A Holiday Poem with Jim Girouard

Oh Hi, how are you? Well, I’m glad you came because I have a poem to read to you today and the poem is titled, “Happy Holidays with Engineers” If your Facebook friends list is teaming with geeks You know our peculiar personality streaks We know every line from every Star Trek but we can’t pick out a proper scarf for our neck Perhaps as a child we could have sustained a clock to our heads that rattled our brains But for whatever reason unknown to us all our right hemispheres are two sizes too small Well our left lobes expanded over those years ‘til it filled all the extra space ‘tween our ears. Which had an effect on the things we find fun Fashion, décor and drama we shun Social occasions brought on such a fright That we’d run to our rooms and we’d turn out the light Until all that was left is the faint hue of green That would beckon us to our monitor screens Where the world all made sense with its 0’s and 1’s And rational order made the universe run Where we’d employ arcane ways to perform calculation Using HP’s with Reverse Polish Notation We hoard all those gadgets with names so remote Like vernier calipers and oscilloscopes But when holiday season came around every year Gift giving was confounding for each engineer Oblivious to the hints that you’d drop now and then Expect to get lottery tickets again But to witness that childlike joy in our eyes just shop for Arduinos or Raspberry Pis Happy Holidays to all from your friends at WPI Online and Corporate Education Thank You Santa!

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