A Love Letter To My Mountains | A Short Film and Poem by Domi Kat

[intro sound effects] [thunder rolling] [music starts]
Yesterday, I climbed a mountain because I had to Hands bruised, scarred, face marred with dirt It hurt It’s the kind of debris that you see when you’re lying awake at night, Wondering, when will it end? When will it begin? When will I begin? Or worse… What if I already have? [music picks up]
Yesterday, I climbed a mountain because I was curious What is it that shapes the human soul? Is it a hand of God, is it my own mind, or are those two parts of a whole? If it’s me, what will I see when I reach the top? If it’s not, what will God show me if I don’t stop? But the real question is not why, but how I know why I’m here, but the cliff I see is too much Just a hunch, but I bet I’ll turn around Then it’s not how, but why I know how to leave… but why would I? [Music stops] [Music picks back up louder] Yesterday, I climbed a mountain just to say I could To prove to even those who believed in me that they were wrong from the start They believed in my mind, I believed in my heart Why does the world trust a brain over the thing that truly keeps us alive? You could argue both ways, but a life worth living lies in one place, you see That’s what I believe I was given a dream to follow, so Here I am, mountain, here I am! Body mind heart and soul Here I am Here I go [Music stops] What now? What next? [Music restarts, softer]
[thunder rolling] I climbed a mountain, but turns out, it was only a rock at the base So where do I go now? If one rock was so hard, can I face 1,000 more? Can I? [Music fades out]

5 thoughts on “A Love Letter To My Mountains | A Short Film and Poem by Domi Kat

  1. Pro tip: Climbing a mountain or playing fetch with a dog
    Is much more difficult if you're wearing flip-flops.
    Change your footwear, and you might find
    That your mountains are a little easier to climb. XD

    (I enjoyed both the film and the poem! They complemented each other very well.
    The disciplined dog was my favorite part. So much art. I'm anticipating the sequel.)

  2. This was really different than anything I'd seen before. I loved how free she was for a bit there before the end. The twist was real and enticing at the end.

  3. "yesterday I climbed a mountain just to say I could." That was the line that really got to me, because the greatest people do it because they can. This was an amazing piece. Well done

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