A Love Poem for KBDFans and the Tofu Keyboard Build

People say that us Brits are only happy when
it rains. That we constantly whinge and love to complain. The weather, the food, our God awful trains
well… it’s true. My subject is this. It’s called a Tofu. Gripe one could be made about most jisaku. I’m not sneezin’ no. That’s quick nihongo. First. Lack of instructions. No labels or list, of sundry parts that might
have been missed. Or lost. Maybe they’re trying to keep down the cost. But it’s kind of perturbing when I open
the box. The ‘weight’ at the back which slides
across. The idea, I’ll admit, is pretty boss. But they’ll be scratched in time and they’ll
lose that gloss. That lustre. Plus there… are more holes than are needed. If confusion’s the goal; well played you
succeeded. Gripe #2 is the screws, that come with the
kit. In a word ….sh…amefully unfit. I got 3 different kinds… of screws plus
spares. It took me a while to ken which one went where. Maybe put the sizes right there on each bag. How’s that an idea nobody’s had. The screws it comes with are kind of defective. In Pokemon terms, not very effective. Like Magnemite used Flash Cannon on Heatran…bad
plan. Three. Hotswap PCB. The idea is sound. But, tales of bent pins and broke sockets
abound. Look at RAMA Works’ website, thorough guides,
illustrations. They manage to make building a keyboard much
less intimidatin. Finally, after you’ve built and you’re
feeling the glow. What the hell? Wait? There’s no F-row. And control can’t be accessed in its usual
spot. For this here HHKB that you’ve got. Pro tip for you the first time you buy. Download and setup beforehand, my guy. Drivers and flashing and layouts and more. Before Postman Pat comes to your door. So, I’ve complained a lot. It’s a cathartic release. But my motivation’s not just inner peace. See, KBDFans want to improve. They know how to make a smart business move. I offer this feedback with humble respect. And pray my next order, they will not reject. The website’s got better, and the photos
are great. Don’t get me wrong yeah? Wei is my mate. Their packaging quality’s steadily growin. At this point in time it’s a solid Michael
Owen. Their ano’s so smooth and silky to touch. With nary a blemish or streak. The last little thing that I have to say. The chocolate could do with a tweak. Now. Please. I just need someone to translate this guff
to Chinese.

22 thoughts on “A Love Poem for KBDFans and the Tofu Keyboard Build

  1. This ain't related to the video, but how come you live in Japan dude?

  2. Bent pins for all switches? Sounds like this is a problem with the hot swap socket in the PCB and not with hot swapping in general. If you know that the pins don't match up with the size of the sockets, then the pins are much more likely to bend.

  3. Hello, does anyone know of a topre keyboard with the layout? https://massdrop-s3.imgix.net/product-images/ajazz-geeks-ak33-82-key-mechanical-keyboard/MD-17957_20160412102436_bca7c526fcdb4605.jpg?auto=format&fm=jpg&fit=crop&w=955&bg=f0f0f0&dpr=1

  4. Here we go.
    You're welcome mate

    我们坚持不懈地抱怨天气, 食物, 糟透了的火车…




    我不打喷嚏, 这只是一点日本语

    首先缺少说明, 没有标签, 列表去证明各种各样的可能被忘记或者丢失的部分, 虽然这是为了降低制造成本, 但是让我觉得烦扰当我打开包装,

    背后的配重相互交叉, 这种设计我得承认, 十分优秀,


    再加上那种闪光和超过所需的孔, 这种缺陷让美学疑惑了目标.

    但是你做的很好, 你成功了

    第二点是关于螺丝的, 他们来自同一个包装, 用一个词来形容, 耻辱的不合适

    我有三种不同的螺丝和备用的几个, 我花了很久才搞清楚哪一个该去哪里

    也许你应该把尺寸贴在包装上, 为什么其他人没有这样的想法

    没有磁力让这些螺丝像是过期了, 用口袋妖怪里的话来说,让他们显得不是那么的有效


    第三点, 热插拔电路板

    他这个想法听起来很有趣, 但是弯曲的插针和损坏的插拔口很容易发生

    看看rama网站详细的教程和例子, 它让拼装一个键盘看起来不那么可怕了.

    最后当你拼好了豆腐, 看到了他的闪闪发光

    什么鬼, 为什么没有f排功能键, ctrl不在标准的位置, 这就是hhkb的代价








    你看… kbdFans 喜欢改进




    网站越做越好, 产品照片十分优秀.

    不要误解我, wei是我的伙伴

    包装质量正在缓步提升, 到这个程度相比就是足球界的迈克尔·欧文







  5. Did not know that there was a comunity around buildibg keyboards! ❤ this is awesome haha

  6. Your artful and perfectly executed (in their rather small scale) videos deserve more recognition.

    You hit the nail on the head with the screws!! LOL!!!!!!!!

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