A Gift of Loving Kindness Meditation by Emma Seppala, Ph.D, Author of "The Happiness Track"

let's begin the loving-kindness meditation close your eyes sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight relax your whole body keep your eyes closed throughout the whole meditation and bring your awareness inward without straining or concentrating just relax and gently follow the instructions take a deep breath in and breathe out keeping your eyes closed think of a person close to you who loves you very much it could be someone from the past or the present someone's still in life or who has passed it could be a spiritual teacher or guide imagine that person standing on your right side sending you their love that person is sending you wishes for your safety for your well-being and happiness feel the warm wishes and love coming from that person towards you now bring to mind the same person or another person who cherishes you deeply imagine that person standing on your left side sending you wishes for your wellness for your health and happiness feel the kindness and warmth coming to you from that person now imagine that you are surrounded on all sides by all the people who love you and have loved you picture all of your friends and loved ones surrounding you they are all sending you wishes for your happiness well-being and health bask in the warm wishes and love coming from all sides you are filled and overflowing with warmth and love now bring your awareness back to the person standing on your right side begin to send the love that you feel back to that person you and this person are similar just like you this person wishes to be happy send all your love and warm wishes to that person repeat the following phrases silently me you live with ease may you be happy may you be free from pain may you live with ease may you be happy may you be free from pain may you live with ease may you be happy may you be free from pain now focus your awareness on the person standing on your left side begin to direct the love within you to that person send all your love and warmth to that person that person and you are alike just like you that person wishes to have a good life repeat the following phrases silently just as I wish to may you be safe may you be healthy may you leave with ease and Happiness just as I wish to may you be safe may you be healthy may you live with ease and Happiness just as I wish to may you be safe may you be healthy may you live with ease and happiness now picture another person that you love perhaps a relative or a friend this person like you wishes to have a happy life send warm wishes to that person repeat the following phrases silently may your life be filled with happiness health and well-being may your life be filled with happiness health and well-being may your life be filled with happiness health and well-being now think of an acquaintance someone you don't know very well and towards whom you do not have any particular feeling you and this person are alike in your wish to have a good life send all your wishes for wellbeing to that person repeating the following phrases silently just as I wish to may you also live with ease and happiness just as I wish to may you also live with ease and happiness just as I wish to may you also live with ease and happiness now bring to mind another acquaintance toward whom you feel neutral it could be a neighbor or colleague or someone else that you see around but do not know very well send all your good wishes to that person repeating the following phrases silently may you be happy may you be healthy may you be free from all pain may you be happy may you be healthy may you be free from all pain may you be happy may you be healthy may you be free from all pain now expand your awareness and picture the whole globe in front of you as a little ball send warm wishes to all living beings on the globe who like you want to be happy repeating just as I wish to may you live with ease happiness and good health just as I wish to may you live with ease happiness and good health just as I wish to may you live with ease happiness and good health take a deep breath in and breathe out and another deep breath in and let it go notice the state of your mind and how you feel after this meditation and when you're ready you may open your eyes

40 thoughts on “A Gift of Loving Kindness Meditation by Emma Seppala, Ph.D, Author of "The Happiness Track"

  1. It was ok, however I was put off by the prescriptive elements, which pulled me out of the meditative state. I think a good tweak would be, instead of saying "I wish you live in ease, with happiness and free of pain" etc, you encourage empathy by asking "What do you feel you need to say to this person, to express your gratitude to them?" – or "What would you say to make this person feel good". Also, prescriptive sentences such as "I wish you lived free of pain" may not be that useful to someone who is thinking of someone who has incurable chronic pain.

  2. I cried during this mediation whilst thinking of my grandma who died years ago
    this practice I felt quite spiritual & your voice is like an angel from heaven

  3. Great meditation, but what about people who struggle to evoke loving feelings even towards close relatives or pets? For instance, I certainly experience a sort of "cognitive empathy" for my parents and my pets and usually show altruistic behavior towards them, but I don't quite feel deep loving feelings while doing so. Is there any workaround or alternative approach for people in this condition in order to ignite and amplify the feeling of loving kindness?

  4. This is the first time ever after meditating for years that I have wept. Picturing my daughters next to me and the way you guided me to feel their love and send them happiness was beautiful. (They are both healthy). Going to go give them a hug! My new regular meditation.

  5. Loving kindness, Mindah-Lee Kumar has succeeded!

  6. Loving kindness for Mindah-Lee Kumar
    may she remain in a childlike state forever,
    and never lose her well placed enthusiasm and naivete,
    may she inspire in us the meditation to also have a similar fate.
    Loving kindness for The Enthusiastic Buddhist, enlightenment is not outside of this.

  7. How empowering meditation, thank you so much! I just cried for the whole session and feel so calmful afterwards. This is just what i needed.

  8. One of my favorite videos to listen to for a loving kindness meditation. Her voice is so soothing. I feel so peaceful and relaxed after meditating. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you very much for making these meditations available for all of us in the internet

  10. This does not work when no one loved me. I had to imagine my cat on one side and me on the other. Then bringing in "everyone else" just made me feel very sad, so I stopped listening.

  11. I've been doing mindfulness on and off for a few weeks. I didn't think I was making much progress with my depression but I just tried kindness meditation and I think this kind of opening of the heart is just what I need as I seem to spend a lot of my time thinking badly of myself and others. I hope I can change it.
    Thank you for uploading this.

  12. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free from all pain.

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  14. Loving kindness for Hillary Clinton

  15. Loving kindness for me, may I be free from inner and outter danger, may I be healthy, may I always have the wealth I need, loving kindness, may I continue to improve the practice of virtues in my life.

    Loving kindness, may I receive more feedback from others who I communicate with before I alienate them by talking too much.

    Loving kindness, I would enjoy meeting someone secular who doesn't mind talking to me a lot, without me having to respond.

  16. Loving kindness, I would like to keep the content of my videos wholesome. Loving kindness, I like to acknowledge the miracle in rogue documentary making. Loving kindness, I think I owe great gratitude to the spirit of vision in .. videos. . Lol

  17. Loving kindness for the Latino peoples, may the Latino peoples prosper and have much people may they be free from addiction to drugs, and instead with their traditional beneficial wisdom of herbs. Loving kindness. May the cities of Mexico be safe, clean,ย and friendly places. May the wilderness of Mexico be kept sacred and not desecrated. May other heritages look kindly upon the country of Mexico, and also other Latino countries, may the spirit of virtue continue to overcome over the spirit of corrupt. Loving kindness.

  18. Loving kindness for Arabians, may the Arabian peoples prosper and have much peace, may the morals of old Arabian folktales be followed and remembered, providing justice and prolonging the tradition of goodly magic in Arabian society, may the people have heart and righteousness, not misled into violence but rooted in the boundless love of the true mystics, Rumi, Hafiz, and many others. May the negative culture stereotypes about Arabia be dispersed by the recognition of the truly good and moral people from there. Loving kindness for Arabians who only wish to live in a peaceful place, where there are no guns or violence. Loving kindness, may the people of Israel practice more kindness towards their Arabian neighbors, may the spirit of the true faith inspire many gifts and friendships, rather than animosity. Loving kindness, may the news focus on the heroes on both sides, expressing mature and unbending love rather than conflict and through this appropriate focus may that love grow and grow, for harmony that is lasting. Loving kindness for the music of the Arabian culture, and also its unique aura and wisdom, may the world see through the many illusions that bury this culture in obscurity and be able to remember and exalt its true gifts. Thank you. Ahimsa.

  19. Dear Student, you have blossomed in Loving Kindness! Your meditation has progressed!

  20. Loving kindness, may I enjoy a nice reincarnation in a wealthy liberal family. Loving kindness may my affairs in this present incarnation be pleasant and not traumatizing or excessively difficult, because in my past life I was kind and I refrained from violence towards humanity, animals, & plants. May I be incarnated in a unique female body. respect for Asia

  21. ื”ืฉืž, ืื ื ืžื’ืŸ ื”ื—ึธื’ึธื‘ ื• ืœืื•ืœื ืœืงื™ื™ื ื”ืชื‘ืข ืกื‘ื™ื‘ื” ืฉืœ ื”ื—ึธื’ึธื‘, ืจืฉืื™ ืื“ื ื™ืฉ ืœื™ ืชื•ื‘ ื“ืคึผืœืžืชื™ื•ืช ื›ื™ ื”ื—ึธื’ึธื‘ ื• ืจืฉืื™ ืฉืœื ื• ืชืจื‘ื•ื™ื•ืช ื™ืฉ ืœื™ ื™ืฉืจ ื›ื‘ื•ื“ ืขื‘ื•ืจ ืขื—ื•ืชืจ
    HaShem, please protect the grasshoppers, & forever sustain their natural habitat. May humankind have good diplomacy towards the grasshoppers and may our cultures have sincere respect for eachother

  22. ื”ืฉืž, ืื ื™ ื”ืชืคึผืœืœ ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื”ืขื•ืจ ืฉืœ ื”ืฉืžืฉ ืœ ื™ืฆืจ ืžืงืง ื ืงื™.. ืจืฉืื™ ืื ื—ื ื• ื–ืงื•ืจ ื”ื—ืžื•ื“ื” ื ืคืฉ ื‘ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ืฉืœ ืžืงืง. ืขืœื”ืข ืขื•ืชื•ืคึผื™ื”
    HaShem I pray for the light of the Sun to make the cockroaches clean. May we remember the cute spirit in the body of the cockroaches. Thanks utopia

  23. ื”ืฉืž, ืื ื™ ื”ืชืคึผืœืœ ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื”ืขื•ืจ ืฉืœ ื”ืฉืžืฉ ืœ ื™ืฆืจ ืžืงืง ื ืงื™.. ืจืฉืื™ ืื ื—ื ื• ื–ืงื•ืจ ื”ื—ืžื•ื“ื” ื ืคืฉ ื‘ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ืฉืœ ืžืงืง. ืขืœื”ืข ืขื•ืชื•ืคึผื™ื”

  24. ๅค–ไบค ื”ืฉืž, ืžื” ื™ืฆืจ ื›ืœ ืืฉืจ ื‘ ื”ื™ืงื•ืž, ืื ื™ ื”ืชืคึผืœืœ ืšื™ ื”ืื ืกื™ื ืฉืœ ืืžืจื™ืงื” ืœ ืœื ืœึธื“ึทืขึทืช ืื ื‘. HaShem, who created all wealth o' the world, I pray for the people of The United States of America to not know poorness. ื”ืฉืž, ืžื” ืœื”ืฉืจืจ ื™ืฉืจืื™ืœ ื ืžืฆืจื™ืž, ืื ื™ ื”ืชืคึผืœืœ ื›ื™ ื”ืื ืกื™ื ืฉืœ ืืžืจื™ืงื” ืœ ื™ืฉ ืœื™ ืžืžืฉืœื” ืฉืœ ืœื ืžึดืฉึฐืื—ึทืช, ื• ืฉืคื ื™ืฉืจ. HaShem, who liberated Africa from stereotypes, I pray for the people of the United States of America to have a Government with no corruption & abundant sincerity ื”ืฉืž, ืื ื™ ื”ืชืคึผืœืœ ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื›ืœ ื“ึดื™ืคึผืœื•ึนืžึธื˜ ืฉืœ ื›ืœ ืžืจืฉื•ืชื™ื ื‘ ื™ืฉื ื’ืชืŸ ื“ืš ื• ืžืจื™ืœื ื“ ืœืงื‘ืœ ื›ื‘ื•ื“ ื• ื™ืฉ ืœื™ ืืžืคึผืชื™ื” ืขื‘ื•ืจ ืืžืจื™ืงื” HaShem, I pray for all Diplomats of all heritages in Washington DC and Maryland to receive respect and have empathy for America ็’ฐๅขƒไฟ่ญทไธป็พฉ่€… ื‘ื™ื ื” Aloha!

  25. Thank you so much for the practice! So different than I am useful, I really found it to be helpful. +emmaseppala… Could you be willing to share this practice on the Insight Timer app? Be well.

  26. Loving kindness, the world will only look and genuinely become more cute overtime. Nofearit! There need be no fear in your heart, you and the environment you live in will always be beautiful, loving, cute, & clean. How do I know this? I am spirit! You are cute, really! Imagine yourself as a japanese anime character, feel the world, feel the details & notice how cute they are. Itsukishimi.. – A tao message from the United States Federal Government to all life

  27. Loving kindness, my I remember all the good qualities of my lucky neighbor, & forget the bad, because it is not significant. Loving kindness, may my lucky neighbor be able to feel some empathy with me, & not be harmed. The spirit of LuckyShalom acts in effective ways to prevent harm. Loving kindness that we are treating one another respectfully and not as superior or inferior, we consider one another enough to want to ensure the other similar level comforts and joys. Loving kindness, through luck we are able to provide satori (a relaxed japanese term from the zen tradition meaning "liberating insight") to one another, allowing us to transcend unchill behavior, stop wasting energy, & live more authentically lucky happy lives with Ahimsa (absence of violence). Loving kindness, my neighbor is a spiritual book, by someone like Buddha, and by living they are expressing the teachings. I often see my lucky neighbor in seated meditation, I am so thankful that this is a sage who finds empathy with me. Loving kindness, my disposition toward my neighbor is soft, my respect for my neighbor is genuine. True Love; kosher. Loving kindness for phrases that help both me and my neighbor to seem cute. We practice common sense. Loving kindness may we be depicted as we truly are. The truth is beautiful! We are reaping spiritual rewards.

  28. Loving kindness for Hasidic Jews in Maryland! May we prosper may we be openminded & may we be remembered for our strong environmentalist values & encouragement of questioning all. Loving kindness, may our weekly prayers make the bread of the community always leaven, may our spiritual centers be open to all, and may we see God as alive in the divine names & traditions of all cultures not just our own. Loving kindness for jewish lawyers, may your effect on local law be for the benefit of ALL not just one group. a jewish lawyer vs. construction companies preventing construction & urbanization in our diverse State. MONTGOMERY COUNTY AND OTHERS. "if we respect ourselves we will not build but focus on getting the most enjoyable & needed businesses into rentable office space & commercial buildings already available (we currently have too many food stores, not enough bookstores, diversion such as minigolfs, arcades (Dave & Busters), not enough punk rock houses)"

  29. Loving kindness for my cute body; may it attract the synergies it needs and may my skin complexion be clear and clean, loving kindness, may me & my family always maintain a youthful appearance and lucid speaking style, and be full of inner wisdom. Loving kindness may my aura be INDIE ROCK. Thank you

  30. Loving kindness for my feminine girlish body, may it be healthy, may it be cute. Gratitude for its processes and its innocence and majesty. Loving kindness for my hands, they will not wrinkle from much work, loving kindness, I have it good this life, I work at the temple. Gratitude for Deity that sustains me and forms my body. Gratitude for my feminine quiet temperment and nonjudgementalness. Loving kindness for my eyes, deep beauty and clarity. Spirit of Cleanliness

  31. I cried xD literally, less than 5 minutes have passed and it overpowered me. Very powerful, it was a bit hard to deal with for me, I like to be in control of my emotions :3 still, yes. it surprised me

  32. Loving kindness for american patriots who might happen to live in other countries but live with a message of peaceful freedom & conversely disgust for all forms of oppression. respect for all walks of life equall. People who defend that freedom and diversity with their sincerest intention. America bows to you and you have our tai chi support.. Freedom! We have scouts who identify these patriotic souls and they get the best reception. The path of unity of all tribes is the other path that can be called superior, no exclusion. USA represents this harmony by welcoming all … thank you earth

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