A Caregiver’s Heart (a poem about patient care)

I cared for you even before we met. As letters meandering the page
sketched the contours of a portrait, I looked forward to meeting you. As I enter the room,
I sense a fragrance of time past, of struggles endured years before–
silent whispers of a mind’s unrest reflected through misted eyes. As we talk,
of a soul’s facade you steadily disrobe. Words of suffering and pain, joy and pride-
each syllable a silvered twine weaving your life’s story. I examine you. Your heart-
that fulcrum deeply hinged. A bittersweet thrum
of a battery strong but worn. Your lungs-
that which sing their own melodious song,
a lulling carol invigorated with each exhale. From there a journey it becomes
to strengthen you, to make you whole. A disease conquered, a valley bridged. A hollow filled, a life restored. We work together. As ripples in a wake,
your life affects mine, for the same heart that aches
when you suffer rejoices with you
in your victories. Because this is what I treasure–
the chance to care for you, to walk with you. It is a privilege. So thank you for letting me.

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