39 thoughts on “7 Things to Do in Covent Garden, London

  1. I just wanted to say that our videos are really great! πŸ™‚

    I'll visit London in about a month and searched around for something that is informative and apart from City Hacks London you are the best London tourist guide on Youtube! Good job, please keep it up! πŸ™‚

  2. could you make a guide video about london whitout the torist atractions?

  3. These kinds of videos are awesome! very helpful and informative!

  4. Hi Jess, would you recommend purchasing a 3 network sim card for all you eat data? I'll be coming from Australia and will be travelling to Paris and all over Italy. I read the SIM card has free Int roaming, so I assume the data can be use in those countries too.

  5. Oh my gosh covent garden looks so good! It makes me want to study abroad at london even more T^T

  6. Seven Dials is my favourite place to people watch..highly recommended!

  7. i came to London yesterday (im staying for 2 months) and a few weeks ago i started writing down all of the informations you've made a video about and things to go visit around the town. your videos are very helpful 😊 and i absolutely love them and the guides are amazing 😍

  8. I have called it six dials for years… I am officially the worst Londoner! Great video Jess!

  9. You have great videos. Useful, entertaining, speak fast enough not to bore but to be understood. I am going to London (second time) next week so I am searching for this "not-so-touristic-places". Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks for this great video! My sister booked our family's air bnb in seven dials so this will be nice to show mom all the things around the area! I am binge watching your videos in preparation for our trip in May and think it will be great.

  11. hello Jess, thanks so much for your very helpul vids !!! I'm french & I'm going to London in april… I saw on google maps a place called Avenue of Stars behind St Paul Church in Covent.. Do you know the place, is it worth a visit ?

  12. Hi Jess, your videos are awesome! Visiting London for 5 days in June then up to Whitley Bay and Newcastle for 10 days to visit my brother. I am binge watching and a new subscriber. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Jess, as someone who lives on the outskirts of London I have found your videos spot on, the help and advice you give helps so many including me, lol. Love your channel you are the best … Have a fab Easter weekend..

  14. Have you been to courtyard in front of St Paul Church. Also the church has plenty of actor memorials? It was the setting for Pygmilion. And inside hasmemorials to Dame Edith Evans, Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward, Gracie Fields, Stanley Holloway and Vivien Leigh

  15. I really enjoy watching your vidoes. Can't wait to enjoy every tip and places you recommend! Keep posting! πŸ™‚

  16. I'm going to London in 3 days, your videos are much more helpful than every website you can find on the internet. Thanks!

  17. Love this! My office was at 80 Strand when I worked in London so Covent Garden was convenient. A daily retreat. Never boring. Great suggestion! Wonderful video! Thanks! Cheers! πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ˜˜πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  18. Hi Jess, do you think the markets in London are tourist traps with overpriced items or they are a great way to get a local experience. Thanks!

  19. Also that row of telephone boxes are the (relatively early) K2 boxes dating from 1926 as opposed to the more common K6 boxes which came later in 1935.

  20. You told about 4 telephone boxes in this video. Can u Please tell me exact location?

  21. Thanks to you my husband and I have had a wonderful time in London so far. Every night I check out your channel for ideas for the following day! You are becoming our go to tour guide. Thank you!!!!

  22. What time should one visit covent gardens? I am thinking of visiting in the morning at around 8 am but then figured the shops would not have opened that early. What are your thoughts?

  23. Thirty something years ago, as an 18 year old, I got to run the streets of Covent Garden and had a blast.

  24. Do you need to have cash to buy from the market or shops? Will visa or master card do?

  25. This was so helpful! So I'm going to be staying at the Seven Dials Hotel in Covent Garden when I'm in London in April. I went back and forth on whether to stay there because I could get a larger room for less money, but I heard that's just a really neat place so I went ahead and booked it. After watching this I'm so glad that I did!

  26. You know I’ve watched a lot of your videos lately cause the brief glimpse of a possible Monmouth coffee caused me to go back and double check. You mentioned them in your video on Borough Market.

  27. LOVE ur videos- short, concise and very informative πŸ™πŸ»

  28. Covenant Garden verse Notting Hill market on a Saturday morning in November ? It’s for 3 of my girlfriends who ha e never been to London and it might be there’re only visit. We have 2 full days.

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