A Literary Creation: Literary Approaches to the Book of Genesis – Greetings

ladies and gentlemen good evening I'm very honored and happy to open this international conference that is entitled the literary creation literally approaches to the book of Genesis we are honored by outstanding scholars and friends that came from from abroad from America from Belgium from Italy they forgive anyone I think not we welcome here a to Israel it's a family-owned University we hope that you'll have a good stay and you'll have interesting conference and have a good journey gang when we finish this conference was donated by mr. Joseph West a Jew that survived the Holocaust and moved to Australia and he wrote a book biography of his life that is named survival struggle and success and the opening of his book he writes I dreamed I saw my father with a bandage around his head covering his left ear he said to me my son my only son clearly do not cry stop lamenting they did not kill me I had only been wounded I wanted you to go on and live you shall be as ever a survivor and heir of a great family Joseph's West lost all his family his town and all his community he saw all that the Nazis did to our people during the Second World War but he decided to live to survive and to succeed in some miracle way maracas way escape the burning Europe and ended up in Australia of the struggles much efforts and determination had built an outstanding successful business and since then Joseph West and his wife did and do good many different causes especially in education he donated also to bar-ilan university and he also donated for this special occasion so first of all everything I'm saying I was filmed so he's a person and he will see things in Australia so first of all I would like to thank Joseph West and his wife for their great support and this donation was made in honor of one of our greatest fundraisers veeram the rubbish that she is in constant contact with him and this is in her honour she will say a few words from Geneva in a few minutes she's now there and we thank her for her support I would also like to thank dr. Muraki levy that is the head of the department of fundraising for her great help for this event and for our faculty this donation was made for a PhD students as a scholarship and that students in return should have organized this conference and mrs. Hirsch part was allocated as that outstanding pages with scholar and a happy bitch she gained this honor but I'm also grateful for her to her that she organized this outstanding conference there was a lot of work and put into it I will not say too many words not to embarrass her but I would like to thank Sarah very much I would like to extend a special thanks to the director of this University professor Frank dr. down he's now finishing his fourth year as rector of the university and he did so many things that this is not a place to describe to develop this university I've worked with him at the head of department for three years and now one year as the Dean of the faculty and this is a great opportunity opportunity to thank you for all your support for everything you have done for the department we got in the past few years five new positions and this is due to his outstanding help and assistance and seeing the vision and the future that this department has and he saw that and provided us the supports that we needed so much so I would like to thank him very much for support to this department and to the faculty in general thank you also to the head of department professor Rousseff offer that is standing in behind of the organization of this conference and everything that we've been doing since so thank you to you as well this is a good opportunity talam lots speak too much we have a long conference before in front of us the director to address us with a few words Thank You Ellie I have to say bad things about you so let's talk formally good afternoon welcome you all to Bar Ilan University and this was said I was always proud of our departmental Bible and especially under the splendid leadership of Professor aliases in the last four or five years and he deserves quite an applause and yes he's continuing this tradition so I was always proud but when I was invited to this conference I became even prouder because I see that not only the Department of Bible is the jewel in the crown was very young University but it is all but it also attracts people from all over the world from several continents that come here to share the thoughts the researchers here at bar-ilan University and I try to understand what is literary approach is to the book of Genesis because all I know about Genesis is positive aura and so had I have time I would sit here and understand what's going on about the literary creation however since I don't have time I trust you to do this job and may I say that we speak all the time about problems in humanities in Israel word there are no problems we should work and invest and do and create conferences this partnership horses which is my my partial my bar mitzva I have a birthday next week please please remember so they said when he became a very name if people in humanities think that they are happy there will be been a you should thank his Giants and you're doing the great job and keep up the good work and good luck I was explaining to our friends before we came to the reception how in spite of all the difficulties of humanities were still able to survive and now you understand the reason when the rectal university is speaking about humanities and Jewish Studies and Bible as the jewel in the crown and this is the reason that we still flourish and succeed and I think that that sentence deserves us for another two positions that's my future geniuses and creations to do things we also part of us at some to modak education and no have to twist things around and we will we will come back to you thank you director and I would like to stop to small amounts you all have in your files a voucher that's for lunch tomorrow so I ask you please to come with a with the file with the whole folder tomorrow and with the voucher so that we will not have any problems moreover you have in the in the fire you have all the the sheets that you need for tomorrow for the different lectures we will not provide any handouts everything is and today so please do not forget to bring everything tomorrow this is very important so please do not forget as I said this this conference was donated by Joseph West it's in his honor and vera moura wish she was supposed to speak now it's essential that she says a few words so we somehow got her to speak from geneva where she's now doing some work so please bear with me a few minutes and

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