9 Things You Learn As A WWE Creative Writer

[Applause] in 2007 through a combination of tenacity good timing and damn luck what culture contributed jawed rather had landed a job which most could only dream about after he had the nerve-wracking pleasure of being interviewed four times he was ultimately hired by Vince McMahon to be a creative writer for the SmackDown brand of WWE for those unfamiliar the writing team at WWE is completely integrated into the production of television and pay-per-view events Gorge on the road 300 days of the year right alongside the talent he was in the arenas the plane and the hotel that's all the good the bad and the sometimes very ugly George admits his tenure wasn't very long as his typical of a creative team member but that he nevertheless learned a ton about the inner workings of one of the craziest businesses in the world thankfully he was willing to share some of that knowledge of his time spent as a fly of WWE's wall with us I'm Simon from what culture and this is nine things you learn as a doubler a creative writer thanks to George Rutherford number nine is scripted you think everyone over the age of 10 knows that in professional wrestling the match results are predetermined contrary to popular belief the writers don't actually write the matches that is done by producers or Road agents who work with the talent to create the best match possible based on the storylines developed by the creative team the best laid plans however often fall to ruin whether it is an unexpected injury or delayed fight personal issues or just good old-fashioned backstage politics the scripted plan sometimes has to be changed at the zero hour George recalls one instance where due to a travel conflict and match had to be completely changed requiring a new script distributed to the talent and a new match devised with less than 90 minutes for going live on TV he also notes it was the performers utmost professionalism which makes such last-minute alterations actually go smoothly obviously not every match is a classic but sometimes the wrestlers are asked to overcome some pretty serious hindrances to make it look natural it's for this reason that many lower and mid cart talent travel with the TV crew even if they aren't scheduled to appear as you never know when you will get cool into potentially take over the main event number eight Vint is very particular about his snakes before any TV or pay-per-view event Vince and certain members of the production team meet early day to have what is called a production meeting makes sense these meetings cover everything from script changes and town issues to where to find worms for the boogeyman to eat in the ring got come from somewhere Rutherford attest that while it was very likely that 12 things were changed by Showtime the production meeting was important in establishing a baseline for the day he also remembers that one of the well-known rules of WWE production meetings was that there always has to be a detour protein bar and a diet dr. pepper at Vince's seat often times it would be the responsibility of a writers assistants to procure these items and be sure they were in place before Vince's arrival finally didn't go crazy about it the bar didn't have to be a specific flavor in the diet dr. pepper didn't have to be exactly 47 point two degrees or anything as if there's a price to be honest but as George notes mr. McMahon is definitely one of those people who become so busy that he forgets to eat when this happened there would always be a spare detour bar and Diet Dr Pepper laying around that needed to be discarded after the meeting needless to say George ended up consuming a few detour bars and dr. peppers himself during that time number seven Mark Henry that's a great sense of humor George told an entertaining story about a moment before a TV taping involving a certain super-strong superstar sat ringside watching match rehearsals reviewing the script and observing how the guys in the room were executing that night's TV plan his focus was suddenly snapped by a giant man pour clapping onto his shoulder when he turned his head he was staring in the intense face mark henry mark gripped his shoulder and leaned in closer still not breaking eye contact he growled who are you hi mark George answered I'm George I'm the new writer for Smackdown leading an even closer Marc whispered do you like men George at this point George's brain flipped through every possible response to this question until his better said seldom no in the romantic sense mark letting out a long exhale Henry replied oh you will allowing a terribly awkward beat he then stood up his face pulling back into a perfectly present smile as he said oh man I'm just fucking with you welcome to the show mark was said to be an awesome guy to talk to who had a great sense of humor and what else would you expect from the guy who convincingly pulled off sexual chocolate exactly number six John Cena is a true babyface one doesn't have to look far to find an example of John's using his powers for good whether it's a make-a-wish visit or a simple autograph signing Cena has truly established himself as the face of the WWE if you're skeptical side leads you to believe that it's all just good PR for the company jaws has a little slice of life story that suggests otherwise I think we kind of knew this was true anyway and mated Pennsylvanian the writer was thrilled when his father and sister were able to attend a show in State College they were taking in the controlled chaos of fact stage WWE before his sister timidly asked if she would be able to meet John Cena now remember nobody is busier behind the scenes than seen there's a large premium put up on his time George managed to find him backstage in an interview naturally and as soon as there was a break he asked if he could take a second to me his family Cena immediately stopped what he was doing and went to see them John spent several minutes chatting with George's dad and sister he didn't come off as rushed or inconvenience but stayed longer than he needed making them feel out the most important people in the arena as far as George is concerned John Cena is a true babyface number five you get pitched a ton of bad ideas George recounts there's a creative team member it's common for your phone to ring with pictures from wrestlers who either aren't on the main roster or are unhappy with their current character in the interest of self-preservation Loren midcard talent will pitch a ton of ideas to the created team hopes of becoming the next breakout superstar some of these ideas are pretty good others not so much keep in mind that during George's time ideas that made the cut included Paul Burchill being a pirate and the somewhat racist crime time gimmick so you can only imagine some of the pitch I did which never made it further than a phone call like say Mark Henry rechristened as the silverback or Domino of juice and Domino fame as a streetwise gangster Rafi with a skinny wipe manager it's kind of like from Happy Days the boys in the hood maybe this is why talent aren't allowed to improvise their characters number four nobody messes with the Undertaker George tells us behind the scenes different superstars have various levels of sway curtain jerk is a mid car town and mostly the mercy of the creative team when it comes to character and storyline development whereas main eventers are obviously given more consideration surprisingly guys like Triple H and Shawn Michaels even used to participate in production meeting according to Rutherford however nobody on the roster had more political clout than the Undertaker when the dead man was involved in a storyline he was always called and consulted with before any this were made not because he demanded it but simply because he'd earned that level of credibility it wasn't just with the creative team that Undertaker's word was law the tales of taker serving as an unofficial judge and jury when it came to backstage drama between talent are true he would hear all sides of an argument hand down his decision which was always ultimately about the greater good and everybody knew it by all accounts undertaker is a fair and just field general he never abuses his position he keeps the peace and expects a certain level of respect and professionalism for everyone around him while Vince is always the true final word Undertaker is the man in the locker room number three there's an awesome much more insight in Tower in WWE's Titan towers and Stamford Connecticut there is a room available to employees only this ordinary looking office space is in fact an awesome merge vault during George's first week on the job an HR guy took him for a tour of the building during which he saw a fantastic gym a top-notch cafeteria and classic memorabilia such as Andre the Giant poot on display on every floor but the gym of this was undoubtedly said merge volt containing rows and rows of every type of dubby dubby memorabilia one can imagine DVDs posters championship belts shirts action figures and giant foam hands lined the walls and shelves as a child of the 80s George was thrilled to see how much classic gear was there the vintage rubber action figures trading cards and old chairmanship about replicas took him right back to being 7 years old and prepare to invoke your jealousy reflex because he was even let loose on the trevor trove like a kid in a candy saw and allowed to take anything he wanted with him in the end george fought his initial instinct to stuff his pockets and run out arms loaded instead taking a few choice DVD sets before making a mental picture of the room and exiting with professionalism intent number 2 JBL wasn't easily impressed JBL had a presence in the W that we locker room to say the least a large man with a booming voice when he walked into a room everybody knew it he also had no qualms about letting people know what he thought and according to George that included letting new writers know where he reckoned up their chances for success in the company so when Ukraine members such as George met JBL for the first time there was apparently a customary ritual involved when George introduced himself to mr. lay field and shook his head JBL immediately gave him the nickname kid number 16 and took a picture with his phone this name and picture with em put into his contacts along with the names and pictures of all the other kids numbers 1 through 15 what a lovely man what George was officially part of the menagerie JP had informed him and everyone that he over and on the Newcomb Alaskan the company was two weeks the writer wasn't sure if any real money was placed on these bets or if it was just amusing to him but at that moment it became his goal in life to last at least 15 days determined to show JBL that he had the grit to make it in a dog-eat-dog world of sports entertainment George tracked him down after the two-week mark and informed him that he'd bested his two-week prediction JBL waited about beat said good job kid 16 and then he went on a bad day number one Dusty Rhodes deserves his legendary status during Rutherford's time with the WWE Dusty Rhodes was the head writer of ECW this gave him the chance to sit with him in the writers room and pick his brain about all things wrestling his decades of insight into programming story building in the art of putting butts in seats was invaluable to someone as green as George in the creative process he never once saw dusty push his own agenda or insert himself into the spotlight for no reason he was however always willing to jump in and do what was needed for the good of the show one day I'll ride to had the rare occasion to enjoy a lengthy one-on-one discussion with dusty when asked about the difference between the business in 2007 in the old days dusty stated let me tell you something young fella the difference is there ever since Vince McMahon went on television had to tell the world what wrestling was scripted there was no going back after then no I'm not doing a Dusty Rhodes impression essentially dusty explained that matches couldn't have long low periods that they did pre Attitude Era they needed more excitement but still had to protect the talent from too much danger whilst focusing on Betty storylines to build drama always wanted to put the team first and take care of everyone the American Dream was a real classic what would you look at that you got all the way to the end of the video and you mother said you'd amount to nothing what are the chances why here why not watch one of our other many possibly quite good channels or watch another video which will be largely in the same vein as the quality content you've just entered woman

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  7. People misunderstand why vince hired so many writers. Its obviously not to make the product more creative. He hired them so he could have more control over what the wrestlers do and say. Wwe has got more generic and redundant over the past 15 years because of this.

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    Henry WAS called the Silverback

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