‘A Dog’s Way Home’: the writers and star dog are interviewed on KCL

okay I am so excited for what's about to happen by now you've probably seen the adorable previews of the story of a dog who finds herself on an epic adventure when she becomes separated from her family author and screenwriter Bruce Cameron and co-screenwriter Katherine Michonne of a dogs way home are here with the dog herself Shelby welcome you guys here now we're gonna get to her story in just a minute but Bruce yeah we found out right for the show that you actually lived in Kansas City for quite something yeah I grew up K through 12 right here and on the Kansas side in the Shawnee Mission area went to Shawnee Mission East wow that's awesome and so do you come back often do so family here I still have a sister here that teaches school the frontier school in downtown and I I just can't stay away from Kansas City it's a great city yeah it's really nice sorry it's not as warm as LA but we're close but we're doing great so Shelby is the best dog maybe that we've had verb is set yeah and she is so gorgeous can you tell me her story well she was rescued from a shelter in Tennessee she was literally living in a landfill and we did a nationwide search and we went to Tennessee to get her and the minute we saw her I mean look at this face she's a movie star only 2 years old only 2 but she's very smart and big career ahead of her I mean her trainers here too and she is so well-behaved yeah so well-trained and she can't have any training before that now she starts from from junkyard dog movie star a star is some tips right yeah dogs my home we've seen the previews it looks so cute so positive can you tell us about the plot oh yeah it's the story of a dog who gets separated from its owner because of breed discriminatory legislation because they say this is a pit bull which it kind of probably is not right Shelby we got and so they're sent away hundreds of miles away from its owner Lucas its person and then she makes her way back through the Colorado Rockies because is just pulled by that invisible leash of love she just wants to be with her person and she goes she you know the Rockies a pretty hostile environment especially for a domesticated creature you know dogs don't exactly hunt their own food anymore so it takes a couple of years she meets a lot of people and different creatures along the way that story and Shelby's obviously the star of the film oh yes play she's voiced by another superstar yes Bryce Dallas Howard is the voice of Shelby and she is absolutely the voice I heard in my head I mean she she's sweet voice sweet and joyful and she has the schwa disease of a dog and so it's a beautiful performance and it's a positive family movie that you take grandma and the kids like everybody can go and and Bryce is perfect yeah when I saw an interview with her just having to see it the other day I can't remember what show it was on but she said she'd always wanted to voice a character yes and this was the perfect role for her and they actually had quite the bond didn't they oh my gosh they it was love at first sight for them and and Bryce has a ton of animals but the hilarious thing that she has like they have like ten chickens and they're all named Jennifer chickens named Jennifer yeah no I want to talk about this before we go the Humane Society of the United Sony Pictures is teaming up with them what are they doing well in the film Shelby plays a therapy dog for veterans that's part of her journey and we're partnering with HSUS to get dogs rescue dogs to veterans at no cost and covering medical care and all of that it's an amazing thing they can they're they're angels in fur you know they can really heal yeah it's a really cool thing such an important cause and thanks for all you guys have done with that and Shelby thank you so much for making your debut on ACL I know everyone probably says this but you are welcome back any time and I thought I'm back but she can go oh she's excited trainers writing photos she has treats so she's excited for that we'll get you to that well a dog's way home hits theaters tonight already so it's a perfect weekend to go ahead out with your family and see it we will have a link to the full details at KC live TV later on today thanks for joining us coming up from the new year to the condos method of tithing tidying up your home don't toss donate how giving to read attracts gives back to the community we'll be right back

6 thoughts on “‘A Dog’s Way Home’: the writers and star dog are interviewed on KCL

  1. where is cat mama ? loved the movie….make a movie about cats please.

  2. Shelby looks like my dog scarlets older sis scarlet is a baby and she is a girl and she is 6months

  3. I do and don't like it because I have a book of Shelby's story a dogs way home and it is sad….. 🙁

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