A Broken Heart Still Beats (a poem by Westley Nash)

“a broken heart still beats” (a poem by Westley Nash) A broken heart still beats a rythm, but always out of tune. For the many cracks that invade it’s structure, have forever altered it’s sound. A heavily corroded and scarred vessel, rendered weak and fragile by the fall from careless hands, before being left to die on the frozen ground… So close to failure. So near to it’s end. The harmless casualty of the unkind, the unscrupulous. The innocent victim of monsters and tyrants! Though fighting on valiantly, unyieldingly, persistently, desperately trying to maintain it’s tempo, less it fade forever into the unending silence… For even having suffered such mortal damage and lasting impairment by the numbing pain that lingers on firmly within it’s core, this brave entity defies the fear and the rising doubt, reaching out into the world for a kindred vessel with the same purest love and affection once more…

10 thoughts on “A Broken Heart Still Beats (a poem by Westley Nash)

  1. It certainly does and a little contrast creates extreme beauty:) Lovely piece:):):)

  2. That was a beautiful piece. It does ring true, heartbreak may cause pain. But time heals, and one learns to open up again, hopefully gaining more wisdom into what love truly means to them.

    I also really like your thoughts for the week videos.

    I'm glad I found this little corner of YouTube I didn't know existed. I've seen slam poet's out there, while that's good, I really love both writing and listening to nice thoughtful spoken word stuff. There's just something that feels more timeless. Your work seems to capture that quite well. Ok, I'm going to go continue marathoning some of your videos, keep on going with the wonderful work!

  3. beautiful piece buddy. always love your voice but especially in this one.

  4. Only the ones who know… can write… with such beauty <3 (I know I was here bfore ;-))

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