A Day in the Life of a Teacher

– [Bridget] Hey guys. Today I wanted to do a day
in the life of a teacher, so I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you what it is that I do on a day to day basis in kindergarten. (light upbeat music) So the first thing I like to do when I enter in to my classroom is turn on all of my
lamps and fix my pillows. I’m a little OCD about my pillows, so I turn my lights on, and I go ahead and start taking out all of my materials that I’ve kind of brought home, so I take out my planner, I
take out my teacher planner, my laptop, my Diet Coke
which is very important for me to start the morning, and I just kind of start
to get myself situated. Once I take out all of my things, I like to open up my teacher planner and flip to today’s lesson, so I quickly just kind of look over what it is I’m doing for the day just so I can have a great idea of pretty much my plan for the day. I also turn on my laptop
which takes a little bit for it to get started, and I will take my teacher planner and place it on my black desk. This is where I do all of my instruction, so I like to make sure
that my lesson plans are right in front of me at all times. Once my students walk into my classroom, they get started with their
counting jar right away, so I’m busy while they’re doing that helping other students, and I’m taking out my assessments for the day. So once my kids finish up
with their counting jar, they bring that to me so I
can quickly check over it. The announcements will come
on around 7:50 in the morning, so as soon as the announcements come on, I have my kids all stop, we all stand together,
we all face the flag, and we say the Pledge of Allegiance. Once that is finished,
announcements are over, I like to make sure that I stop my class, and I kind of just double check that everybody’s inside
of my room and unpacked. Then I give them directions
as to what they’re doing. I’ll go over the daily data question, I’ll tell them to complete
their counting jar, and then I’ll let them
know about their task that they have for that day. As my students are working
on their counting jar and morning activities, I’m
doing a couple of assessments in the morning. I’ll even get together a small group that we can quickly just go over some of those different skills that I’ve noticed that some of the kids may be having issues with, so
I will do a quick small group with them and go over some of these. Here I’m doing a math small group. (light upbeat music) Next up comes my intervention time, so this is the time when I’m
working with those students who need just some extra support, so I’ll pull them, and we’ll begin working on some of those skills that they need. (light upbeat music) Once my intervention is complete, I will ring my bell, and my students will start cleaning up and making their way to the carpet. The first thing that we like to do when we get to the carpet is sing our good morning song, so we sing that standing
up so we can get ourselves pumped up and ready for the day. After our morning song, I like to sit down with my students in a circle, and this is the time when
I start to talk about some of the behaviors that I’ve seen, maybe if it’s some class
issues that I need to correct, and then I’ll also just
give my kids the opportunity to just to have some shout out, so that they can share some things that are happening with them. Then we’ll move into our morning message, and this is the time where my kids and I are coming together,
and we’re talking about some of those phonics skills, so now I’ve transitioned
my morning message from me actually writing it out and us going through each word to now my kids sharing out
something we pounded out for the sentence, and
then I have them come up and do some shared writing. After that, we like to
get some wiggles out with GoNoodle. I mean, who doesn’t love that, right? So once we get out wiggles out, we sit back down on the carpet, and it’s time for our writing mini lesson. So this is the time where
I like to do a mini lesson. I’ll read a book typically, or we’re reviewing one
of our mentor texts, and then I’d like to model
some of that writing. Once we model it, we may do a little bit of shared writing with it, and then after that, we’ll
start to make our way into independent practice. So during independent practice, I give my kids the option of
sitting wherever they choose. The majority of them like
to sit at their table which is really funny. I like to see how my classes vary up, so this is a time where I’m walking around making sure that all of my kids are pretty much understanding
what they need to be doing. Then I will make my way
into my writing conferences, and I usually take it to
where I can do one data binder during my writing
conference, so this is where we’re reviewing some of their learning, and I can also make some
assessments at this time during their data binders. (light upbeat music) So at 9:35 on the dot, we line up so that we can make our way to specials. Today, we are making our way to library. My kids absolutely love library time. (light upbeat music) So I get 30 minutes of planning time, and this is time where I
start to get myself ready for my reading workshop. I like to make sure that
everything is ready to go ’cause once we get in, I
mean it is gung-ho reading all the way, so I take out all of my items for my small groups. If you haven’t seen my Periscope
on my small group buckets, check it out. It is fantastic. Then I like to just go over my calendar, make sure I don’t have anything planned, make sure there aren’t any drills or any meetings that
I need to be attending for the day. I’ll also make my way to my laptop, check my emails to check for changes in transportation or any other notes from my administrator. I’ll also go over my inbox. I like to make sure that I have everything as far as being copied,
whether it needs to be cut or filed away, so this is
the time that I do that. (light upbeat music) And of course, if I have those
copies that I need to make, I go ahead and make those right away. Something important to note that as soon as I make my copies, I like to put them away right away, so I open my 31 drawer system, and if you haven’t heard
me talk about that, I am going to be talking about
it in detail pretty soon, so I take all of those copies
that I know I’m going to teach on a specific day, and I stick
it inside of that folder. I’ll also take this opportunity to put any conference notes or anything I need to send to my parents that come from me inside
of their mailboxes. Then it’s off to go pick up my kids. So once I have my kids,
we pretty much walk down, and we go straight to recess. Our recess time is at 10:10,
so we make our way outside if it’s absolutely beautiful, and lately y’all, it has been gorgeous in the state of Alabama. I think spring has finally showed itself. (light upbeat music) Once out there, I start tying shoes. So recess ends for us at 10:30, and we make our way
back into the building, and we like to stop at the bathroom just so that we can wash our hands. When we enter back into the classroom, we immediately pull out our snacks. After snacks, my students go
ahead and independent read until we’re ready for whole group. Once whole group starts,
I do my mini lesson, and typically, I do it beginning with a phonological lesson,
and then after that, we dive into our book,
and I start focusing on that skill and that
standard for that week. My whole group lesson typically lasts for about 15 minutes. Once that’s complete, I let my kids go into reading workshop,
and I’m pulling small groups within this time. Everyone else is pretty much working on their super centers,
their partner reading, independent reading, they’re practicing on some of their goals that
they have for that week, so it just depends on the student. I also take this opportunity
to do some assessments as well if I have extra time. At 12:10, we make our
way to the lunch room. As soon as lunch is over,
which lasts about 20 minutes, we stop at the bathroom,
and we go directly to P.E. On this day, we had P.E. outside, so I was taking my days out, so that they can go
and play on the fields. Then I take this opportunity
for my planning time, which again lasts for 30 minutes. I come in, check my communication folder, and I go ahead and put all of the papers that I get from the office
into my students’ mailboxes. I also take this opportunity
to clean, clean, clean. It seems like that’s pretty
much what I feel like I’m doing my entire break. I will also put away all
of my small group items. I don’t really take the
opportunity to do that during my reading workshop
because when I’m in the moment, I’m in the moment. I will also put away some
of those assessments, check those, make any
notes that I need to make for my students, and file those away. Then I check my email for any notes from parents or administration. I also take this time to
start pulling any materials that I need for the next few weeks, so here I’m just pulling some materials that I know I’m going to be needing that are coming up within
the next two weeks. Then I take all those materials, and I file them away
into my 31 folder system. Y’all, this system absolutely
saves my life every time. I absolutely love it and
cannot rave about it any more. (light upbeat music) At 1:15, I’m off to pick up my kids. (light instrumental music) Once we get back into
the building after P.E., I like to stop at the bathroom just so that they can have
the chance to wash their face, wash their hands, because
y’all they are sweat teetering this time. Once that’s finished, we line back up, and we make our way back to our room. (light upbeat music) Once we’re in our room
which is around 1:20, we dive into math, and usually we begin it with a song, so we start it with a song, we like to get up, get
some of those wiggles out, and sing together. Then we go ahead and do our calendar, and y’all my calendar is super short. It’s nothing special, nothing fancy. I talk about today,
yesterday, and tomorrow. We log the weather for that day, I change my digital date,
but that’s really about it as far as what my calendar consists of. (light upbeat music) Then we will add a star for how many days we’ve been in school, and this is a time when I talk about patterns, we talk about counting by
ones, by fives, by tens, and we also talk about place values, so this is where I spend a lot of my time during my calendar time. This portion of my calendar
usually lasts, for me, about 10 minutes. After calendar time, we have
some type of a math warm up, and this varies on a day to day basis. On this particular day,
we’re working with rekenreks, so it’s pretty much telling
combinations of numbers, so I like to give my students a number, and they have to tell me
what combination I have so they show it to me on their rekenrek. So after our math warm
up, we have some type of a mini lesson, and
typically mini lessons will last about 10 minutes for us. On this particular day, our mini lesson was extremely short, and it is something we already practice a bunch of times, so I skipped over our mini lesson, we went directly into
our Champ math rotations, so here, I’m just making
sure that students are getting to where they
need to be for Champ, and our math rotations typically last about 15 to 20 minutes. (light upbeat music) Once all of my students
are in their positions, I make my way to my small group table, and this is where I have my students that I am meeting for that day, so I only meet with one
group a day for math. Usually if I need to
meet with them anymore, I pull them within that morning time that you saw earlier. And here’s a look see at
what my kids are doing during math, so you see there are students that are working in their math journals, that are applying some of that knowledge, you have buddy games going on, you have iPads going on, so
there’s various different things that my students are doing
within math workshop. (light upbeat music) So right after math workshop, we like to sit back down at the carpet and have a reflection time, and this is where we’re just talking about the various skills that we were using during math workshop. I also like to take this opportunity to talk about some of those students that had some ah-ha moments,
and then maybe some struggles so that we can kind of brainstorm together and think about what they could do to help some of those problems. After our math reflection time, I dismiss my students by table so that they can grab
their communication folders and their poetry notebooks, so this is them getting
everything out of their mailboxes. They lay their heads down,
they take out their reading log from the day before,
and they also take out their behavior chart
so that I can check it. Once everything is checked,
they can finish packing up, and they can make their ways outside so that they can put everything
inside of their backpacks. (light instrumental music) So once my students have
everything packed up, and I do like to get
packed up a few minutes before the bell just so that
in case it does gets crazy, and we’re trying to finish things, we’re not in a rush to try and pack up. So they place their backpacks
on the back of their chairs, and they make their way to the carpet. For the last 15 to 20 minutes of the day, it’s my science and social studies time, so typically this varies
on a day to day basis because sometimes, I’m
taking this opportunity to do data binders, my
students are working at kind of their enrichment period where they’re writing,
they’re still reading, they’re finishing up super centers, it just varies on occasion, so here, I wanted to go back
over some of the material that we were reading, and
I also had a short video for them to watch. Y’all they absolutely love videos, and if you haven’t heard
about Discovery Streaming, I would definitely check it out because it has some great great videos. Today, on this day, we
were looking at a video on the thunderstorm because
they had to complete a thunderstorm description
for their super centers, so I really wanted them
to experience the sounds and what it looked like
so they can kind of start building back some of
that background knowledge or kind of channeling into their schema. At 2:45, the end of the
day announcements come on, and that’s typically when
I start having my bells lining up, so first
bell will line up first, then once they’re
dismissed, and the next bell will line up, and so on and so forth, but this is also the time
where I like to make sure that my students are all working together to make sure that our classroom is ready and set for the day. I don’t do jobs because
I want to make sure that everybody understands
that we’re doing this as a community, that
it’s not just one person that’s responsible for making sure that everything is put up, so folders are out, bowls are out, they’ve checked to make sure
everything’s off the floor, and then they line
themselves up for their bell for the end of the day. (light instrumental music) Once all of the students are gone, this is the time where I start cleaning up some of my materials, putting
away some of the things that I was using for teaching. I shut off my computers and my smartboard and just really start getting ready for the next day. If I have extra time, and
I don’t have a meeting that I have to get to, I will definitely have to take a broom and
start sweeping my carpet. I know that’s crazy. We don’t have vacuums,
but I sweep my carpet, and I’ll also sweep the floor because there are rocks,
and there’s grass, and there’s just various little things, and I like to make sure that
my classroom is neat and tidy, and everything is just looking perfect and ready for my kids to come in and have a great start to the day. (light instrumental music) Once my whole group area is cleaned up, I work my way to my small group area, and this is the time when I start filing some of those things away, making sure that I have all of my
materials for the next day, and I start putting all of
the things that I’m going to be taking home into
a nice little neat pile, so that I know and I don’t miss anything or forget anything when I leave. (light instrumental music) I also pull out my
folder for the next day, and this has all of my teaching materials inside of it, and I like to
place that on my black table. Again, this is where I
do a lot of my teaching, so I want to make sure
that those materials are right where I need them to be. Then it’s time to change my data question, and I also change the pattern for the day and double check the number
inside of their counting jar. This is what my students do as soon as they come in in the morning, so I like to make sure
that everything is done and ready to go, so that in
case there’s an emergency, or I’m falling behind, or
something just happens, I mean you never really
know, they are ready to go, and they have everything set
so they can come in the morning and they can get
themselves busy right away. (light instrumental music) One of the last things that I like to do right before I pack up
to get ready to go home is check my emails. Again, I just want to
make sure that I have any emails that I need
to respond for parents, anything from my administration, PTO, or just anything from my team members. (light instrumental music) Once everything has been checked, and everything’s ready
to go for the morning, I can take my bag out
and start packing away all of my materials. Remember my nice little neat pile that I was telling you about? Well there it is. I have everything right
there ready to get packed up inside of my bag so that
I don’t forget anything. (light instrumental music) So once everything is
packed up in my bags, my table’s cleared off, my
emails have been checked, and the morning work is ready to go for the next day, I
can start making my way out of the door. So I hope you guys enjoyed watching a day in the life of a kindergarten teacher. This is pretty much what
I do on a day to day basis except for when we have those crazy days where we have drills and performances that we have to go to watch, but this is just a typical day for me. I hope you guys had a great idea or getting a great idea of what I do on a day to day basis. If you have any questions,
please leave them down below, and I will do my best to answer them, and as always guys, if you enjoyed this
video, please make sure you give it a thumbs up,
and I will talk to you guys really soon. Thanks for watching. Bye! (light instrumental music)

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