“A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” – Aranya Johar (Women’s Day Special)

the first boy who held my hands told me boys I wanna hear about vaginas bleeding younger men could smell the misogyny vagina or he might be fast pressed only meant to be soft mouths only meant to blow its – I know my risk might be compared to an hourglass my voice only meant aquiver please fast yet I am silent for always boil down to is sexual interaction not just me my mother sisters friends all freaking the paste post 8:30 in the evening my mom telling me to wear skirts are less often near playa and more left forgotten we don’t want to be another of India’s daughters do we so wear my jeans long and wear my talks hide also my cleavage with a hint of my time to want to be mistaken for wanting it because if I wear less and more than just flaunting it I’m risking it risking all my virginity but my life my highly seems to be sick a tool to keep Attila I’m a wife it’s not I’m a hoarder slut and skank and more not as your as I was before 1500 laxmi didn’t like thirty-two-year-old good due back and guru dealt with it real maturely he made her the victim of an acid attack lakshmi could be your sister your girlfriend your cousin we’re girls women human not a burden so I asked my meals trying to drop me home because his privilege will protect mine I’m sorry that I was cat called in my uniform at the age of nine this is with an old man thing I know it just me I do but the man I can trust are only a few as the age of 10 my brows are sexualized at the same time we don’t get dance exercise my aunt a by a husband was marital rape is fine puckered up it’s a mad design get in line so what I’m trying to say Georgia night is I’m sorry I was brought up in a family where my brother taught me wrong from right to remind mother believes in our generation to better the world and make it slightly easier for each and every God thank you for I see men in this room reaching out for help realizing the bane of the womb being saved by the same of a few we’re all collectively reaching out for you thank you give it up for our Mia God give it up for Anya [Applause]

100 thoughts on ““A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” – Aranya Johar (Women’s Day Special)

  1. You might like this video about women and freedom.

  2. Haters y don't u try having a little more sense towards y would you hate something like this. Dam u guys iq level is too high ….

  3. Fake Feminazis ! Always blabber about problems , but never want to give solutions. Only for getting attention, they use seductive language in their poetry for views , as if they are contesting a popularity contest. Just overgeneralization of things done by them, as if all men are rapists. Look at their YouTube page all of them are like these sex related poetries. For them empowerment means wearing short clothes, showing cleavage , going to pubs and discos, consuming liquor and cigrattes . Why don't they talk about our mothers and sisters, who work day and night in home and offices to raise their family,Or about girls in Indian army and those working as farmers.
    All time baby, sex , vagina , breast, hymen , smooch ah ,uh , adrak , lehsan , pyaaz pakoda .

  4. Tmhri soch tmhre liy bhut khatra h,likha hua hai,geeta me,likha hua upanisgads me, Quran ne,bible me

  5. Oh my god!! Goosebumps goosebumps goosebumps!!! This is so freaking amazing

  6. Fyi this has nothing to do with women empowerment…girl spiting erotica dictionary from her mouth, has nothing to do with women empowerment…. women empowerment is when 20 females put Mars mission in orbit even Elon musk is in awe,, when Nirmala Sitarama gets salute from top military chiefs … Do something…bakar to kejriwal bhi karta hai !

  7. For the bttrmnt of women.
    Instead of bragging out here go on a ground level where women really need to empowered.
    I mean thy need it the mst men…
    Women who fall in bckwrd or poor cls.
    70% of abuse nd women empowerment is needed fr thm. So do smthng abt thm. A true women empowerment.

    People who thinks dis hw u gonna empower its bullshit…
    U need to go on a ground level. Or strt ur chng fr urslf only.

  8. Still fuck FEMINISM !! Most of the bitches r misusing it 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕!!! FUCK OFF

  9. I don’t hw many times i have watched this , its been years . Still she is killing 🔥

  10. "My degenerate boyfriend (which I choose by my own will) hates me talking about my periods so I am gonna pose in front of the entire world as a suppressed woman, accusing rest of the men of misogny but with also using a shield( *I know all men are not same*) so that some stupid men like me think I am a progressive strong courageous woman who is fighting for her rights rather than being an outright sexist, trying to seek attention to recover my insecurities(which undoubtedly every boy and girl has).
    More powder to you girl.

  11. These gave me goosebumps! This is really the truth of india or maybe more countries! I wish parents taught their son to behave nicely and not the girl to wear full clothes! 💛

  12. It's not about the color of your skin, nobody hates you for being a woman, and poetry does not count as proof.

  13. If you expect more from society inspite of building yourself, feminism and chauvinism plays major role. First you are human, next you are man or woman. Everyone haa same emotions. Anyways,I appreciate your mugging skills 😛

  14. Sbko publicity chahiye No one cares about the actual shit happening in our country (bitter truth )

  15. the person who made taiwanese french and portuguese subs is a legend

  16. Why all her entire poem is all about sex. This girl need to get a life.

  17. DAMN 🔥 So true ❤️ More power to you sister. Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵

  18. Oh…so many self righteous men here are offended. Some truth are so bitter that it's easier to sit inside our own bubbles and utopian world's than to look around….read about or to hear what women around have to share…the horror stories, the humiliation stories…I mean each women in this world, forget about our country, has been violated at least once. Even the women in your families. Men don't even have to listen to so called 3rd wave feminists. They just need to talk to their mothers, sisters, cousin's or women relatives….each one has gone through some sort of sexual violence, which probably even they themselves took time to register because of the extent sexism and misogyny have been normalised in our societies. Each and every man has a friend or group of friends who has or have done derogatory things, said derogatory words about women, have sexualised women often in guy's talk, WhatsApp exchanges or in conversations over beer. But very few probably found it offensive or raised a word about it. Coz it has been the toxic norm. Sexual violence against women is not a norm, it's an aberation, it's a sickness of epidemic proportions. First of all men need to do some introspection, and then some research, before giving out a knee jerk reaction propelled by bruised egos

  19. "brown girl" is that what women with a tan are called now? Then my wife is an Irish "brown woman"… if you connected her freckles, she would be an Irish "black woman"…

  20. Bravo sister. proud of you.
    for every single person who left a hate comment beneath this..FUCK OFF

  21. Really I dunno what she explained… but definitely she may said something good for this society.. I need to improve my English but in my education we not hard word like misogyny and all.. first time in my life… I need to learn lots n lots but dunno the way☹️

  22. This is the best speech I've heard! Her energy, her words surprise me. I've heard this for like the 12th time and I love her anger she put into this very important topic!👍💛

  23. This made me shiver. Reminds of my sister. I need to show this to her.

  24. ill give £100 to anyone who can give me 5 other things that vaginas are used for.

  25. Vagina bleeds because its natural you are naturally made like that its not your achievement dumb feminist

  26. Girls like her are a waste to society..no real talent just keep crying in the name of feminism and women empowerment..btw they dnt really know eat actual women empowerment is..sirf randirona ata he

  27. Is there any need to talk about this..and this girl doesnt talk about women empowerment she just shows how men r bad and should not even exist..and like a women doesnt do anything wrong..wow..

  28. I'm not a feminist. What my brother has told to me about feminism really changed my point of view, but hearing that speech was something else.

  29. Brown girl??? She looks black from her heart!!
    Trying to get cheap publicity!!
    Women in isro ias ips are doing real feminism…
    These are just attention seeking shits!!

  30. First of all
    – Same as some boys don’t want to hear about vagina bleeding I am pretty sure girls also don’t want to hear about boys complaining about how sweaty and itchy their balls are
    – “Vaginas are only meant to be fucked “ Pretty sure the biological function of a Vagina is that and giving birth to a child and Idk what else you want the vagina to do
    – “Breasts only meant to be sucked” Again that is the biological function of breast to produce milk and feed the baby and if you allow someone else to do it for sexual purpose that’s upto you
    – “Mouth is only meant to blow”🤦‍♂️ I am pretty sure that’s what your feminist mind think that we men think mouth is only meant to blow and not for consuming food
    – First of all men don’t force women to looks like an hour glass 😂🤦‍♂️ and Really no one cares if your body is like a hour glass , just cuz your crush likes girls with an hour glass body and ignores you doesn’t mean that you blame all men
    – Your voice is not only meant to say please fast you can also say stop if you want no one’s forcing you 🤦‍♂️ and during sex you can say whatever you want no one’s saying you to say only please fast 🤦‍♂️
    – No one’s silencing you 😂🤦‍♂️ this is 2019 you can just simply ruin any guy’s future by saying he tried to sexually harass you I don’t see any silencing there 😂🤦‍♂️
    – If some random guy dms you on insta messaging “Hey Baby “ then the next day you think every guy wants to have sex with you 🤦‍♂️
    – Well if you quicken your pace at 8:30 evening that means you have elected a shit government up north who don’t care about women’s safety
    – If your Mom tells you to wear skirt out less often take that issue upwith your mom and don’t blame it on men 😂
    – And again if you are worried about your safety elect a better government and demand more safety protocols rather electing government for religious agendas
    – No real man thinks cuz you are wearing short dress that means you are wanting it and I am pretty sure that rapist don’t care if you are wearing short or not just cuz your mom and dad doesn’t want you to wear short dresses don’t blame it on men
    – “My hymen seems to be sacred and kept till I am a wife” That’s what your parents say to you , Not Men and do you think the boys parents say him “Yeah Beta go have fun lose virginity have sex with random girls and come home “ the parents say this to both
    – You think if you have sex before marriage then you will be called Randi ? Idk which year you think you live in but it’s 2019 and pretty sure guys don’t around calling girls Randi if they are not Virgin and ever heard of the word “Randwa”🤦‍♂️
    – One guy did an acid attack on a girl and you hold all 3.5 billion males responsible 🤦‍♂️ and saying that could have happened to our mother , sister or cousin sister Oh wait I forgot men had the super power which makes them immune to acid attack so it can’t happen to my brother , father or cousin brother 🤦‍♂️ Go search on the internet and you can see male victims of acid attack But your feminist mind can’t accept that ofc
    – You got catcalled in your uniform at 9 years old and your dad even care to report it ? Must be an awesome dad to have
    – The men you can trust are only a few? Yea I am pretty sure who those men are , those “Male feminists” on Social network who pretends to be a feminist so that he can get into girls pants 😂
    – At age 12 your Bra straps were sexualized ? Tf 😂 No comments on that 😂
    – You don’t get sexual rights ? I am pretty sure the constitution gives equal rights to both men and women
    – Literally no one is saying marital rape in fine and if some even say It is , I can say majority of men disagrees and your aunt can easily divorce him and file a case on him
    – And most girls nowadays become a feminist to gain some fame and pretty sure some even don’t care about actual measures to help women in India
    Lastly the only thing I enjoyed is that guy playing the guitar

  31. Full randi rona, in usa girls are black and they are becoming successful without any randi rona but in india if girls aree they got a reason of not becoming successful.

  32. So disgusting 😷😷😷😷😷 sara frustration public attention ke liyee lagaa diaa iam sure iss speech ke baad isnee khoob daruu piaa hogaa , khoob cigarettes piyee hongee aur of course koi na koi to jarur hogaa x mam ka

  33. Bhen psudo feminist lagti hai!!! Nari Sashaktikaran waly khayalton say ekdam dur..

  34. 2.6k dislikes!!!! There's a lot of evil stepsisters in the internet .

  35. When I was in high school, I watched this video. It really inspired me like banging my head. Now I go to the biggest women’s university in the world, supporting feminism. Endless thank for her. Really mean it.

  36. Omg she literally made me cry that was so beautiful and so true❤️need this things in our society

  37. 10 seconds into it I'm laughing, 20 seconds later i'm fast asleep. Thanks.

  38. If only our celebrities actually spread some awareness like this, we would have been in a very different and better society. But no, they all want to show those short dresses on screen, which actually makes a common girl's problems even more bad.

  39. I've only gotten into spoken poetry this year. I heard a clip of this on Instagram and came here to see the full video. This is amazing!

  40. rights of passage

    I was born twice

    as a  woman

    once too old for my shoes

    a child who was meant to believe

    they were sick, when i wasn't  

    humilated for their women

    to get attention,
    from  their sugar daddys
    in jealously who wrote the meds
    got nicknamed  me butterfly

    And now nothing will be

    the same, till i burn

    this house on fire not a home

    anymore ,

    to the ground,

    just like left eye did


    AS A woman

    I took a journey of consciousness

    in the hell of Dreams ….and Premonition

    And couldn’t be still in the silence

    driving me to murder

    or suicide

    with my nails on a Real man's  back'

    TILL" he witnessed me

    With A Broken Jaw My Daddy Gave To Me

    CALL A DREAMER 'S NAME over and over again

    like a muse……….


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