9-Year-Old Author Kate Gilman Williams Talks About Her Book "Let's Go on Safari!"

she's only nine years old but she's already written a book to help save endangered animals please welcome the author of let's go on safari kate gilman William [Applause] I've got two boys now right might well have had him for a long time but about always wanted a little girl like she's just adorable can I take you home so I want to go back now we met on the phone over the radio when you called into my show but just to give people some background how did this all start for you on the Safari so when I was on safari in Africa my game driver Michelle taught me so much about animals and one thing she told me was that humans were killing animals so when I came home I became determined to do something to help which is great and she's doing that so she calls in she's like listen that's what she said to me on the air but I need a book deal I need a publishing deal so I said on the air she needs a book deal she needs a publishing deal and you got one yeah it's such a young age that's in yes I was very proud but I was even more happy that I got to tell kids my age how to advocate for animal Wow so wait when you are on safari were you ever like afraid of these animals where they were scary well no because your game driver teaches you so much about them and she teaches you about the comfort zones animals are in so you know how animals are feeling so you can back away oh oh heck yeah like one way if you have to sometimes I read the book and in the book there's a there's a section in its headline is poop tells a story can you tell us the story so when an elephant eats sometimes it looks like grass because old elephants don't have any teeth so it looks like a pile of grass because they can't chew their food so that's the story of poop now how can you help they talk about ways to help these endangered animals what can we do you can adopt an elephant from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust you can find your inner scientist with global wildlife conservation or gene or join the Jane Goodall Institute adopt an elephant that's so wonderful and you have a little surprise yeah I have a surprise for you huh there's an animal yes what's the surprise so I've been thinking about the best way to thank you and I have finally came up with it you are now the proud foster of de Lolo a baby alpha Jorge [Applause] wait that is the cue and I know about the lo-lo's poop and everything that is so thank you so much [Applause] hey I'm Mike I get thank you Kelly let's go on safari available everywhere books are sold great to see you fantastic shop [Applause]

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