“A Hoe Never Catches Feelings” – Slam Poem by Jillian Rabideau

a Hoe never catches feelings is the first thing Twitter tells you when you first find yourself freshly single and Afraid just got out of that long-term relationship that you were way too young to be in anyways so now You’re free to pounce on whoever you please without puppet strings being attached at your heart wrapped around your neck like noose no nothing Can hold you down because you.. Are a real woman now despite all the lies you tell yourself about how you don’t think that boy You’re banging is beautiful And he isn’t really worth your time your nose still stays short and dainty your tits stay perky and that boy isn’t Really, beautiful because a hoe never catches feelings and a hoe never catches feelings because she lays with her legs open and her eyes closed Do not dare look out into those windows to the soul keep them shut keep your mouth shut And paint over those windows with a color to match the inside then your eyelids show no Transparency because if you are Transparent you will be able to see the butterflies in your stomach a fishbowl belly bound by bugs He will be able to see right through you and see your feelings, and a hoe Never catches feelings, and a hoe never catches feelings not because she can’t But because she won’t because she refuses let her heart beat for anyone other than herself Beating has been a part of her relationships for all too long now and love is not a package deal She chose to accept all the parts of so she Robs the body leaves behind the bullshit Leaves behind the feelings because a hoe Never catches feelings and these feelings can catch these hands, so she can catch herself in case she falls. She can’t fall If she walks around like she’s got a stripper pole up her ass if you don’t have thick skin Then grow it if you have a heart lock that shit up deep throat the key And never show because The heart wants what the heart wants And so what the heart wants let itself get Hurt and catch feelings my brain and my body and my soul on suicide watch because feelings are Fatal to girls like me, and I I’m not trying to die from heart failure At 17 so Let’s forget the feelings. A hoe never catches feelings, and A hoe never catches feelings because in order to catch She must first throw up her pride and this hoe knows sore throats all too well to be wrecking the Only voice she’s got on stomach acid she didn’t choose to drop She will not word vomit on a boy that does not want to learn how to read her and that right There is why she refuses to catch feelings up. A hoe never catches feelings A hoe never catches feelings until she is caught up in bedsheets more comfortable than her own and his scent on her shirt releases enough dopamine to make a nun fail a drug test like a Sexually-transmitted downfall, she has caught these feelings and there is no pill She can pop to stop this burning building in her chest whenever he walks out the door Or the parking garage or wherever you decide to have your last quickie whenever he walks away Your heart picks up its pace to a run But you will never catch up to him because he knows to never catch feelings for a hoe Just as well as you know that a hoe never catches feelings Twitter also told me that according to cardi B a hoe never gets cold and That’s funny Because cold is all I’ve become

100 thoughts on ““A Hoe Never Catches Feelings” – Slam Poem by Jillian Rabideau

  1. If you don't stand as close to the background I think it would visually look even better 🙂

  2. I’ve watched this video about eight million times and I love love love it omgggg

  3. oh my gosh, you're baaaack!!! I love you and i love your poems sooo mcuh!!

  4. Love this, but can you maybe take a step away from the background? It kinda took some of the attention away from your beautiful poem.

  5. cold?…hahahaha shut the fuck up Rebecca I'm still a human

  6. “If you don’t have thick skin, grow it.
    If you have a heart – lock that shit up, deep throat the key and never show it.”

  7. Deepthroat the key. Never liked this sorta stuff, but I’m realizing how good it is

  8. Loved it!!! Love YOUUUUU!!! Awesome!! 😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌

  9. Im bad with poetry. So what is this poem about?

    Besides a hoe never catching feelings.

  10. i've watched this poem more times than i can count and i love it more and more every time. you are truly an incredible writer and i love the passion behind your words. keep writing!!!

  11. I could’ve sworn I was going to dislike this but wow you’re so beautiful and talented and proved me wrong. I’m going to share this masterpiece everywhere

  12. Wow! This really gave me chills! That's how I want to make you feel with every "visual poem" I make on my channel. Yall should check them out and let me know if I accomplished my goal 🙂

  13. Also me: this shit makes me feel vunerable and I hate you for making me feel that way

  14. Also me again: nvm hon i hate everyone who makes me feel in a certain way. Nice metaphors. Keep up 🙃🙃

  15. i love her poems so much they are so beautifully written and have such amazing messages i love this poem so much its just amazing and i love the line "feelings are fatal to girls like me" the message in her poems are just amazing.

  16. A hoe never catches feelings not because she can’t but because she won’t

  17. Love this, its good to see other authors and poets filming from their rooms!

  18. Honestly you write about the most real things in this world and honestly to me that is one of the best things about slam poetry so keep doing what you're doing because it's amazing thank you so much!

  19. it’s cold outside but i’m still dressin’ like a thottie cause a hoe never gets coldddd

  20. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  21. I’m still dressing like a thotty because a hoe never gets cold

  22. this is incredible and so are you! keep doing what you're doing. also i love your hair xx

  23. What about a poem about someone who tries to be perfect because that's all they're good at. They fail anything else and even get reprimanded for when she tries out anything other than studying

  24. "his scent on her shirt releases enough dopamine to make a nun fail a drug test" amazing. wtf how do you come up with this amazingly beautiful shit???

  25. " Like a Sexually Transmitted Downfall she has caught these feelings" We all know that hoe has caught a STD

  26. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT HOW GOOD THIS WAS!! HOLY SHIT WELL DONE!!! Also i kept thinking you looked like emma roberts in this?? Specialy when she was in AHS, idk guess the poem and the outfit and you amazing bonestructure just gave me the same vibe lol
    Also (again lol) my lungs were straining just watching you do this, hats off to you for controllling youre breathing so well while doing someone so emotional!!

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  28. You sound so much like the the girl from the tv series Anne with a E, i love your poems so much!! keep up the great work!! <3

  29. Very very good slam poem! I love your voice it’s very passionate! Also you’re hair I also have blue hair but it’s almost completely faded.

  30. The fact that she referenced the "a hoe never gets cold" vine made my day

  31. I have the same exact name as you and this was published a day before my birthday

  32. I didn’t like it at first, but the more I watched the better I got. This is a fun little story lol

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