99.9% Of All Women Are Turned On If You Say “THIS” | Tested For 2019

my name is Marnie and from here on out
I’m going to be your very own personal winged girl as you know I don’t tell you
BS I give you the honest truth about what women want versus what they say
they want before I dive into this week’s video I have a small favor to ask if you
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people about it in this video I’m going to tell you something that because you
are a man you most likely weren’t taught I’m going to tell you about making an
emotional connection and why it’s so important to women so I have a bit of a
hunch about you at some point during this learning to get good with women
journeying you’re on you were told that if you want to be with a woman you need
to make an emotional connection with her right well this is usually true pretty
much true a lot of men misinterpret what that actually means they think that for
women emotional automatically means sugar and spice and all things nice and
that creating an emotional connection means talking about unicorns and
rainbows that it has to be all about love and romance and being together for
all eternity but here’s the truth an emotional connection can be one that’s
built entirely around sexual desire if we think to ourselves oh my god he just
made me think of the dirtiest thoughts I’ve ever thought about and I don’t even
know why that’s an emotional connection because it’s a feeling of sexual
attraction and arousal that we experience that connects us to you you
made us feel that so please pay attention to this next point though
because it’s incredibly important even though sexual desire counts as an
emotional connection most men go about this completely the wrong way they’re
way too direct and explicit because that’s what men respond to however women
are not wired the same way it’s simply not a turn-on when a guy asks us want to
do it or tells us bend over and I’ll give you the ride of your life maybe
that’s what porn actresses get excited by on screen but for real
flesh-and-blood women there’s nothing see about that at all instead subtlety
and innuendo are your best friend when trying to arouse women if you can hint
at something sexual and make us picture something dirty in our minds without
directly stating it that’s way more to the lady than being too obvious about it
so here are some examples and types of subtle statements when a woman is
complimenting you were challenging you let her know that you know what she’s
trying to do and that you are on to her basically you’re accusing her of having
a dirty mind so here are some examples you’re so hitting on me right now or
you’re falling in love with me right now aren’t you or something like ah you’re
flirting with me that’s really cute or see I knew you had a naughty side or I
have way too many terrible thoughts going through my mind right now or you
are definitely going to be trouble for me or you could ask some settle
questions that could lead to something more sexual so you want to start up low
so for example have you ever been skinny-dipping or what are your thoughts
on public affection all of these subtle lines are ways to introduce sexuality
into your conversation and if you she jumps on to these statements it’s a sign
that she’s on the same page as you and ready to escalate things to another
level not necessarily sex but her acceptance
and participation indicates that there is an attraction that you will still
need to build upon when you do it this way it lets us use the power of our
imaginations to turn ourselves on and since the brain is the largest sexual
organ no matter what your tape measurer says you’ll be more aroused than if we
don’t have to imagine anything at all to see proof of this simply pick up any
woman’s romance novel seriously go on Amazon and buy one it’ll be the best
five dollars that you’ve ever spent you’ll notice how things always start
off slowly and attention builds gradually how sex is implied and teased
at without being explicitly talked about but as attention builds the sexuality
starts to become more direct until it reaches the tipping point at which
things explode into some of the dirtiest sexual scenarios you can imagine this is
what we respond to this is how fantasize about things going down when
we meet a man not what you see in porn made for men we’re barely two words are
exchanged before the actors mindlessly pound each other guys who understand how
to communicate with women in this way are incredibly rare which is why the few
who do get it also have more sexual options than they can handle and if
you’re interested in having the power to quickly create these kinds of emotional
connections with women that are sexual in nature here is what I suggest go take
a look at my top writer program the F formula by clicking the link below in
the description box or by going to wing girl method calm slash flirt
effortlessly not only will you discover what women secretly want the kind of
thing is only a fellow woman could ever know you’ll also see exactly how to
communicate with us in a way that builds the kind of sexual tension we fantasize
about every day fair warning them once your guy friends see the way women
respond to you once you discover this they may not let you anywhere near their
girlfriends or wives for more tips on how to quickly and easily ignite
feelings of emotional connection any woman you speak to simply click the
button below or go to wing girl method com slash flirt effortlessly I’ll see
you soon

100 thoughts on “99.9% Of All Women Are Turned On If You Say “THIS” | Tested For 2019

  1. Your freaking awesome!!! Keep it up! We beta/white nights need this to understand women more because like you said women are wired differently.

  2. This is why escorting is becoming more popular then actually wasting your time with women now a days. They have nothing to offer but attention and pussy. Women today do not bring anything to the table more then a man does but yet it’s all about what women wants? That’s just terrible. Marni your a great person but women actually need to be coached more then men. Most women don’t even have the balls to say hello and introduce themselves to a man..What a time to be man.. feels so bliss.

  3. Buy the program guys buy it jajajaja first step stop weed atop jerking off too much and laugh self confidence it all starts from there

  4. 2:42 oh my god, that shit turns me off, its so aggravating, all women are different

  5. You are very beautiful woman and I love watch your advice and you would be fun to play with.

  6. That damned commercial with the aggressive idiot asking what she's doing this weekend.

  7. Hmmm…and tarot keeps saying all shes coming back for is Caps great sex. I was ready to say later. Cap is a master lover, but thanks.

  8. Would you mind if I speak sexy? No. I want to eat your p$$$dy right now.

  9. Doctor, I got dumped for refusing sex with my ex gf. I wasn't phased at all I just laughed and moved on. What did I do wrong or right?

  10. Hi just need an advice
    Is mature and older lady a good choise for long term true relationship.
    And how and where to find a genuine person

  11. Emotional connections are only required if you get past STEP 1: If you are an ugly dude or even an average looking dude, she will not give you a chance. She needs to be attracted to you first.

    I have ZERO subscribers but I am telling you the real story. All that shit she just rambled about is only half true once men get past STEP fucking 1

  12. a house party i held, a woman was being annoying af.. so i told her to shut the fuck up.. i cant hear myself think..i spent a sold 10 minutes asking her to shut it. as she was leaving she slipped me her number and kissed me. Theres exceptions to every rule.

  13. Best advice ever, always leave them wanting more. Watch The Tao of Steve.

  14. Thanks Robbinson. After through post on here I contact [email protected] after I went through some difficulties of getting to see some text of my Girlfriend, as I got you text you wipe aware my tears and I was even thinking in first instance while getting you text thought you were among those scammer I met with before now.

  15. What you're wearing, mentioned early in the video: You look exceptional in anything/everything. ..maybe a good compliment for a date as well?, without going to the "you're beautiful" comment which might make some uncomfortable.

  16. This shit is only gonna work on a white women because Latin women and black women do not go for men that talk like thatBut getting back to women any woman the main thing is we all about yourself don’t give a shit what they think dress your best good perfume take care of yourself have everything you need and they will come do you don’t have to waste your time looking at them or even talking to their lineup as long as you remember you are the king walk like a champion act like a champion

  17. You're a B.S. artist extraordinaire…you really are. You can ACT like you know what you're talking about, vur I bet you spend so many nights hust hoping a man will even pay attention to you….am I right?

  18. Click bait. In this day and time if a man says anything remotely what her examples say the woman will flip it and the man ends up trying to keep from getting arrested.

  19. Mani, i like the way you talk and the way you move your hands around when you talk 😉

  20. Ok, let me be honest here. I've had my share of some really smart, atractiive women. Over the years I've had several long term relationships, and a couple of living together ones. And there's been more than a few short term relationships in between. We had fun and enjoyed each other both in and out of bed. I love women. They're fascinating, and intriguing. They're a completely different animal compared to men. And as such their needs and desires ARE different. I've always treated women as what they are first and foremost. As another HUMAN BEING. With a brain between their ears. Which may be why I've been told that I'm not like other men.
    Know what? Good. 'Cause I DON'T want to be like other men. I like being ME. Now I'll admit that the last relationship was with a
    lunatic alcoholic, but in my defense I honestly didn't realize she was an alcoholic and had some unresolved issues with men. And yeah, I listened to the the wrong head. (You should have seen her)
    Ultimately I treat a woman as a human being FIRST. If she responds to my expressing my interest, great, if not, that's ok too. My father, rest his soul, who after divorcing from my mother, had his share of affairs, had told me something when I was 14yrs old and going out on my 1st date. After some small talk about the girl and my plans for the evening, he said to me; always treat her right and remember, it's ALWAYS a woman's PREROGATIVE. You know dad, you're absolutely right about that. It's worked for me. 😉

  21. What works for me is I tell women I'm the artist who drew the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. It gets me laid 100% of the time. "Tell me more about the tiiiiger…"

  22. This video was reccomended from a video search of "see what's up there" a cat looking at a ceeling while someone holds it.

  23. So guys you get to play doctor for a few minutes and they get to play house for the next 20 years. Then they get to keep the house. Fair trade? I think not.

  24. “If you like this video, what I'm wearing … Anything about me … give me a thumbs up.”

    If you keep producing good contents, maybe I will

  25. The only thing I keep thinking about is putting my cock in her mouth saying shut the fuk up you stupid cunt & you better keep sucking lmao

  26. I don't have to say anything….I just eat a steak in front of them and they want me.

  27. Do not listen to this woman she has this I'm a woman so I know best attitude. And just listen to her talk…. 😂

  28. the only issue that I have with this is that experiencing the 'best' can leave a woman feeling scared and so vulnerable that she runs a mile.

  29. I got a young beautiful girls come over my place all the time they like corn likker they just want to get drunk and get fucked end of the story…

  30. The League of Dads unplugged with Christopher Smith can help you with this, 100% guaranteed….

  31. You are just awesome in giving those secrets very beautiful and worth attention, great

  32. Or…a word that rhymes with or….and do you want to be mine?

    It would be worth watching you try to insert it inside your mouth.

  33. Well sister, if a woman allows a sensual man to touch her, then anything can happen.

  34. Say any of this to a woman in 2019, and you'll be charged with sexual harassment before you can say me too.

  35. I'm older now and not as good looking as when I was younger, ok, who am I kidding I got ugly with age. I have to say though that even being not a turn on to women by looks has never stopped me from approaching a beautiful woman and trying to get her interested in me. I find that simple works best. Letting her know I think she's gorgeous and then making my statements and questions about her. Worse case she'll say sorry I'm not interested. Smile say it's ok, but it was a pleasure to meet you. Go back to where you were sitting and continue to enjoy your evening. That has opened the door to other women in the bar/club I was in to want to find out more about me. Women aren't that hard to understand or figure out. They aren't as visually stimulated as guys. They want to feel like the center of a guys attention. Most of all for most women they don't want to feel like a sex toy. Let me know if I'm right or wrong

  36. This is Bullshit. She is doing to men exactly what she is suggesting to do to women. She is appealing to us guys to sell her program because she knows how we think. BRAVO! But, I see you!!!!!

  37. ok what if I didn't ask but she said "best sex she ever had, asked me how many partners I've had, Asked me If she was the only one, told me I was the only one, and also added doesn't want to be my girl friend, and then asked What I wanted from her. Reminder I didn't ask of this and i we slept together multiple times multiple dates, I would be happy if she was my gf. but don't know cause she did say doesn't want to be my gf? tell me your opinion anyone

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  39. her voice really is annoying. I keep thinking of that TV station anchor that imitated the kardashian voice. that nasally vocal fry.

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