actually covered a story that regards to 6-9 or anybody and Tre way and what they're dealing with as far as their case goes but some news has came out ok and no it's not about 6 9 we already know that 6 9 taking a plea deal and he is gonna snitch and basically walk away with no jail time basically the only time 69 is gonna serve it's the time that he sits in there while he's waiting for everybody to go to try now if you guys don't know in the beginning of this case shadi actually stood up in court and told the judge we don't bend we don't fold we don't break okay he was standing on that partially because he probably wanted to see what 69 was at with all of this but we did hear about the rumors where shadi actually slept with six nines baby mama people from his crew actually kidnapped a man robbed him and right up toward the end we seen where 6:9 fired his whole crew and that was basically because the FBI had reached out to him took him wanted to put him in witness protection because they had information saying that his own crew had put a hit out on him for firing a lot of these guys were actually giving 6:9 a lot of crap behind bars because they had found out that he had opened his mouth and started snitching and yeah man a lot of people didn't like it it got pretty bad out here six nine old a lot of people money and they wanted it nothing he can do because he was behind bars to wear it put his family in danger well shortly after all this information actually released some more information released on 69s ex-manager shoddy okay and yeah shadi didn't really keep a solid my friend not even a little bit maybe in the beginning not even really a little bit as we all know it has already came out that shadi has actually took a plea deal and he was transferred to a new security facility for his own protection we all know what that means well shadi has played his ducks pretty because now he just made the ultimate move on getting his time reduced and if you don't know shot he's been spending the last couple months trying to get all that time lay down hit no to me so shadi has actually canceled his sentencing or pushed it back until everybody else is done the same way six nine days so it's apparent that both of these guys have sold out ain't no telling what's gonna happen when they get out of prison shadi might do like five or ten you know get out on good behavior whatever but it's already been announced that six nine is gonna walk so I want to know you guys thoughts on this what do you think about this whole situation especially for shot you know I mean he's been in the streets a long time and he had a lot of respect attached to his name six nine not so much you know his hair exposed to he really woods kid with a clown you know I mean wasn't really about that life 2019 being about that life is posting the gangster song on and you know I mean 69 that was expected also have one more story for you guys that I want to share it's a little bit of good news we get a chance to pay our respect show homage to one of the greatest hip-hop artists alive to this day okay now if you guys didn't know over the weekend or over the last couple days we actually had Songwriters Hall of Fame one of the dopest hip-hop legends alive right now was actually inducted into that Hall of Fame and if you don't know who I'm talking about man I'm talking about Missy Elliott and can't nobody argue and say she ain't talented she brought a lot to the game and can't nobody dispute that hands down so I wanted to read the story with you guys and you know pretty much just give her a congratulations because she deserved it she's worked hard on his games not only on her own career but building other people's career as well and also her co-producer slash best friend Timberland actually won some awards at the Hall of Fame as well Missy Elliott the creative mastermind who has written hit songs for multiple artists in the music industry for more than two decades and now it's all paid off because she became the first female artist in the Songwriters Hall of Fame that is dope man that's like super dope and like I said in the beginning man she deserves this now Missy actually did do a speech where she thanked all her fans and everybody you know who supported her early on in her career and made all of this possible and she showed mad love and it was a real humbling experience if you guys have not seen it yet you should go check it out and just watch like I said in the beginning man Missy deserved it and it's dope that you know she will forever be remembered and I'm not saying she wouldn't know without this but this is just another achievement you know I mean let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments guys I appreciate you guys for coming and checking out the videos every time your boy uploads and guys I got some merch I don't know if you've seen it yet if you can't see it behind the mic or whatever but go check it out man I got the link down in the description you know help your boy out show some love until we get this monetization thing took care of but yeah man that's it guys I appreciate every single one of you guys hit me up down in the comment box you know I'm gonna be down there chillin and like I said in the beginning of the video if you guys are new here make sure you subscribe and turn on your post notifications and if you haven't already give this video a big thumbs up and until next time we are

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  3. I did I miss the part when he got jumped, or did u not say a fucking thing about that, and just used that to get our attention


  5. I'd be surprised if they're not running DICK IN that nigga 6ix9ine's ass… lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #lilsnitch

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