A Brief History of the Shadow People

– [Narrator] It’s a small
comfort that we’re not alone in our fear of the dark or
even of our own shadows. Wherever we go, a small
bit of darkness follows us. Whether it’s a natural effect of light or something more sinister
remains uncertain. This October, on Friday the 13th, from an executive producer
of The Walking Dead and an executive producer of The X-Files comes six terrifying tales based on the podcast phenomenon, Lore. Until then, we offer you this short film inspired by the series. – The worlds of shadow and light can be very frightening for children. (thunder rumbling) I’m Dr. Michelle Golland, and
I’m a clinical psychologist. We all have a shadow. We have dark parts, we have
aggression, we have impulses that can hurt people. – [Narrator] Carl Jung
referred to the shadow as the darker parts of ourselves. The part we keep safely
hidden by our conscience mind. But for some, the shadow
is an all-together real embodiment of evil. One that goes by many names. – I think when we talk about
shadow and shadow people, we’re inherently talking
about psychology and our soul. A spiritual sense that there is something beyond the physical realm. – [Narrator] An obsession
with the shadow realm is what fueled the depraved desires of 15th century nobleman, Gilles de Rais, who lured little children
to an unthinkable doom behind the walls of his castle
and the French countryside. An avowed fan of de Rais’
perverted handiwork, Edward Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, terrorized the Isle of
Wight from the early 1960s until his capture in 1971. Donning a rubber mask,
Paisnel broke into homes to attack 13 women and children as they lay innocently sleeping. It is the echoes of
haunting stories like these that inspired the deadly
myth of the Slenderman, a tall figure who is said
to reach through computers to beckon his victims out
of the safety of their homes and into the darkness of the woods. – It’s a vanishing story and
who hasn’t wanted to vanish? But then also, how scary if you’re taken. – [Narrator] His choice
of attire is appropriately the dark suit and tie
favored by undertakers. Though unlike his contemporaries,
to look into his face is to stare into a pale, featureless void that drives survivors to
the brink of insanity. But can these shadow people really be the physical embodiment of
evil from the world beyond? Or are they just a story we tell ourselves to cope with the darkness
that lives within us all? – We develop shadows
from the time we’re born. And it’s a defense system. The shadow people are the embodiment of these defenses that we have. – [Narrator] Our innermost
fears and twisted curiosities, it seems, will arrive at
one of two conclusions. We are the leery prey of the shadows or we stalk the prey with them.

100 thoughts on “A Brief History of the Shadow People

  1. 🤣😅 this shit had me dyijg yo

    All of these people were so serious😂

    Why is this in my recommended?🤣

  2. I love how clinical psychologist I have all the answers. Give me a clinical psychologist that has seen shadow people and I may listen to what they have to say. Until then STFU!!!

  3. When I was a Kid I was afraid to go to the Bathroom at night because I believed there was a Shadow in the Bathroom when I was in bed I just kept looking at the Bathroom thinking would the Shadow come after me.
    For years I've had dreams of being chased by a shadow figure when the lights are off.
    In the dream I try to turn on the lights to avoid being chased.
    Usually when I'm being chased the dream ends and repeats every night.
    I'm glad I stopped having that nightmare after watching the movie Lights Out.

  4. In my sis room which was my brothers room my uncle was sleeping and drunk and he saw a man walked over and he stood by the bed staring down with red eyes and walked over to the basement which is in the room.Then in September my sis was sleeping and she herd the door opening but it did not open!Then she saw a MAN who was walking over to the BASMENT and that has not happened in 6 years! But one day there was a leak and my dad went into the room in to the attic and I was there and I found a picture of a like 1947 guy he had curls and had a blue puffy outfit and me and my dad think that is what was attracting it and my family does have experience with paranormal stuff.The oldest sibling I have is the only one that goes to church.In Honduras he was sleeping and the herd ppl calling his name!He opened his eyes and saw to couple staring down at him and were pinching and laughing then my brother fainted.After that here in the U.S.A he was getting chocked by a ghost until he could say OH MY GOD.And after that the funniest thing happened since he has a messy room and there was a cup of milk he was sleeping and the cup of milk was thrown over his head!!!!And then happened the shadow thing but my uncle goes to church and he saw a shadow woman and his family has experienced stuff like that but I live with pets like dogs and cats which are said to be animals that scare paranormal living which is true it has not happened and it would be best if our other dog would be alive but she could be at the other side of the upstairs place and the cats inside the room but we are okay cuz of our pets!!!!!!

  5. Crowley stated the shadow people that he saw at Boleskine House existed because of his Magickal working-
    they were not physical manifestations of his inner psychological state.

  6. You completely lost me with Slenderman. He was a photoshp contest creation! Not based on some legend. People started spreading rumors and writing stories and it got out of hand and led to children believing it and actually attempting murder!

  7. My sister told me about a shadow man in her room..
    So when she was young she was ith the family then There was A BIG THUMP!
    nobody was upstairs.. She looked in the room there was a guy with was pitch black with a hat and big eyes..

    After I was ssoooo spooked!!! She was surprise she told dad but he didn't see anything..

  8. at 0:38 thats exactly how white shadow people are looking when i see them. Hard to explain it to others but thats exactly how i see them, with white bodys detals of cloudes and blue darker faces. what turnes white and blue in differnt lightings. Really hard to explane but i see them on regelar bases specially when im trying to see them"focusing". Sorry but this subject are kinda differnt and hard to talk about do there is litle to no info on the web about them, and there is really no one that i have find that can see them, exept for me. And some times i wounder what the fuck are wrong with me. But in the end thats not most strange stuff that are happing to me and around me.

  9. I have seen a shadow "person"more like shadow fiend it was pitch black looking like an locked game character looking right at me after midnight creepy stuff

  10. Sleep deprivation will induce the shadow people effect.

  11. I been seeing these my hole life and never thought anything of it till I looked it up about 8 months ago tried to speak to them never got anything

  12. For years my 27 year old daughter has been tormented by shadow figures and apparitions with no facial features. She describes them as feeling like pure evil. Night before last a shadow figure floated past my daughter as she sat on her bed. She drew a pic for me that I wish so bad I could share on here. Scared the shit out of me and I couldn’t get her to stay in her room that night. This is no joke. I’m scared for her and I don’t know how to help her.

  13. Shadow people shows in sleep paralysis mostly they like your fear and miserable thoughts.

  14. This was way too off, you took a name, based off the appearance of a black entity separate from a living person, and took it too literally. In general when someone captures video evidence of a ‘shadow person’ they aren’t talking about emotions or monstrous people, they are talking/videoing a black humanoid entity

  15. I've seen one in particular, and he was never…. Evil or malevolent . more curious, and looking to observe. Ive seen him and others multiple times. Its not scary, it was at first. But they seem to want to observe. Idk thats what ive felt.

  16. I lived in a hunted house when i was 5. It all went to a stop a specific night after shadoe peoples attacked me in my room. The was tha lady, crying on her knee at my bed fert. I tough i was my mother… In the darkness. I could hear her crying, it woke me up. Mom why you cry … Then approched to realise it was just a shadow. Then i saw this tall shadow just beside her like if he was blaming her. In a flash of a seconds i looked around the room to see odd things. An arm swinging a flail (morning star) was out of my socs tray… A litle ball of light was fling everywere… As a 5yo kid i did like any other kids would have done. Hide under pillow and call mom ! The wait felt like eternity. When she arrived, she had a cigarette. Ill never forget the fire of it. It was bright green. Remember that. If you feel somethings wrong… Light a candle

  17. When I was 10. I used to live in small trailer. In the middle in the night I saw a strange figure in the window door looking at me it looked like a man. I wasn't scared because I thought it was santa Claus. So I yelled out mom "look santa is hear" out loud and it started to left. Now I know it wasn't santa. It was a homeless man with a bag of cans.

  18. I saw a shadow person last night. I thought i was my brother who came home late then i went to his room the next morning, his bed hadn't been layed in. And he is finished school and does not have work.

  19. When I was 5 years old.. I used to see shadows moving in the dark.. at night I always saw one in the living room.. (the shadow had the form of a small kid.. he used to stand in the corner of the room and later walk away.. fading away slowly…) there was another time when I saw two moving shadows in my parents room.. (I was afraid of the dark so I slept with my parents..) and later I saw two tall shadows.. 👥 they were moving very strange.. they stood in the same place but it looked like they were twitching their arms and legs moved as if they were broken…they were the ones that scared me the most.. I ended up crying and waking my parents up.. they were saying it was just a dream.. >:v the next day my parents bought me a night light and glow in the dark stars.. i never saw shadow people after that.. I ended up sleeping on my own until I was seven.. 😅

  20. Ha, ha, are you children kidding me?! Charade. The so called shadow people are cowards just like yourselves! What's the "great story" here?

    You, who are consistently trying to push your, VERY scary, agenda on us through horror movies, criminal tv series, shooting-kill-blood computer games for young people, dumbing commercials, etc.

    Dumbing means:
    "simplify or reduce the intellectual content of something so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people.
    "critics have accused publishers of dumbing down books""

    What do you, mad, people expect as a reaction to that?! Seriously?

    You, who are apparently afraid of the dark, walking in a forest without life guards, afraid of the darker inner beings, that is your lost souls. Grow up, if nothing else for your own good.

    Or maybe you feel like dying before you were even thought of getting born by your parents?

  21. i had a black shadow smokey pitch black shadow come out and back to my chest eyes were glowing blood shot red

  22. the funny thing that before i experienced this ever since a young kid i always was into dark stuff a dark soul iwas always into these type of things and whats also fun just before i experience this was just given the nick name shadow by my homies

  23. terrifying, but i thought this was going to be about shadow hallucinations..?

  24. Im just hear because i turned off my rooms light ,and i had horns like wtf.

  25. Explain how a 3 year old sees shadow people, best described as wearing Victorian dress. I know such a child who saw a gray shadow lady, her sleeves were puffy, her hair up in a bun. How would a 3 year old even know how to describe something like this?

  26. Ok so how does this explain shit y'all jumping from one thing to another

  27. When did Law and Order's Olivia Benson become a Clinical Psychologist?

  28. I have seen the shadow people. It was not a fun experience. They pressed on my chest and I couldn’t breathe.

  29. Don't trust the lady that pretty much sounds like she screws shadows. No thanks ma'am. I'll stick to my truth. Them bitches is evil and love sucking your soul energy dry, your ilfe force, sucking away. Until one day, when you're really out of it, they make a coordinated attempt on your life. Or they don't. idk. YOOOOOUUU'RE the professionale.

  30. In my crib, I was surrounded by shadow people. Sometimes, I'm still afraid of the dark.

  31. No we aren't Talking about Psychology and our Soul my experience with these Shadow entities They're Something Separate from us Something From another Realm

  32. Maybe shadows was not that bad/evil, his the witness of our doing's who saw all our evil..

  33. They could be spirits of the dead who didn't move on and are helpless and stuck in limbo. Like the place between death and reincarnation. I feel bad for shadow people honestly speaking. They don't want to hurt you they just want some attention or care maybe.

  34. Say Jesus and see the Power The God of The Bible is True Jesus Christ is the only way and wepon

  35. awwe hell since she said psychology i dont believe in her no more these fucking psychologist claim to know everything about every brain but they dont and i have called them out on this and tested them on it so in reality they are just like teachers they only know what they study

  36. If shadow people is our imagination then why do people record them on film, psychology always seem the have the answers for everything, therapist just thinks everyone is crazy in some way or another. It’s a bunch of bull shit.

  37. She looks like Ben Delacreme. Also, since when does the Slenderman reach through the computer to kidnap people??

  38. You want to hear about real shadow people
    The ones that watch you and never say a word
    Just vanish?
    Watch this broadcast!

  39. Damn it was shadow Pokemon now people…. something ain’t right this ain’t a joke yall

  40. For those who can see shadow people, its just another being created by God called the Jinn. God tell us that they are made of smokeless fire(most likely a form of energy like electricity which produce light and heat). They have same life like us, there are male n female, they got married, have kids, go to work, has their own social system, government etc and they can see us but we cant see them, except on certain occasions. There are good and bad jinn, and the bad jinn is what makes the devils and satan. They mostly live in jungle, seas, abandoned buildings etc. If you able to see them, most likely there are some living in you.

  41. I'm not sure what these bitches are talking about, but what I can tell you is that shadow people are real, you can see them if you practice sleep deprivation. One way to witness the shadow people is to watch someone sleep. I know because I've seen it. For some reason shadow people are obsessed with people who are asleep/dreaming. If you deprive yourself of sleep and watch people while they are sleeping you will see the shadow people. They congregate around the sleeping for some reason. I don't know why, it seems they feed off of dreams.

  42. Clinical Psychologist =
    Basicaly they have a few dagree that allows them to be payed to say what ever you want them to say.

  43. Thank u masters ✍🙏💅💅😻😻😻💜💜💜💜💜💜✡🕎🤓🤓🤓😻😻🤳🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🙃🙃🙃🙃🤫🤫🤫🤫👁🤳🇮🇱🤷‍♀️🤐

  44. when we dream it what we become. when we die and have to fallow ourselves

  45. Sleep paralysis shadow people related all fear concept created by alien.
    Motive=having sex through fear.

    Fear is so dominant that most people do not realize that they are having sex.
    Our brain information is like a open book for them.
    Alien create a image of fear according to our brain programming.

    The impact of the image of their fear is that until we live on them they have sex with us.
    To stop itself is not in control of them.

    Earth=dose(lust) of aliens.

  46. How is it a metaphor I seen this man one time when i lived at my moms house when I was in high school I woke up at 1 am and I saw some one standing by my clock because I can see the light of my clock and some one I front as I got out off bed it quickly walked out I was scared shitless because when I stepped out the room all the lights where off and every one was a sleep it made no noise

  47. I’ve seen a shadow person before, no sleep paralysis or anything. I was in bed and my room’s lights were off but there was enough light that I could see a shadow figure standing in the middle of my room. My brother also saw it so there is no excuses. It would slowly get closer to us scaring us. But I made myself believe it was just my dad trying to scare us. I got up and ran to it and tried to give it a hug, I went right through it and it vanished.

  48. I think this woman has no clue about what she's talking about. My mom actually saw shadow people twice in her life, as a child and later as an adult, whatever they are they are no psychological projections or whatever, they are apparitions from who knows where, as a child she was with more children and they all saw this weird shadow hooded being.

  49. This explanation is about 30 years out of date. Few serious parapsychologist look towards explaining shadow people
    in terms of repressions or darker instincts inside a person. Even Dr. William Roll started to back away from this view in the 1990's
    when I was fortunate enough to speak to him about poltergeist and shadow apparitions. Having a shadow inside one that wishes
    to manifest may attract such beings but the beings themselves are well outside us and act much more like a parasite feeding
    off the object of control. Sometimes, people with no problems of their own can walk into a residence already infested which says
    nothing about the person who moves in but to the beings already in residence in that location.

  50. Load of shit they are evil hate us why would we hurt our self I do not have dark side I need to hide keep under control get real

  51. it can be both but it's true that the evil in people (which also cause spiritual attacks on others not just physical) is often not acknowledged but instead just focus on boogeymans outside or spirits/entities when people are just spirits in a physical vessel. therefore, just like the astral realm, there are good and bad people.

  52. No, this lady has it wrong.

    This lady doesn't understand that the fallen angels are the shadow people which are demons which are fallen angels that have gone bad and are evil.

  53. Shadow people and ghosts are all demons… they are also known as evil angels. They are very upset they got kicked out of heaven, and are furious they will be thrown in the lake of fire someday. Their wrath is great. They love to tempt, harass, and annoy human beings. It's all about revenge.

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