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  1. I am the youngest of three my brothers are 7 years older so when the divorce happened I was 13 and they were twenty they left the state and never bothered to ask how I'm doing. My parents always kept fighting even after the divorce so they didn't care much about me. I'm still dealing with the feeling of abandonement but slowly I know I'll get through it

  2. My parents were divorced for as long as I can remember. I'm 11 and im still having problems.🙁

  3. sometimes our parents is hurt enough.. thats why some kid out there allowed their parents to divorced if they have to. you can't say that they are worse. because when you are a child.. then you will never could see your parents suffering. so you could take their pain away and bring it to yourself.. that is what child of divorced parents think..

  4. Heart breaking, video should be mandatory viewing for any couple considering divorce.

  5. Idk what to do I’m terrified of my father and he hurts my mom mentally and physically and all I can do is sit back and watch them my dad is on drugs and the courts know that but they won’t do anything my mom is my best friend my hero and she helps me through everything but here lately he is tearing her apart and I can’t do anything I’m only 14 and he won’t leave us alone I’m scared!!!

  6. I stayed with my dad got kicked out.. im 20 but man the age doesnt matter. Have a drink on me folk if youre aged enough… it will get better… atleast thats what i tell myself

  7. Please whoever reads🙏🏻
    Please pray for my parents😭
    I wish they could live together with love like everyone lives😔😞😓😢💔

  8. My parents got divorced and I still feel the pain and I’m 13 now and they don’t even talk to each other and when they do take they argue and threaten that they are going to take me and my siblings away and have custody

  9. I hope and pray that my husband and I won’t be getting divorced. I hope he doesn’t file for divorce and for us to go to marriage therapy. I want us to be a happy family for our beautiful daughter.

  10. Reading these comments is so heartbreaking. I am thinking of divorcing my husband and we have a 16 month old daughter together, but after reading these comments, I really don't want to cause this pain to my daughter. She is a baby, but there are comments here of kids who were 2 when their parents got divorced and still suffered and I dont want that to happen to my baby. I don't know what to do 💔

  11. I know that mom is the one with an income and the woman (screw humanity for that by the way) but my dad is the one who actually seems to care and try while my mom tries but doesn’t think things through

  12. I have not had someone that understands for 3 years and my friend s parents are getting a divorce and know we will both have a shoulder to 😢 on

  13. My parents devorced when I was 7 years old and now I am 11 years old and now my father did 3rd marriage and have 1 daughter who is 3 years old its like he forget about his first daughter, me 😭😭😭I wish this never happened 😭😭 well my mom is the best 😍😍😍😍 she did 2nd marriage because she couldn't effort my fee of school she only did it for me 😍 love you mom😍😍 but my step dad is nice he is way better then my real father 😢 but still keep wishing this never happened 😢😢 what if I had my own real family ? Why do parents get divorced ? I need them now 😢to be together 😢

  14. When my parents divorced when I was 9, i felt like it was the end. I was depressed for months. I couldn’t look at the photos of my mom and dad together because i would tear up. I would cry whenever i hear the word divorce. It was a sad time for me and still is. My parents argue all the time when my mom drops me off at my dads house. my brother with down syndrome has it worse. He cries when they fight and curls up in a corner in the closet and sits there for ever. Divorce is tough. The court didn’t care about me or my brother.

  15. I actually can relate to this video. Even though my parents aren't divorce, they always fight. I am always in my bedroom to not listen to their fights but they are always loud and I could hear ever word they say in the fight. It breaks my heart, my brother doesn't seem to care, so he left me out. I had no one for comfort about my problems.
    Everytime they say my name in the fight, I always thought that I was the root of the problem, I always feel guilty about it even I don't know what is the problem about.
    Everytime they fight, I always close my mouth shut and also close it with my hands. Because I feel nauseous when I hear their fights. All I can do is pray to God and think positive.

  16. This is what i feel and this is what my parent was doing now 😩😩😩

  17. My parents divorced before I was born. It never gets easier becaue I'm 20 now and they still fight over the stupidest shit ever. If I want to visit one well I can't because its betraying them. My dad doesn't let me see my mom because he can't handle it and shes a bitch ect. But what about him he manipulates all the time even his wife and when they don't live up to his expectations he throws them out. He cheated on my mom step mom and my brothers mom and he wonders why they hate him. My half brother and I were born a year apart and he was still with my mom at that point. He had girls come in and out of our lives that I lost count and while my mom plays her games so is he. I hate it so much but when I try to defend them from each other I used to get in trouble. Now my dad just yells and snaps and threatens until I'm quiet…

  18. The truth in this video couldn’t be more real. Every part of it was true. And unless you have divorced parents this video won’t mean what it means to us.

  19. My perents got bivors when I was 4 year and. I havent sin. My mom sense that day. And know I am. 9 years😭😭😞😞😭😭

  20. Ok so I need help. Ok so I am going to court to live with my Mom and I am 13. Do u guys think I have a say? If I do what stuff should I say to get to live with her?

  21. My parents got divorced when I was around 2 I’m 14 now and I still feel the pain of their divorce everyday and I have to act like I’m fine

  22. So many families are struggle with the divorce or fighting in the home. So much goes unsaid kids are left filling in the blanks. Oftentimes they blame themselves or spend all their time trying to solve what the parents can’t. The children’s book “ A Safe Place to Call Home” can be a positive resorce for both parent and child during this time.
    Safe Place To Call Home https://www.amazon.com/dp/1504350278/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_-jBhAbCPBFD14

  23. i didn't need them i need no one not even god i need devil he will surely help me

  24. My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old. I'm now 13 years old. When I was 5 I remember sitting on the stairs listening to my parents fight. It was scary. Thry got divorced and then my whole life just stopped and twisted around. I was so hurt. The court never cared how I felt. Well life was better as I got older but this year everything started twisting again. My Mom amd Dad started calling each other and being mean to each other and fighting over the phone. I wonder all the time what life would be like to be a normal family with a Mom and Dad that love each other. I still cry and think a lot and I dont think I will e er get over the divorce

  25. my parents are in the process of a divorce and I keep thinking of how things will be different, I just want them to love each other again 😢😭😭😭😭🙁

  26. My mom and dad will divorce later,I don't know what to do and where to be on. I might be hard on the outside but soft in the inside, people who have been on this divorce problems I want to say I know how you feel to have no mom or dad together.this is Luna signing off.

  27. Dear Mom and Dad,
    I am currently celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary. If either of you feel unhappy about not being invited to my wedding, Fuck you. I did not want either of you present to taint my family's future.
    I am the parent of two well adjusted children of whom i am extremely proud of, no thanks to either of you. Both of you made me feel unimportant, useless, and unloved when you divorced and immediately remarried. Because of your selfishness, I have become an emotional bastard/orphan. I have succeeded in spite of you. I married a good woman who's parents are still married. I keep the shame and pain of being a child of divorce deep within myself. I only hope my children will never come to understand. I will not tell them, being a child of divorce will die with me.

    May God have Mercy on you,

    Your Bastard Son

  28. My parent have been divorced since I was 2. Most people would say " you didn't have to faced the pain of when the divorce happened. " it's just as bad. My parents always do what is best for me and don't argue in front of me instead my mom takes her anger out on me. She yells and cusses at me. Did you know that the first 5 years of a child's life shape them much more than any other years. That's what I live with that's why when I'm mad I shut off. I am popular at school but when I find friend in my classes with me arguing even breaks out between the bestest friends. All who live with divorce we can always stick together.

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