A Girl’s Heart Out : Poem

all the characters and events in this
video are based on the real people they have no connection with fiction any
resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely intentional not
coincidental. Yes! I am a girl, but pink
is not my favourite colour!! me as a favor but not think the pain
caused now six that means once a week then she’s in there hi thank you so much
for stopping by this is a leaker today I would like to address a serious issue
rather than the regular entertaining videos of course it would be a top video
happened on a wave on a girl’s heart out waves anti-social elements it will delay
any further I wanna put my heart not sure if that
will tell you about the witness old channel and I sat down thinking what
could be my mixed content picked up the pen and I thought I need to went and do
a real little people this is the levy I didn’t work myself and this is the only
chance with me it is matter for every good awesome de luces here I have to
step up my game well you do remember yesterday the three Society I’m up silly
those are not show for you today the thing is this gonna get double so let me
say cover just keep the video if you do not put a few of them it’s under my name
if you fill me out do not the words I say innkeeper mother when I still come
you think I am loud but I am very quite proud because I know a son are you will
see me to eat baby every time you ask me until you when you know work that you
make me stranded oh well what are they which will be biased in his way
until your eyeballs I will tear and that every male friend together is a brother
and mother and why is it you do not bother creating a system out here every
place there’s problems all the rest when will all this kind of my wrist is sin
d8x and cor and what is next just expand taste to see me a break okay and that
eats me God’s sake and once you tell you get go and be double bar and what is
next goodness
how did he meet a great gift I was in love with Osman is not so strong that
you take it as a yes so very long she sits down with a loser soul but it still
ruined more it room we cover go through the poor and dignity society to one day
you should plug the hole and then you stand in shit don’t I hug him how all of
the diverse crowd from all the games would wait for lightning what kind of
the site it wasn’t sit tight the gun picking up put here right what do you
think is like Russia fight forever are they women across the world it has
mentally sexually every single day we respect you off with it if they’re
rookies streets or the shelter of their own home many incidents go unnoticed and
they are seldom reported due to the fear of society and it works but due to the
presence of small social media today many incidents have nominal that a
human’s ago in October because uncertainty hashtag me to campaign went
on into the swing through on all the social media handles
shockingly all women on the and he’s has one smell like that many women who spoke
up about their harassment and bad accidents why are this capping the Syria
of putrid is developing bringing just everyone sheds videos

25 thoughts on “A Girl’s Heart Out : Poem

  1. Interesting tips 😍good luck 🤗would you mind if you check out my channel and subscribe ♥️

  2. Love the message and how u do some editing so it won’t be boring to the viewers 😊

  3. Don't exactly understand everything here but I see passion and fire in your eyes.

  4. haha loved the disclaimer! Great poem and great message delivered with great passion!

  5. hehehe hi Radhika really love this one of yours great poem and great message to.

  6. Very nice video and congrats on reaching 100 subs, sub #101 so keep it up!

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