A Doctor Who Impressions Poem – Ode to a Timelord

Doctor Who Impressions Poem Now then, I am going to tell you a story It is quite an extraordinary tale indeed! One that crosses space and time It's a story all about me…! No-one else has a life like mine Well, apart from all my friends! I have so many! They come and they go In a story that never ends. Mind you, it’s not just my companions who change (That’d really be calling the kettle black!) No, I too change, though in a different way You see, Timelords have this knack… It’s a way of cheating death Of living on and on. For I travel though eternity Until the cosmos is gone As I go, I meet all sorts; family, friends… and foes You see not everyone plays by the rules – It keeps me on my toes! I vanquish evil night and day Though never carrying a gun! I merely use my remarkable mind And outwit them one by one! I knock around in this blue box The TARDIS – my only real home We never go anywhere in a straight line! By the winds of time, we’re blown Of course it’s bigger on the inside (People never quite understand…) She’s the safest place in the universe – My castle, when danger’s at hand Occasionally I do things of which I’m not proud Even Timelords make mistakes Some decisions are quite impossible ones Some have too higher stakes… It’s hard to admit I get things wrong But change is what I do No use crying over spilt milk – The past’ll make way for the new With each fresh new face comes a fresh new look New hair, new teeth, new clothes Are pinstripes the fashion, or a scarves still in? Blimey! Just look at that nose! You’ll find my face belies my age I forget how old I should be… These eyes will see time run out – For everyone but me Endings are sad but beginnings are happy – That treadmill keeps on turning I think the Universe still has much to teach, so… I will just keep on learning Only one thing left to mention (But it’s a pretty important bit of kit) My sonic lance, er specs, I mean screwdriver Coz I’d be totally lost without it! Doctor Who Impressions Poem

38 thoughts on “A Doctor Who Impressions Poem – Ode to a Timelord

  1. Absolutely brilliant! This is the right Who content the community needs.

  2. Mind boggingly brilliant!!!!!!! Even Jodie- I fall down now!!!!!!!😁

  3. Hi I just want to say good job, good job who ever made that video did a very good job and the voice talent was amazing I love when fans do videos like this its like what Russell t Davies once said while he was head writer for doctor who when fans do doctor who fan made videos its simply more of the story and getting more of doctor who is always going to be good I hope you guys will do many more fan made stuff it would be cool if you could do fan made stuff on quantum leap another Sci fi show that deserves some fan love totally respect

  4. First doctor is a bit high pitch but only by a bit but very good I want to see more of this
    Fourth and ninth is on point
    So is war

  5. It took a second viewing of this to realise it was completely legit and really well done. Bravo.

  6. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You, Sir… Are an artist!

  7. Er what about the Metachrisis Doctor? Hahaha, just kidding this is great!!

  8. Love Spare Parts and this is brilliant as well!
    Wonderful job by all.
    Thank you Luke 💙💙

  9. Excellent. Some particularly fine impressions, especially the 2nd, 7th (absolutely faultless – you would think that WAS Sylvester!) 9th and 10th (really captures David's vocal inflections so well). Surprised Jacob Dudman wasn't the 11th but Jamie House does a superb job.. A different approach to a familiar trope. Very well done to all concerned!

  10. Absolutely, outstandingly, fantastically amazing, each impressionist did such a wonderful job and every stanza plays on the personalities of each incarnation so well. 56 years of this show perfectly summarized

  11. I seem to get emotional when I hear this. It's so superb. I love the voice acting. So we'll performed

  12. Oh, wow! This is beyond brilliant! I got goosebumps just watching it. Fantastic job on the poem & bravo to these incredibly talented voice actors!

  13. Excellent work all round. Special shout-outs to the people behind the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th (Who manages to top even the incredible Jacob Dudman) & 12th for their nigh on perfect deliveries.
    (Can someone PLEASE sign Pete Walsh up to Big Finish? His Ninth is miles better than Nick Briggs' geordie take in the Chronicles series 🙂)

  14. This is fantastic. The Hartnell and Jodie ones could use a bit of works but you've done a great job of it all of you.

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