A Creative Christmas Poem

Twas the Night before Christmas
All through the boutique Not a creature was stirring
They were all fast asleep The stockings were hung
In the showroom with care In hopes that St. Nicholas
Soon would be there The reps were all gathered
In the boardroom for cheer Reminiscing about
Such a fabulous year Lots of excitement
As we ventured back home Oh why did we ever
Think we should roam There was SWAGCHELLA
Women, Wednesdays, and Wine Join our events next year
For a SWAG-tastic time Our family is here
This is where we belong We work well together
And we all get along We run on coffee, laughter,
chocolate, and puppies To have you as our clients
We are ever so lucky We are glad that you followed
We ever so blessed That you let us take care
Of your SWAG if you’re stressed 2019 promises
Great ideas and fun For CREATIVE Promotional Marketing
Has only just begun! Thanks for watching!

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